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Mercury in Capricorn Personality

With Mercury occupying the sign of Capricorn, there is a mental toughness and conservative quality to the way in which a person thinks. Mercury in Capricorn represents very practical sensibilities with realistic and down to earth perspectives. People who have this Mercury position have a good mind for cultivating organization and structure. They think very logically and they value efficiency that allows them to maximize productivity and achievements. Furthermore, their mental energy is often directed towards ambitious and productive endeavors.

They can be very calculating and industrious. Their powers of concentration are significant and allows them to focus for extended periods on tasks that require a lot of time and effort. They understand as well as anyone that Rome was not built in a day. Therefore, they are very practical in scheduling out their time rather than trying to do everything at once in a very rushed and sloppy way. They are mindful of time and resource costs and this compels them to focus on ways to limit waste.

People who have Mercury in Capricorn tend to be serious thinkers with ambitious ideas. Many of them are highly intelligent and well suited for positions of leadership and as system coordinators. They are not idle daydreamers, but rather very purposeful planners and schemers. These individuals have a good mind for business and entrepreneurial enterprises. Not only do they come up with good ideas, but they also have the wherewithal to follow through and figure out how to bring it to life. Setbacks and detriments to the progress of their agenda can frustrate and infuriate them.

This placement can signify a tendency toward pessimism and cynicism. There is a willingness and expectation of difficulty that is incorporated into their thinking. They may even be drawn to problems that are harder to solve. This may be in part because they derive greater gratification and sense of accomplishment from things that require greater effort and brain power. They pace themselves and tend to be very consistent and rigorous in how they go about performing tasks. Although they are capable and willing to work very hard, they would always favor a smarter, more efficient approach.

The intensity and mental preoccupation of these individuals can bring about workaholism and stress. They are not easily distracted and are generally very good at keeping their priorities in order. In school, they are studious and methodical. They have the acumen and self discipline to complete projects and assignments on time. Generally speaking however, they favor subjects that are more practical and utilitarian in nature. Therefore, they may be less interested in and suited for theoretical physics, philosophy and the arts.

They tend to form a clearer sense of direction for their life even from an early age. From an early age, they are likely to have shown a precociousness that allowed them to earn valuable knowledge and work experience that most people don’t acquire until much later. With or without the help of a mentor, they are often resourceful and savvy enough to gather information from authoritative and knowledgeable figures in their immediate environment. Mercury in Capricorn people are self driven when it comes to their education. They have the confidence to make ambitious choices that others would shy away from due to the amount of complexity and work involved.

In the end, these individuals are poised to rise to prominence as a result of their mental dexterity. being methodical and systematic in their approach along with their capacity for handling responsibility can carry them far through life. Other people may come to look to them as a leader and source of direction and advice especially with regards to success and methodology. Empirical science and business may appeal more to them than theological and speculative fields of study.

These individuals are inclined to use information as a resource like any other to further their aims. When it comes to communication, they tend to express themselves in a way that seems very knowledgeable and authoritative. People may easily come to view them as experts. They express themselves in a concise and succinct fashion. There is less concern with using flowery and pedantic word choices. These individuals do not feel the need to impress others with gratuitous 5-dollar words. They are more focused on tangible results and material rewards as a byproduct of their effort.

Mercury in Capricorn in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, the Mercury in Capricorn person puts in work. Within their relationships, they can be very good at taking the lead in decision making and practical matters. They keep a practical and long-term perspective when it comes to choosing their mates. They seek to be with someone who is in line with their overall values and principles.

As a partner, they bring a lot to the table with regards to managing the more practical aspects of finances and planning. They have a focus on providing for the livelihood and well-being of them and their loved ones. Furthermore they are likely to be conscious of social appearances and optics and may be somewhat preoccupied with superficial features of their relationship as perceived by others. Additionally, they may be attracted to people who they feel they can sort of preside over.

Mercury in Capricorn Man

The mercury in Capricorn man is very strategic in how they think. They make very calculated decisions and avoid making decisions driven by impulse and emotion. When they do, regrets and remorse is likely to follow. They can be highly logical and rational and the way they process and assess information.

For them it is rather easy to remove emotional input and influence from the rubric and basis of their decision-making process. They try to be objective and fair in their perceptions. Still, they can be somewhat blind and oblivious to the more empathetic factors that should play a part in their rationale. Objectivity and efficiency can play an inordinate role in how they think that often overshadows humane and compassionate considerations.

Mercury in Capricorn Woman

The mercury in Capricorn female is bound to be more objectivistic and conservative in nature. They are inclined to systematize and structure their time. They value order and tradition as a basis by which to make decisions. Furthermore, they tend to trust information that is coming from sources they regard as authoritative and well established.

To others they can seem somewhat serious and overly prudent. They however are simply interested in being professional and effective in how they operate. The Mercury in Capricorn woman admires accomplished and prestigious individuals. They seek to acquire a level of respect and prestige of their own by virtue of what they are able to accomplish in the world.

