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Cancer Sun Leo Moon Personality

sun in cancer moon in leo

Cancer Sun Leo Moon – “The Flamboyant Crab”

Compassionate and full of warmth, the Cancer sun Leo moon man or woman is a dynamic and emotionally expressive individual. Although they are sensitive and deeply feeling, they often wear their hearts on their sleeves at the risk of exposing themselves to rejection. They are highly creative and dramatic in their self-expression and possess a tremendous amount of pride and vitality. They gift the world with their giving spirit and emotional exuberance. They desire recognition and appreciation from others, but what they give in return is an abundance of love and affection. They can be bossy and pushy at times, and can sometimes be too stubborn and strong handed in how they go about getting what they want. They value stability and they work hard to create it for themselves. They can do well as bosses and managers and are often comfortable in leadership positions where they get to make important decisions and direct others.

The Cancer Sun Leo moon personality is highly creative. They have a colorful imagination that compels them to find creative outlets through which they can express themselves. They like to have fun and can find it difficult to buckle down to do work that they find to be monotonous and uninspiring. As a proud and dignified individual, the Cancer sun Leo moon man or woman does not like to play second fiddle to anyone. They have an underlying desire for the spotlight and to be recognized for their individuality and their special talents. At times, their egos can seem too big for their own good, and their pompous behavior can sometimes ruffle other people’s feathers. When this happens, it is often the case that it is stemming from insecurities and emotional imbalance. At their best, they are warm and self-assured and have little need to toot their own horn.

Those born with their sun in cancer, moon in Leo exude a magnetic aura that draws people to them. They have great drives towards success but also frequently retire to the sanctuary of their home. They take great pride in all the accomplishments they are able to attain through their hard work and sacrifice. Furthermore, the Cancer sun Leo moon man or woman is also likely to take special appreciation in their family history and the heritage they share. They are a cornerstone in their families and someone who displays a big and generous heart when it comes to looking after and protecting their loved ones. They cherish their parents and it’s likely they look forward to the opportunity to be one themselves in the future. Their home is their castle and a place where they can feel they are in control and also secure. As a fierce defender of the home, they do their best to protect and shelter the privacy of them and their family.

Although they are generally smart with their finances, the Cancer sun Leo moon person can sometimes be self-indulgent and excessive in they’re spending. Overall, they are good with their money but they do you like to enjoy themselves and don’t resist a little luxury and decadence in their lives. They have a flamboyant and attractive fashion sense and like to present themselves well in public. They hold themselves upright with dignity and do not allow anyone to put them down or trample their confidence. Cancer Sun Leo moon men and women are full of positive energy and vibrancy and also a lot of heart. Beneath their sometimes braggadocious ways, there is a soft underbelly of sentimentality and genuine warmth that makes them very loving and giving people.

Cancer Sun Leo moon compatibility

In love and romance, the Cancer sun Leo moon man or woman is a whimsical and affectionate partner. They are deeply sensitive and emotional and do you not take rejection very well. They are radiant and possess a kilowatt smile that lights up a room. In relationships, they take pleasure in lavishing bear meets with attention and physical affection like holding hands and gazing directly into their eyes. Love and romance inspires them creatively and supercharges their zest for life. Being in a wonderful, loving and satisfying relationship is the key to unlocking their innermost passions and embolden them to go out in be their best selves.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Aries Rising – You come across as direct, forthright and sometimes aggressive and forceful. You after most things with unabated fervor and gumption. You believe in yourself and your self worth and won’t allow others to dictate your path or destiny for you.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Taurus Rising – You are a sensual being who likely endowed with attractive and lovely features. You have a great eye for detail and style and your self-expression is an active display of that.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Gemini Rising – You are very talkative and come across as smart and cerebral. You have a big heart and a very creative spirit. You also direct a lot of your focus and attention on artistic pursuits that likely make use of your penchant for communication.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Cancer Rising – You come across as a loving and caring person who both emotionally sensitive and emotionally strong. You have great pride in yourself and your family and you strive to make those who depend on you or look up to you —proud.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Leo Rising – You come across as the life of the party and someone who thrives on attention, love and admiration from others. You do not beat around the bush or make much effort to conceal your exuberance behind a veil of humility.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Virgo Rising – You are modest in appearance and avoid appearing too flashy. You still desire attention and recognition that you feel you deserve but are too proud to beg or resort to desperate measures to acquire it.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Libra Rising – You appear classy, sociable and friendly. People are drawn to you and your positive energy and they appreciate what you bring to the table. You are unifier and know how to inspire and create a harmonious and functional environment.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Scorpio Rising – You appear a bit mysterious but display a big heart and generous spirit of goodwill. You strive to do the right thing according to you personal scruples and you can be sometimes extreme in the decisions you make.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Sagittarius Rising – You have a jovial disposition and seem generally high on life. You are sensitive but are not afraid to bear your heart and wear it on your sleeve. You pursue your high ideals with courage and optimism.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Capricorn Rising – You are mature, calm and exude a sense of being in control. They are capable as a leader and you enjoy being

