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Taurus Sun Leo Moon Personality

sun in taurus moon in leo

Taurus Sun Leo Moon – “The Vivacious Bull”

The Taurus sun Leo moon man or woman is likely to possess a big ego and big heart. They are generous souls who can be pompous and dramatic but also attentive and gentle. They are down to earth but there is a spark of vitality in their eye. They have an inner desire to share their light and creativity with the world.

People with their sun in Taurus and moon in Leo are also strong-willed and in possession of great personal fortitude and character. They can be comical and spontaneous but they also know how to buckle down and work hard for protracted lengths of time. Because they are proud and self-respecting individuals, the Taurus sun Leo moon personality is likely to have a distaste for working mediocre and menial jobs that don’t do them justice.

They have excellent taste and know how to throw together an eye-catching ensemble when they are looking for attention. Image-conscious and sometimes vain, the Taurus sun Leo moon male or female understands the power of visual information. They may possess an artistic bend may be talented in multiple areas. and a spontaneous desire to create and put their stamp on everything they do.

Stability and security is also important to them and they are likely able to utilize their compelling people skills to work their way up the ladder and attain the success and recognition they inwardly desire. They are happiest when they have all the love and money they need and are in a position where they give generously like a benevolent king or queen.

People with this sun-moon combination like to enjoy themselves and often do not hold back when it comes time to let loose and have a good time. At times they can act a bit pompous and as though the world revolves around them. At their best though, they are a spark of positive energy and exhibit a sunny disposition that cuts through the negative energy that might be surrounding them. Although sometimes vain and self-indulgent, they have many noble values that influence their moral judgment. They are compassionate and display a sense of integrity and pride that prevents them from stooping to petty levels. Instead, they try to uplift and embody a positive force for good.

The Taurus sun Leo moon man or woman can also be a bit bossy. The egotistical side of their character enjoys exercising power and being in the director’s chair calling the shots. They are not that uptight though and often like to create a playful atmosphere in their work environment. They care about the people they work with and will often do thoughtful and generous things for them on a whim. As far as their workspaces, they like to surround themselves with things that make them happy. Drab and dull environments drain their soul and so they are inclined to spruce up and add some personality to their place of work. They possess a visual flair that is flamboyant and attention-grabbing.

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Taurus Sun Leo Moon Compatibility

The Taurus sun Leo moon man or woman is a romantic who loves to spoil and pamper the people they love. In relationships, they can go to great lengths to impress their partners and sweep them of their feet. Romantic gestures and frequent displays of affection are to be expected. They want to be spoiled as well and to feel like they are the center of their loved one’s universe.

The Taurus sun Leo moon man or woman needs to feel wanted and desired by their partners. It really turns them on when they know that their partner adores and lusts after them. They savor the romance and excitement of courtship and in an effort to woo a potential mate, will likely peacock and flaunt their possessions and any other physical asset they are proud of.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Aries Rising – You are likely to be athletic and quick to respond and take action. You are individualistic and possess a strong desire for attention and recognition for who you are and what you contribute. You are also a great performer full of creativity and style.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Taurus Rising – You mean business and are keen on advancing your careers and accumulating resources. You possess a lot of confidence and drive to succeed and other people find your strength and tenacity to be inspiring.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Gemini Rising – You are something of a chatterbox who is very expressive and communicative. You likely have a knack for words and verbal sparring. You possess a lot of spirit and vitality and natural charisma.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Cancer Rising – You love to keep your family close to you as a source of support and love. Your sense of identity is strongly tied to family and the heritage you inherited. You have a lot of pride and a lot of love to give and you are very generous with your affections.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Leo Rising – You exude pride and pomposity but are very giving and generous in spirit. You seem to wear your heart on your sleeve and are strongly guided by your sense of values and justice.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Virgo Rising – You portray yourself as someone who is sensible but also hypercritical. You have an opinion about everything and you secretly get jealous of people who get lavished with praise and acclaim.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Libra Rising – You come across as convivial, engaging and fair-minded. You can also seem vain and conceited but your sense of style is on point. You crave companionship and pay a lot of attention to your physical appearance because you love the compliments you receive.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Scorpio Rising – You have a penetrating gaze and come across as a bit dark, mysterious and alluring. People find you very attractive or at least fascinating and you likely enjoy an exciting and passionate romantic life.