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Mercury in Capricorn Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mercury is in Capricorn? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mercury occupies the sign of Capricorn from 1970 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mercury Sign is Capricorn.

YearPlanetSignTransit Period
1970Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 4 – FEB 12
1971Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 13 – FEB 6
1972Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 11 – JAN 30
1973Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 4 – JAN 22
1974Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 21 – JAN 7 (’75)
1975Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 13 – JAN 1 (’76)
1976Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 24 – FEB 14 / DEC 6 – FEB 9
1977Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 1 – DEC 20
1978Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 13 – FEB 3
1979Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 8 – JAN 27
1980Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 2 – JAN 19 / DEC 24 – JAN 11
1981Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 17 – JAN 4
1982Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 10 – DEC 31
1983Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 12 – FEB 13 / DEC 4 – FEB 7 (’84)
1984Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 1 – DEC 6
1985Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 11 – JAN 31
1986Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 5 – JAN 23 / DEC 29 – JAN 16 (’87)
1987Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 22 – JAN 9
1988Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 14 – JAN 1
1989Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 28 – FEB 13 / DEC 7 – FEB 10
1990Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 1 – DEC 24
1991Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 14 – FEB 4
1992Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 9 – JAN 28
1993Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 2 – JAN 20 / DEC 26 – JAN 12 (’94)
1994Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 19 – JAN 5 (’95)
1995Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 11 – DEC 31
1996Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 17 – FEB 13 / DEC 4 – FEB 8
1997Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑NOV 30 – DEC 12
1998Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 12 – FEB 1
1999Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 6 – JAN 25 / DEC 31 – JAN 17
2000Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 22 – JAN 9
2001Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 15 – JAN 2
2002Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑FEB 3 – FEB 12 / DEC 8 – FEB 11
2003Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 2 – DEC 29
2004Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 14 – FEB 5
2005Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 9 – JAN 29
2006Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 3 – JAN 21 / DEC 27 – JAN 14 (’07)
2007Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 20 – JAN 6 (’08)
2008Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 12 – DEC 31
2009Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 21 – FEB 13 / DEC 5 – FEB 9
2010Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑NOV 30 – DEC 17
2011Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 13 – FEB 2
2012Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 8 – JAN 26 / DEC 31 – JAN 18 (’13)
2013Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 24 – JAN 10 (’14)
2014Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 16 – JAN 3 (’15)
2015Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 9 – DEC 31
2016Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 8 – FEB 12 / DEC 2 – JAN 3 (’17)
2017Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 12 – FEB 6
2018Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 11 – JAN 30
2019Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 4 – JAN 23 / DEC 28 – JAN 15 (’20)
2020Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 20 – JAN 7 (’21)
2021Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 13 – JAN 1 (’22)
2022Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 25 – FEB 13 / DEC 6 – FEB 10
2023Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 1 – DEC 22
2024Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 13 – FEB 4
2025Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 8 – JAN 26
2026Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 1 – JAN 19 / DEC 25 – JAN 12
2027Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 18 – JAN 5
2028Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑DEC 10 – DEC 30
2029Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 13 – FEB 12 / DEC 3 – FEB 7
2030Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑NOV 30 – DEC 9 / NOV 30 – DEC 9
2031Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 11 – JAN 31
2032Mercury ☿Capricorn ♑JAN 6 – JAN 24 / DEC 29 – JAN 15

Mercury in Capricorn Celebrities

  • Taylor Swift – Born: Wednesday, December 13, 1989
  • Michelle Obama – Born: Friday, January 17, 1964
  • Brad Pitt – Born: Wednesday, December 18, 1963
  • Shakira – Born: Wednesday, February 2, 1977
  • V (entertainer) – Born: Saturday, December 30, 1995
  • Elvis Presley – Born: Tuesday, January 8, 1935
  • Billie Eilish – Born: Tuesday, December 18, 2001
  • David Bowie – Born: Wednesday, January 8, 1947
  • Timothée Chalamet – Born: Wednesday, December 27, 1995
  • Zayn Malik – Born: Tuesday, January 12, 1993
  • Jim Morrison – Born: Wednesday, December 8, 1943
  • Orlando Bloom – Born: Thursday, January 13, 1977
  • Joseph Stalin – Born: Wednesday, December 18, 1878
  • James Dean – Born: Sunday, February 8, 1931
  • Ellen DeGeneres – Born: Sunday, January 26, 1958
  • Bradley Cooper – Born: Sunday, January 5, 1975
  • Mel Gibson – Born: Tuesday, January 3, 1956
  • Jeff Bezos – Born: Sunday, January 12, 1964
  • Milla Jovovich – Born: Wednesday, December 17, 1975
  • Stephen Hawking – Born: Thursday, January 8, 1942
  • Aaliyah – Born: Tuesday, January 16, 1979
  • Vanessa Hudgens – Born: Wednesday, December 14, 1988
  • Nicolas Cage – Born: Tuesday, January 7, 1964
  • Liam Hemsworth – Born: Saturday, January 13, 1990

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