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Moon Conjunct Mercury

Self Analyzer

Introspection yields deep insight into the self, an exercise for which this person has a penchant for. The intellect is supported by an enhanced memory soaking in everything like an emotional sponge. Every experience is analyzed and examined thoroughly considering the significance of others actions as well as their own. The self understanding they acquire allows them to understand others well, making these individuals suited for careers in psychology and neuroscience.

Self expression comes easily because they know how to articulate and communicate what they feel with clarity and cogency. The temperment is mercurial and quick, shifting from one mood to another as they respond and react to the various stimuli that capture their fancy. They are compassionate and empathetic with a capacity for humanitarianism. There is a love of learning and for sharing with others the valuable information they gain. This aspect communicates with sensitivity and feeling and is able to use their words to inspire and elevate others or disparage and tear them down. Most likely they choose the former because they understand the effects of their actions on others and they choose to adopt a “do unto others as you would have done unto you” approach. There is an honesty in the way they deal with others and they do not utilize deception or manipulation to achieve their ends. Relations with the mother is often positive with good communication and understanding between one another engendering a strong bond.

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