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Taurus Sun Leo Moon Sagittarius Rising – You present yourself as someone who tells it like it is and is often very outspoken about your values what you feel is right. You have great style and a flair for creative expression.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Capricorn Rising – You display a demeanor that is often stalwart and reserved but emotionally, you are full of vitality. You believe in yourself and take pride in what you accomplish and demand respect and the credit due to you.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Aquarius Rising – You come across as somewhat Avant-garde and forward thinking. You appreciate creativity and novelty very highly and are driven to amass wealth and prestige with your talents.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Pisces Rising – You display a placid and thoughtful demeanor and a flexibility that allows you to mesh well with most people. You are also very creative and have an inner desire for recognition and admiration for your abilities.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Celebrities

Megan Fox – Born: May 16, 1986
In: Oak Ridge (TN) (United States)
Sun: 25°02′ Taurus AS: 19°22′ Capricorn
Moon: 15°06′ Leo MC: 10°30′ Scorpio

Renée Zellweger – Born: April 25, 1969
In: Baytown (TX) (United States)
Sun: 5°27′ Taurus AS: 11°39′ Virgo
Moon: 17°01′ Leo MC: 10°33′ Gemini

Elizabeth II – Born: April 21, 1926
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 0°12′ Taurus AS: 21°23′ Capricorn
Moon: 12°07′ Leo MC: 25°33′ Scorpio

Nicolas Hulot – Born: April 30, 1955
In: Lille (59) (France)
Sun: 9°12′ Taurus AS: 8°41′ Cancer
Moon: 23°23′ Leo MC: 6°16′ Pisces

Barbra Streisand – Born: April 24, 1942
In: Brooklyn (Kings County), New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 3°33′ Taurus AS: 8°22′ Aries
Moon: 10°36′ Leo MC: 4°26′ Capricorn

Kirsten Dunst – Born: April 30, 1982
In: Point Pleasant (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 10°01′ Taurus AS: 19°46′ Leo
Moon: 12°37′ Leo MC: 11°41′ Taurus

Patrick Bruel – Born: May 14, 1959
In: Tlemcen (Algeria)
Sun: 22°47′ Taurus AS: 4°13′ Cancer
Moon: 4°47′ Leo MC: 15°56′ Pisces

Tom Welling – Born: April 26, 1977
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 6°18′ Taurus
Moon: 6°55′ Leo

Jamie Dornan – Born: May 1, 1982
In: Belfast (Ireland)
Sun: 10°45′ Taurus
Moon: 22°51′ Leo

Madhuri Dixit – Born: May 15, 1967
In: Mumbai (India)
Sun: 24°00′ Taurus AS: 13°28′ Scorpio
Moon: 2°44′ Leo MC: 14°10′ Leo

James Brown – Born: May 3, 1933
In: Barnwell (SC) (United States)
Sun: 12°48′ Taurus AS: 15°44′ Leo
Moon: 21°44′ Leo MC: 9°41′ Taurus

Eva Peron – Born: May 7, 1919
In: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Sun: 15°46′ Taurus AS: 1°52′ Taurus
Moon: 20°43′ Leo MC: 5°51′ Aquarius

Meek Mill – Born: May 6, 1987
In: Philadelphia (PA) (United States)
Sun: 15°36′ Taurus
Moon: 21°51′ Leo

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Véronique Jannot – Born: May 7, 1957
In: Annecy (France)
Sun: 16°23′ Taurus AS: 8°09′ Gemini
Moon: 18°00′ Leo MC: 9°44′ Aquarius

Anggun (singer) – Born: April 29, 1974
In: Jakarta (Indonesia)
Sun: 8°31′ Taurus
Moon: 7°03′ Leo

Crispin Glover – Born: April 20, 1964
In: Manhattan Beach (NY) (United States)
Sun: 0°23′ Taurus AS: 17°14′ Taurus
Moon: 16°34′ Leo MC: 27°32′ Capricorn

Willem de Kooning – Born: April 24, 1904
In: Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Sun: 3°25′ Taurus AS: 12°27′ Capricorn
Moon: 14°14′ Leo MC: 18°33′ Scorpio

Brian Eno – Born: May 15, 1948
In: Woodbridge (United Kingdom)
Sun: 24°11′ Taurus AS: 15°56′ Aries
Moon: 11°58′ Leo MC: 6°02′ Capricorn

Bing Crosby – Born: May 3, 1903
In: Tacoma Junction (WA) (United States)
Sun: 12°22′ Taurus AS: 6°10′ Libra
Moon: 8°17′ Leo MC: 7°38′ Cancer

George Lopez – Born: April 23, 1961
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 3°05′ Taurus AS: 28°32′ Pisces
Moon: 9°22′ Leo MC: 29°08′ Sagittarius

Lloyd Banks – Born: April 30, 1982
In: Baltimore (MD) (United States)
Sun: 9°59′ Taurus
Moon: 12°03′ Leo

David Hume – Born: April 26, 1711
In: Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Sun: 5°32′ Taurus
Moon: 11°17′ Leo

Other Taurus Sun-Moon Combinations:

Jetta Moon

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