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Moon in The 2nd House: Emotional Spender

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Moon in House Two

The moon in the 2nd house is a placement that can manifest as an emotional attachment to materials and possessions. In astrology, the Moon indicates our emotions, what makes us feel secure and insecure, are reactions and instincts, our childhood, the mother and feminine energy in general, the past, and our moods and habits. It also concerns our perceptions, impressions and prejudices. The second house in astrology is known as the house of self worth and money.

It correlates with Taurus, its natural ruler along with it’s planetary ruler Venus. The second house governs the realm of money and personal finances, our sense of self-worth, values and material possessions. Those who have their moon gracing the 2nd house of their charts are therefore individuals who have their sense of emotional fulfillment strongly tied to the money they make and the things they possess. The importance of security and financial stability are also highlighted.

Here, the energy of the moon serves to emphasize the emotional significance of the affairs and functions of the second house, making them more important to the emotional balance of the individual. It can also contribute to some instability in this area of their chart. Additionally, whichever zodiac sign happens to occupy the 2nd house will also affect how the moon and it’s particular qualities are expressed. Here is a breakdown of the moon in the 2nd house and what it means in both the natal chart and as a Transit.

Moon in 2nd House Natal

Positive: tenacious, prudent, success driven
Negative: greedy, exorbitant, emotional spending

People who have their moon in the 2nd House of their natal charts are inclined to place a lot of importance on building up wealth and material resources. They may have strong emotional attachments to money beyond that of the norm. Moon in the 2nd House people can be superficial to some extent, but are really preoccupied with a practical need for financial security. So long as this concern with money doesn’t veer into greed and prodigal exorbitance, they can be driven to achieve great success through hard work. Goal-driven and motivated by what they stand to gain, this moon placement can foster a very successful mindset.

On the other hand, it can also breed envy and contempt if they are unable to acquire the fruits of the success they desire so deeply. Fortunately, this is often not the case as this moon placement fosters an intuitive knack for finding creative ways to earn money. They can be very imaginative in formulating business ideas and understanding what people value and enjoy. The fluctuating nature of the moon implies that financial stability may be up and down for them. However, because of their thrifty and opportunistic nature, they are often able to pull themselves out of a pinch when they need to. People with this moon placement may need to exercise caution and avoid being too careless and wasteful with their resources.

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They love to enjoy the fruits of their earnings and can be tempted to spend on gratuitous expenses and pricey indulgences. Despite this, those who have their moon in the 2nd house tend not to view themselves as materialistic individuals. They’re mostly concerned with security and financial stability as a source of emotional security. They are shrewd and very selective in their taste for collecting nice things. They can be both stingy and generous depending on their mood and what they can afford to give. Furthermore, people who have their moon in the 2nd house can also treat people like possessions. They can be clingy in certain ways and can be reluctant and have issues with perhaps being too controlling or restrictive with the people they care about.

People with this moon placement are able to maintain a relatively level head even when they achieve substantial material success. They prefer to maintain a regular profile for the most part. Of course they like to enjoy themselves and make good use of their resources however, they’re not likely to let it go to their heads (egotistically speaking) or let it change the core of who they are as people. Their sense of self-worth and self-confidence to some extent correlates to their net worth, but it’s the significance of knowing they have the ability to earn substantial means and what it enables them to do. Oftentimes, people with this moon placement are very generous in spirit and perhaps derive the most emotional gratification from being in the position where they can give back and help others using their resources. With the Moon in your 2nd House, familiar objects have a lot of importance to you.

Souvenirs, images redolent of your secret dreams, real estate, etc. They all contribute to the making up of your world and your home. You have the feeling that you own something only when you are in communication with it. Therefore, you select your capital according to your sensitivity. You are a second-hand goods dealer to the core, rather than a stock exchange speculator, and you sometimes give a fanciful value to things. People with this placement may be especially charitable and generous with their family, especially their mother. Males with this moon placement are likely to enjoy spoiling their female companions and trying to make them happy using their resources.

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In other cases, people with this moon placement may also have a tendency to horde and hold onto possessions due to a scarcity mindset. When times are tough, they can be very clever in finding ways to cut costs and save money. People with this moon placements are good at appraising and assessing the value of things. They know how to stretch their money when they need to find bargains so as to get the most bang for their buck. Because they’re concerned with material security, the moon in the second house man or woman can be very ambitious and motivated to work hard to build their prosperity from the ground up.

Many of these people are likely to have an entrepreneurial spirit and ability to spot lucrative business opportunities. They understand the world of finance on a very intuitive level and can be good with managing money for the most part. The changeable and fluctuating nature of the moon is somewhat stabilized in the second house. People with this placement never forget where they came from and can often use this as a motivating reminder for why they must work hard especially if they came from impecunious beginnings. There is a very grounded quality to the way in which they process and perceive reality. They simply want to enjoy life and be happy and have all the means and resources needed for facilitating that goal.

Moon in 2nd House Transit

When the moon shines in the second house in your natal charts as a transit, you are likely to have a more emotional reaction to money than usual. Financial Security may be of greater concern to you at this time and you may also have a stronger desire to acquire something of value whether it is a person or object. The expenditure of your effort and energy is likely directed toward achieving some specific gain. Your intuition is very strong for identifying lucrative opportunities as well as picking out things of good quality.

You’re emotionally attracted to beautiful things which can make you appear superficial but that is not the only criteria by which you assess. You also care about substance and seek out others who share your aesthetic taste and values and sensibilities. If you are experiencing tough times, you’re likely to be very smart and calculating with how you spend your resources. If times are good you may be in a fairly magnanimous frame of mind. You enjoy giving gifts to your loved ones and may be especially in the mood to spoil them with some lavish purchases. At any rate, you are in the mood to make money and spend money.

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Moon in 2nd House Celebrities

Brad Pitt – Moon in 2nd House, Sagittarius Ascendant
Beyoncé Knowles – Moon in 2nd House, Libra Ascendant
Nicole Kidman – Moon in 2nd House, Scorpio Ascendant
Diana, Princess of Wales – Moon in 2nd House, Sagittarius Ascendant
Julia Roberts – Moon in 2nd House, Cancer Ascendant
Christina Aguilera – Moon in 2nd House, Aquarius Ascendant
Demi Moore – Moon in 2nd House, Pisces Ascendant
Ellen DeGeneres – Moon in 2nd House, Pisces Ascendant
Ryan Reynolds – Moon in 2nd House, Virgo Ascendant
Emma Stone – Moon in 2nd House, Leo Ascendant
Angela Merkel – Moon in 2nd House, Sagittarius Ascendant
Russell Brand – Moon in 2nd House, Capricorn Ascendant
Drew Barrymore – Moon in 2nd House, Gemini Ascendant
Mike Tyson – Moon in 2nd House, Scorpio Ascendant
John Travolta – Moon in 2nd House, Cancer Ascendant
Ian Somerhalder – Moon in 2nd House, Aquarius Ascendant

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