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Moon in the 8th House – Obsessive Personality

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Moon in House Eight

The moon in the 8th house is a combination that produces an emotionality that is highly durable and able to withstand tremendous distress and tragedy. In astrology, the moon symbolizes our emotions. It represents our reactions, are gut instincts, and what we are receptive to. It also signifies the mother, femininity and females in general.

The 8th house in astrology is the house of transformation and sexuality. It is ruled by Scorpio and its planetary ruler Pluto. This house governs the sector of our lives that includes transformation, crisis and also death. It also concerns the concept of rebirth and reinvention, personal growth and revival. In addition to other people’s money, taxes, divorce, and addictions. Those who have their moon occupying the 8th house are therefore emotionally complex and inclined towards a deep emotional need to reconfigure themselves emotionally in order to survive and overcome.

Here, the energy of the moon serves to highlight the emotional impact of the affairs and functions of the 8th house which consequently can bring about an intensely emotional nature that can be profoundly restorative and healing but also destructive. Additionally, whichever zodiac sign happens to occupy the 8th house, the moon will be modified by and take on the tone and tenor associated with that sign. Here is a breakdown of the moon in the 8th house in both the natal chart and as a Transit.

Moon in 8th House Natal

Positive: self healing, alluring, perceptive
Negative: trust issues, manipulation, destructive emotions

Those who have their moon in the 8th house derive emotional fulfillment from the power and control they wield over themselves and other people. There is a deep-seated inner need to fortify themselves by walking through fire so to speak and coming out of the experience stronger than they were before. Emotionally they’re able to lick their own wounds and heal themselves in face of tremendous adversity and loss that could break other people beyond repair.

The moon occupying the 8th house takes on an extreme nature that is wired to confront or subject itself to extreme and dangerous circumstances either as a means of testing it’s mettle and durability or perhaps out of an underlying self-destructive subconscious death drive. At any rate, those with this moon placement exhibit a tremendous ability to reinvent themselves, to regenerate and recover from sadness loss and pain.

They choose to immerse themselves in the darkness and let it teach them how to grow and evolve psychologically. People with their moon in the 8th house are fascinated with the dark truth of life and death itself. They may also exhibit a certain attraction to danger and general morbid curiosity. They display a tolerance for risk-taking as though they have some resignation to whatever fate it may bring them.

At the same time people who have their moon in the 8th house may also display a proactive interest in fortifying their lives and maximizing their vitality making themselves as resistant to death as possible. You may take an interest in physical fitness and nutrition as preventative measures against various diseases that could kill them off prematurely.

They have an underlying need to do things on their terms and thus hate the idea that their life could be snuffed out by causes beyond their control. If they had the choice they would probably prefer to go out in a heroic fashion, sacrificing themselves in a noble or exciting way like fighting a wild bear or a perilous space mission. It is likely there is a general fixation with mortality and how to make themselves as resistant to it as possible.

To some extent, people with their moon in the 8th house may be in denial about their own mortality and can sometimes display an inflated sense of their robustness and genetic potential for longevity. Nevertheless, this existential preoccupation can often be the impetus that compels them to take very good care of themselves. Looking after their health is just another form of control that they can wield in their lives.

Additionally, people with their moon in the 8th House of the natal chart may exhibit a slightly possessive tendency to try and control the things and people that they love. They have an emotional desire to have a lot of access to their partners resources in part as a means of feeling closer to them. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours is a mantra that people with this moon placement are likely to espouse to the people they love deeply. But this is not to say that they are careless or frivolous with their own resources. These individuals are shrewd but can also be very manipulative.

People who have their moon in the 8th house are likely to have what is considered to be an addictive personality. They have obsessive tendencies and can really take casual habits to extremes. When they find something they like or want, they may go to desperate lengths to acquire it. On the other hand, they can be very vindictive and temperamental when they’ve been wronged or screwed over by someone else. They are very sensitive but they’re not all soft and fluffy marshmallows.

They have fangs that can come out when they feel threatened or have been hurt deeply. The destructiveness of their emotions can sometimes overwhelm others. Sometimes it is as though they just want to burn everything down before they can start over. It is their nature to make sudden and radical changes to themselves and their lifestyle whenever they want to cleanse their psyche of something and start anew. They may also have a proclivity for doing some daring and risque things based on the feeling of the moment which can often leave the people around them gobsmacked.

Moon in 8th House Transit

When the moon transits your 8th house, your emotional state is likely to be more on edge and unstable. During this time you may find that you are also more perceptive regarding others body language, emotional states and intentions. You may have to take special care to avoid getting into trouble as you are more willing to react and engage in confrontation when provoked. You have a stronger emotional will to do what you feel you should do and make no apologies for it.

At this time you may be going through a period of self-evaluation and self-analysis that yields a greater sense of wholeness and healing to your inner demons and emotional issues. Furthermore, you may feel compelled to take control of a lot of things especially if you feel as though you’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long. You are motivated to initiate some changes and transmute yourself in ways that may come as a surprise to others.

When the moon transits the 8th house, you’re likely to have emotional concerns about debts owed to others and taxes. These types of concerns may weigh more heavily in significance on your psyche and you may feel a greater sense of urgency to deal with them. It’s also possible that money could be coming your way in the form of an inheritance or gambling winnings. There is potential that you are suspicious about people trying to steal from you or use you for their personal gain.

At any rate money matters are likely to become of greater concern to you. You may experience either financial troubles or financial windfalls that are in some way caused by your emotions. Emotional tension and anger could for instance exacerbate an already sticky situation that results in lawsuits or fines such as traffic tickets or perhaps having your pay docked by an employer. You may have to take caution not to let your emotions get the best of you and cause you to do harm to others or their property.

Any type of divorce or alimony proceeds you have to deal with may take an especially emotional toll on you at this time. It’s important to keep your wits about you and avoid descending into destructive emotions because of underlying frustrations. You have the ability to pull yourself together and be strong but It is also advisable to seek help and counsel from sympathetic people who care about you.

Moon in 8th House Celebrities

Taylor Swift – Moon in the 8th House, Scorpio Ascendant
Vladimir Putin – Moon in the 8th House, Scorpio Ascendant
Nicki Minaj – Moon in the 8th House, Aquarius Ascendant
Cristiano Ronaldo – Moon in the 8th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Paris Hilton – Moon in the 8th House, Sagittarius Ascendant
Jim Carrey – Moon in the 8th House, Scorpio Ascendant
Bill Clinton – Moon in the 8th House, Libra Ascendant
Orlando Bloom – Moon in the 8th House, Aquarius Ascendant
Vanessa Paradis – Moon in the 8th House, Scorpio Ascendant
Zac Efron – Moon in the 8th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Sigmund Freud – Moon in the 8th House, Scorpio Ascendant
Nicole Scherzinger – Moon in the 8th House, Virgo Ascendant
Sean Connery – Moon in the 8th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Bono (U2) – Moon in the 8th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Adriana Lima – Moon in the 8th House, Pisces Ascendant
Nostradamus – Moon in the 8th House, Aries Ascendant
Rachel McAdams – Moon in the 8th House, Scorpio Ascendant
Jessica Simpson – Moon in the 8th House, Scorpio Ascendant
Charlie Sheen – Moon in the 8th House, Gemini Ascendant

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