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Capricorn Sun Aries Moon Personality

sun in capricorn moon in aries

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon

Reserved yet competitive, the Capricorn sun Aries moon man or woman is someone who is often ahead of the game and capable of rising to the top of their chosen careers. They have strong instincts and a drive to succeed and achieve respectable status in the world. Leadership qualities are evident and they are generally very comfortable with assuming control and running the show.

At times they can be bossy and authoritarian, but Capricorn sun Aries moon people are often highly competent and well qualified to be so. They are passionate and intense especially when they are on a mission and they can motivate and inspire others to follow suit with their work ethic and unflappable confidence. They are like pied pipers who seem to know the way forward and so many are willing to utilize their blueprint.

Capricorn sun Aries moon men and women are likely to be mature yet very spirited and pugnacious. Their confidence makes them very direct and honest but they are often so focused on the goal that they don’t stop to consider the risks and danger involved. They can be very impulsive and impatient, sometimes snapping on people over any perceived sign of disrespect. They have a fighting spirit that compels them to react immediately and call people out on their baloney.

Independent and strong minded, the Capricorn sun Aries moon person wants to move up to a position where they can wield control and mastery over their lives. They are leaders more than followers and can sometimes clash with authority figures who try to assert power over them. They work hard to accomplish their goals and be able to claim as much credit for it as possible. They know their worth and refuse to let anyone try to define or diminish them.

In love and friendship, the Capricorn sun Aries moon male or female is drawn to people who share their outlook and have good energy to be around. In relationships, they are generally low maintenance because they handle their own business. They may need a certain amount of variety and excitement in order to keep them interested. Once the initial flames of courtship have cooled down, they may feel the urge to try someone or something new.

Sun in Capricorn
Moderation and maturity prevail over fieriness. Your nature is thoughtful, stable, reserved and cautious towards all novelties. You feel fragile on the affective plane. Therefore, you protect yourself in a closed shell and you project an image of solidity and seriousness. A cold manner conceals your affectivity. But a volcano is dormant in your ivory tower… Beneath your apparent phlegm and your will to exhibit an even temper in all circumstances, there is an unfailing determination. Capricorn is very structured. More than anyone, he remains his true self, loyal to his principles, his objectives and his projects. The time required for his ascent does not matter! Tenacity is your sign’s forte. Never give up, maintain the same direction.

Moon in Aries
On the day and at the time of your birth, the Moon was in the sign of Aries. Your imagination is lively and fantastic and brings about periods of enthusiasm during which you are driven by your sudden impulses. Your sensitivity lives on thrills that you want to experience in the instant… till exhaustion. Your spontaneity is coupled with some instability: mood swings and whimsical behaviours are the dangers to which your excitability exposes you. You often show demeanors full of contrasts, especially in your intimate life. One never gets bored with you, even on a daily basis. Isn’t real rest about being touched and stimulated, over and over again? Boredom is what you dread most.

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon Celebrities

Jared Leto – Born: December 26, 1971
LeBron James – Born: December 30, 1984
Al Capone – Born: January 18, 1899
Sade Adu – Born: January 16, 1959
Thierry Ardisson – Born: January 6, 1949
Justin Trudeau – Born: December 25, 1971
Nigella Lawson – Born: January 6, 1960
Jon Voight – Born: December 29, 1938
Dido (singer) – Born: December 25, 1971
Srinivasa Ramanujan – Born: December 22, 1887
Joe Manganiello – Born: December 28, 1976
Meghan Trainor – Born: December 22, 1993
Guy Corneau – Born: January 13, 1951
Hayao Miyazaki – Born: January 5, 1941
Andy Biersack – Born: December 26, 1990
Catherine of Aragon – Born: December 16, 1485 (Julian cal.)
Katie Couric – Born: January 7, 1957
Gong Li – Born: December 31, 1965
Steven Forrest – Born: January 6, 1949
Nina Ricci (designer) – Born: January 14, 1883
Louis Jouvet – Born: December 24, 1887
Diane Barrière-Desseigne – Born: January 9, 1957
V (entertainer) – Born: December 30, 1995
Albert Schweitzer – Born: January 14, 1875
Chris Daughtry – Born: December 26, 1979
Lily Cole – Born: December 27, 1987
Kristin Cavallari – Born: January 5, 1987
Cécile Bois – Born: December 26, 1971
Diane von Fürstenberg – Born: December 31, 1946
Heidi Fleiss – Born: December 30, 1965
Lorenzo de’ Medici – Born: January 1, 1449 (Julian cal.)
Pierre Bérégovoy – Born: December 23, 1925
Albert Jacquard – Born: December 23, 1925
Zack de la Rocha – Born: January 12, 1970
Nicolas de Staël – Born: January 5, 1914
James Watt – Born: January 19, 1736
Matt Lauer – Born: December 30, 1957

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