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Moon Square Sun Aspect

moon square sun aspect

A square aspect between the Sun and the Moon is a powerful celestial configuration that delves deep into the intricate interplay of conscious desires and subconscious or emotional needs within an individual’s personality. This aspect represents a profound inner conflict, akin to a cosmic tug-of-war, where two fundamental components of one’s psyche clash, vying for dominance. The square aspect typically results in a sense of tension, as the ego’s desire for recognition, achievement, and self-assertion clashes with the Moon’s need for emotional security, comfort, and nurturing. This struggle can manifest in a variety of ways, from internal conflicts and heightened emotional sensitivity to external challenges in relationships and career decisions.

Moon Square Sun Natal Aspect

Individuals with a natal square between the Sun and Moon often find themselves torn between pursuing their ambitions and maintaining emotional equilibrium. They may wrestle with inner conflicts, feeling torn between following their head or their heart. This aspect can be a source of great self-awareness and growth, as it forces individuals to confront their inner struggles and seek a balance between their conscious desires and emotional needs. Embracing this inner conflict can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and pave the way for personal development and harmony between these two essential aspects of our being.

Individuals with their moon square with their sun are likely to experience dissonance within their sense of identity. They may at times feel torn between the image they hold of themselves and what they actually feel. They may often experience self doubt and may question the authenticity of what they believe of themselves. They want to be true to who they are but may feel like a fraud, a phony and a charlatan. Alternately, moon square sun people may harbor phobias and fears that inhibit them and hold them back from being their true selves. They may either be repressed, introverted or in denial about the feelings they experience or the memories they suppress.

The Moon square Sun may indicate difficulty integrating certain aspects of the inner self with the public persona. They may not feel at liberty to do so perhaps due to shame or guilt which may have been instilled in them by their parents during their formative years. The moon square aspect presents an obstacle to self expression that may not even be conscious. Individuals with this aspect may subliminally bury unwanted feelings and desires for the sake of presenting an image that is more acceptable to them. Since the moon also represents the mother and the sun the father, this aspect suggests there may have been conflict between the parents. A troubled childhood is likely under this aspect, perhaps including traumatic arguments, abuse, neglect and divorce.

With a moon square sun aspect in the birth chart, there may be unresolved issues and a need to reconcile with or forgive the parents. This aspect may present obstacles and challenges to the relationship that need to be addressed or remediated in order to cultivate better relations. Issues within themselves may also need to be worked out so that they can freely express themselves as they truly are.

Moon Square Sun Transit

This transit may bring to the surface residual feelings that hamper us from feeling authentic and genuine. There may exist some cognitive dissonance of some sort where we have allowed conflicting personal values to coexist as well as hypocritical behavior. This period may bring these things to our awareness and present an opportunity to address them finally or make some inroads towards progress. Also, during a moon square sun transit, individuals may encounter situations where they feel their values and principles are being compromised. They may be forced to go against their beliefs possibly and adopt behaviors that are not authentic to them. This period could challenge their sense of self and even call into question their deeply held notions.

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Sun Square Moon Synastry

Individuals with their sun and moon in square aspect with one another may experience trust issues and difficulty meeting each other’s emotional and egotistical needs. The sun person may have trouble identifying with the moon person’s feeling and emotions while the moon person may feel that the sun person is too self-centered and attention seeking. The moon person will probably have some trouble trusting the sincerity and intentions of the sun person and they may cultivate a suspicious attitude towards them. The sun person may view the moon person as being too clingy and hung up on things they consider petty or trivial. The sun person may trigger negative sentiments in the moon person that may manifest as emotional baggage that they’ve carried into the relationship. These two may have to work through some issues but may cultivate a strong bond in the process.

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