The Water Element in Astrology

The three water signs in astrology are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The key word for the water element is ’emotion’ because water relates to the ebb and flow of emotional states and depth of feeling. This element is considered as feminine or ‘yin’. (more…)

6 Things That Make Scorpios Lose Their Temper

The Scorpio Temper For the most part, Scorpios have a knack for remaining composed. As the reigning kings and queens of the poker face, you will never know what they’re feeling—which is kind of an amazing feat as this water sign feels a lot. Raging storms may be brewing inside, but on the outside, they…

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon Stoic and mysterious, the Capricorn sun Scorpio moon man or woman exudes power and competence. They are no pushover and they are willing and capable of securing resources and amassing substantial success for themselves. Their obsessive nature compels them to push hard and not settle for less than what they desire.…

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon Progressive yet shrewd, the Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon man or woman is someone with a keen mind and intuitive character. They have high ideals and ambitions and are able to leverage their natural insight into human behavior to their own advantage. They are competitive and like to gain the upper hand…

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon The Virgo sun Scorpio moon man or woman has a sharp mind and keen business sense. They are highly intuitive perfectionists who are driven to achieve and grow in all aspects of their lives. Their analytical minds are aided by an astute understanding of human psychology. They are able to utilize…

Gemini Sun – Scorpio Moon Personality

Gemini Sun - Scorpio Moon The Gemini sun Scorpio moon man or woman is someone who is perceptive and deeply curious. They are engaging yet mysterious and likely possess a surplus of sex appeal. Without even trying, they exude an animal magnetism through their posture and gaze. They can flirt with their eyes and be…

Venus in Scorpio Woman and man

Romantic passions may run high and possibly manifest in the form of obsession and a desire to control and possess. Here is a look at the Venus in Scorpio woman and Venus in Scorpio man.

Are Scorpio and Aquarius Compatible? ♏? ♒️

So are Aquarius and Scorpio good together? Well, sun sign compatibility is not the final word in determining chemistry and other aspects of the respective birth charts should be considered. All that aside, here is how the Scorpio and Aquarius archetypes match up and get along.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon Personality

Scorpion Guru – The Scorpio sun Pisces moon man or woman is inclined to have big dreams that may sometimes be at odds with reality. They have a strong imagination and an idealistic outl0ok which allows them to be a bit of a visionary in their own right. They may seem to lack a solid set of objective principles though and may have a tendency to flip flop in their opinions and contradict themselves. The Scorpio sun Pisces moon male or female can seem out of touch with other people as well as reality and may be subject to erratic or irrational behavior prompted by their impractical rationale.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

Rebel Scorpion – The Scorpio sun Aquarius moon man or woman is likely to be unusual in both their appearance and their thinking. They feel different from other people but over time they learn to embrace and even accentuate their unusual characteristics. They want to be true to themselves and feel oppressed when they are unable to. They dislike the idea of surrendering their individuality and uniqueness for the sake of group conformity although they are willing to be a team player.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon Personality

Mature Scorpion – The Scorpio sun Capricorn moon man or woman is likely to be precocious and wise beyond their years. They have a calm down to earth temperament that makes them approachable. Although they seem serious, reserved and hard working, they actually do not take themselves that seriously and often have a great and unusual sense of humor. They like to tell amusing stories, some of which may seem so absurd that others may wonder how much of it is being made up.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

True Scorpion – The Scorpio sun Scorpio moon man or woman has a lot of presence and allure. Their libido is powerful and so are their emotions. This sun moon combination has a very strong spirit, sense of humor and vitality. People love their unusual mix of goofiness and sincerity. They are compassionate and emotional and despite their sometimes wild and crazy antics, they have a strong values and an interest in social issues.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

Sun in Scorpio - Moon in Sagittarius Personality The Wanderlust Scorpion - The Sun in Scorpio - moon in Sagittarius man or woman is deeply curious about the world and life itself. They spend their whole lives grappling with existential questions about death and the universe. They ponder a lot and like to talk a…

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Personality

The Classy Scorpion – The Scorpio sun – Libra moon man or woman is a smooth operator who can charm the socks of the best of them. They’re super nice, but no pushover. Although they hate violence, they are capable of getting their hands dirty when necessary. They use tact and diplomacy and know how to utilize the art of persuasion to obtain what they need. To this end they can be manipulative but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re devious or Machiavellian.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Personality

Sun in Scorpio - Moon in Virgo Personality The Modest Scorpion - The sun in Scorpio - moon in Virgo man or woman is markedly modest despite their ample attractiveness and talents. They don't always need to be at the forefront and are happy to share some of their light with other people and promoting them.…
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