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Pluto in the 12th House – Grace Under Fire

Pluto in House Twelve Pluto in the 12th House Overview: In the 12th house, Pluto indicates a powerful connection with spirituality that may provide a source of strength in dealing with life’s suffering. There is a proclivity towards self sabotage through overzealous delusions. Magical thinking can be a problem along with an unrealistic notion of…
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Neptune in the 12th House – The Woo Woo Guru

Neptune in House Twelve Neptune in the 12th House Overview: Neptune in the 12th house encompasses a deeply spiritual side. For people who have this placement, their faith is a very significant and important part of their life. When they neglect their spiritual needs, they can easily become discontent and feel lost in life. Additionally,…
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Jupiter in the 12th House – Turning Suffering Into Success

Jupiter in House Twelve Jupiter in the 12th House Overview: With Jupiter in the 12th house, spiritual growth and expansion of the mind is the emphasis. Individuals with this placement are highly idealistic and heavily invested in their own spiritual journey and evolution. They display intellectual humility and openness and willingness to learn and absorb…
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Mercury in the 12 house – Abstract Thinker

Mercury in House Twelve Mercury in the 12th House Overview: Mercury in the 12th house is a placement that can bring about an intellectual interest in analyzing and learning about esoteric studies and spiritual knowledge. Dream analysis and investigative journalism especially within the areas of life that receive the least amount of public attention and…
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Mars in the 12th House – Dream Chaser

MARS IN HOUSE TWELVE March 12th fosters passion and energy within the realm of spiritual matters and private life. In astrology, the planet Mars symbolizes passion, energy, aggression and willpower. When Mars sits in the 12th house, it highlights a capacity to hold strong spiritual beliefs and subjective perceptions. The 12th house is ruled by…
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Venus in 12th House – Deeply Spiritual Values

VENUS IN HOUSE TWELVE Venus in the 12th house cultivates a spiritually profound form of love and a desire to experience love on a higher level. In Astrology, the planet Venus represents compassion, cooperation, beauty, and the Arts. When Venus occupies the 12th house, it highlights a more mature and sophisticated expression of love. The…
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