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Aquarius Rising – You portray yourself as someone with all the ideas and a one of a kind persona. You believe it is important to create connections and maintain a social life but you also enjoy staying at home in your own personal dominion.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Pisces Rising – You come across as someone with their head in the clouds. You are very creative and imaginative and draw inspiration from everything around you. You are a bit egotistical but also humanitarian.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Celebrities

Tom Cruise – Born: July 3, 1962
In: Syracuse (NY) (United States)
Sun: 11°21′ Cancer AS: 2°12′ Scorpio
Moon: 2°43′ Leo MC: 9°15′ Leo

Tom Hanks – Born: July 9, 1956
In: Concord (CA) (United States)
Sun: 17°29′ Cancer AS: 21°45′ Virgo
Moon: 9°52′ Leo MC: 20°41′ Gemini

George Michael – Born: June 25, 1963
In: Finchley, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 2°56′ Cancer AS: 17°14′ Cancer
Moon: 20°50′ Leo MC: 16°22′ Pisces

Ringo Starr – Born: July 7, 1940
In: Liverpool (United Kingdom)
Sun: 14°41′ Cancer AS: 25°02′ Pisces
Moon: 4°03′ Leo MC: 28°16′ Sagittarius

Emmanuelle Seigner – Born: June 22, 1966
In: Paris 16e (France)
Sun: 0°50′ Cancer AS: 2°51′ Sagittarius
Moon: 23°02′ Leo MC: 26°10′ Virgo

Amel Bent – Born: June 21, 1985
In: Paris 18e (France)
Sun: 0°11′ Cancer AS: 8°40′ Scorpio
Moon: 7°36′ Leo MC: 20°59′ Leo

Carlos Santana – Born: July 20, 1947
In: Autlan de Navarro (Mexico)
Sun: 26°46′ Cancer AS: 22°09′ Taurus
Moon: 27°20′ Leo MC: 10°27′ Aquarius

Nancy Reagan – Born: July 6, 1921
In: Manhattan, New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 14°03′ Cancer AS: 15°34′ Libra
Moon: 0°28′ Leo MC: 18°09′ Cancer

Brian May – Born: July 19, 1947
In: Hampton (United Kingdom)
Sun: 25°54′ Cancer
Moon: 13°35′ Leo

Forest Whitaker – Born: July 15, 1961
In: Longview (TX) (United States)
Sun: 22°56′ Cancer AS: 26°38′ Virgo
Moon: 24°24′ Leo MC: 26°23′ Gemini

Patrick Wilson (actor) – Born: July 3, 1973
In: Norfolk (VA) (United States)
Sun: 11°34′ Cancer
Moon: 25°34′ Leo

Jim Kerr – Born: July 9, 1959
In: Glasgow (United Kingdom)
Sun: 16°24′ Cancer AS: 5°51′ Virgo
Moon: 24°51′ Leo MC: 25°52′ Taurus

Jeff Beck – Born: June 24, 1944
In: Wallington, Surrey (United Kingdom)
Sun: 2°45′ Cancer
Moon: 15°32′ Leo

Michael Rosenbaum – Born: July 11, 1972
In: Oceanside (NY) (United States)
Sun: 19°25′ Cancer
Moon: 0°32′ Leo

Cali (singer) – Born: June 28, 1968
In: Perpignan (66) (France)
Sun: 6°28′ Cancer AS: 18°10′ Gemini
Moon: 1°18′ Leo MC: 21°48′ Aquarius

Kris Kristofferson – Born: June 22, 1936
In: Brownsville (TX) (United States)
Sun: 1°14′ Cancer AS: 10°48′ Scorpio
Moon: 17°00′ Leo MC: 13°25′ Leo

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