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Moon Conjunct Mars

Emotionally Charged

With the moon and mars conjunction, passion and aggression is outwardly expressed but channeled into healthy and productive avenues. Mars is active and enterprising whereas the moon is reactive and domicile. With this aspect however, the duality of these opposing modes work in harmony rather than against one another. Emotionality is heightened by the moons fluctuating phases compelling the individual to alternate between periods of substantial drive and productivity and that of calm reflection. There may be ample creative energy and a compulsion to leave one’s mark upon the world. Impressions from the outside world are gathered and output with a martian ingenuity. The background intuition and receptivity of the moon softens the foolhardiness of Mars’ aggressive instincts and allows the individual to absorb some of the subtle details that might be flouted otherwise.

Under the moon mars conjunction, there is abundant confidence to carry out plans and to actualize that which they dream about. The lunar intuition guides the direction of the martian energy. Communication is straightforward and forthright and free of subterfuge and manipulation. Beating around the bush is not Mars’ style  but the lunar influence may provide some tactfulness in how the individual expresses themselves. Setbacks and obstacles are the bane of Mars’ existence and may serve as the major source of distress. The moon helps the individual step back and assess a different approach while maintaining perspective and emotional stability. Beliefs and convictions are particularly strong and pronounced. These individuals feel deeply and may be passionate about expressing their views. They are likely outspoken and principled with a willingness to stand up in defense of others. They are particularly strong protectors of what they love and may express this in the form of patriotism or family devotion. Angry outbursts are short lived and there is not a proclivity for holding onto petty grudges as it is a waste of their energy.

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