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Moon in the 12th House – Dreamy Loner

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Moon in House Twelve

The moon in the 12th house (also known as the house of Self Undoing), produces an individual who keeps a lot of things to themselves. They are very guarded about their personal feelings and it can be difficult to get them to reveal how they really feel. Suffering and sorrow you witness and experience in the world is likely to have a significant impact on your psyche and emotional state. You seek solace through private reflection and spiritual meditations. Life can be depressing, but you try to keep the claws of cynicism from dragging you down into a pit of despair.

In astrology, the moon represents the unconscious or subconscious mind, the realm of feelings and instincts. It also concerns femininity, the mother, and the female or yin side of our personality. Furthermore, the Moon represents an area of instability that is subject to constant change that ebbs and flows in cycles. It affects the domestic side of life, memories and also childhood.

The 12th house, is the house of self undoing and as such is an area that may reveal the ways in which an individual can self sabotage and hamper themselves. This house is also one of transcendence and spiritual evolution. It is the house of Karma and a place where either blessings or curses may be rewarded. It is associated with hospitals and other institutions that provide care-giving and reform.

Moon in 12th House Natal Chart

Positive: imaginative, idealistic, caring, open minded, self healing
Negative: isolated, uncommunicative, self-defeating

Your inner world is a private resort from disappointments and misfortunes where you can at least dream of a world without suffering. You are kind and feel empowered by performing acts of service to others. Doing your part to make the world a better place helps alleviate or distract your mind from the persistent awareness of life’s tragedy. People with their moon in the 12th house may often find themselves or family members in hospitals or prisons either as caregivers and facilitators or patients and inmates. There may be family secrets and a lot of things that individuals with this placement would prefer to never divulge to anyone. They can be very good at keeping secrets and taking them to the grave.

Those who have their moon in the 12th house may try their best to attract good karma through their charitable nature and desire to make peace. However, it is likely that disappointments and suffering through the family and in particular, the mother, are bound to happen as a consequence of karma from a previous life. There may be scandals and drama involving women much of which may be self-created. Those with this placement may have a tendency to undermine themselves with emotional decisions and being too trusting.

Despite this, people with their moon in the 12th house care about people and enjoy relationships that are deeper and meaningful to them. They seek after fulfilling endeavors that satisfy their emotional need to grow as a person and hopefully attract good Karma through their kind, loving spirit and spreading goodwill in the world. With the moon in the 12th house, it can be difficult to maintain a clear idea of what exactly they want out of life. Their sensibilities and tastes are often unconventional and quirky.The pathways to their happiness can often seem shrouded in mystery and it is up to them to figure it out. In following their gut feelings and personal convictions, the moon in the 12th house person will often flout conventional ways of life in favor of a more wondrous and meaningful existence.

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For moon in the 12th House people, it can seem as though they have a strange attraction to sorrow and suffering. On some level there is an intrinsic acceptance of pain and loss as being an inevitable feature of being alive. Emotionally, they generally desire a sense of closure on matters rather than drag them out ceaselessly. On another level, the moon in the 12th house person may sometimes cut things short perhaps too soon and possibly miss out on some good things to come had they stuck it out. They can sometimes have a great thing going only to end up throwing it away almost on a whim or feeling. When things seem too good to be true for the moon in the 12th House person, they have a tendency to subconsciously sabotage it in some way.

Males and females with this moon position may be susceptible to falling into certain self-defeating patterns of behavior. They can struggle with habits that hinder them or find that they are often attracted to people who are not good for them. They can end up in abusive relationships or get drawn into a cycle of abuse because they think they can reform the other person and get them to change. Their naivete and idealism can sometimes blind them from seeing reality for what it is.

Those with their moon in house 12 have an unconscious desire to elevate the mass consciousness of the world to a higher ideal that is often spiritual and love based. These individuals take interest in learning about transcendent wisdom and pathways to enlightenment. They often gravitate towards yoga and eastern philosophies which can help empower their ability to achieve peace with themselves and emotional contentment. People with this moon placement often feel a sense of loneliness and that they are nothing more than a pilgrim in this world. They may also feel that few people truly understand and can relate to them to the level that they would desire. They may feel a sense of dissatisfaction with their childhood or their family life or their relationship with their mother. Part of their driving motivation is to learn from their suffering.

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Moon in the 12th House Transit

When your moon transits the 12th house there will be an inclination to withdraw from the world emotionally. You may draw into yourself and become more distant and secluded socially. You may be in the mood to sit in your feelings and dwell on negative experiences both recent and not so recent. You may be in the mood to listen to sad music or write songs about breakups and other sad things.

Although you may feel depressed at this time, you may find it therapeutic to think about a lot of things and allow the emotion to wash over you in a cathartic and even spiritual way. At this time you may feel the need to gain some closure on some matters that have persisted for longer than you’d like. If some type of misfortune or trouble befalls you, you will likely feel a sense of passive resignation to it rather than become terribly upset. You may be motivated to try and attract better Karma by being nice to others and making an effort to help them.

It is important to try and be open and honest with both yourself and others, as any number of secrets and subterfuges you may be juggling at this time can likely come crashing down right now. You may feel afraid to express something to someone or reveal something about yourself that you feel can sabotage you in some way. In other cases you may be heartsick about something that is coming to an end now or in the near future. It can be something as innocuous as the end of a book you’ve been reading or as grave as the end of a terminally ill loved one.

For whatever reason you may be feeling lonely and isolated right now and may be in need off some type of reassurance or spiritual support. Mistakes, childhood memories and disappointments from your past can crop up in your mind at this time and have a way of putting the damper on your emotional state and mood. You may feel suspicious that someone you care about is hiding something from you or being unfaithful. Your perceptions may be a bit clouded in part due to your own projections about the things you may be hiding yourself.

Your instincts may often deceive you and your feelings may not be in sync with reality. Nevertheless, now is an opportune time to tie up some loose ends and find resolution so that you can move on to other things and new opportunities. Take care not to shoot yourself in the foot or stand in your own way. Embrace your power to turn things around and make better decisions. Give yourself permission to be happy and release yourself from the bondage of suffering and self-imposed misery. Self-flagellation is not a virtue.

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Moon in the 12th House Celebrities

  • Rihanna – ☽ in House XII, Aries Ascendant
  • Scarlett Johansson – ☽ in House XII, Sagittarius Ascendant
  • Harry Styles – ☽ in House XII, Libra Ascendant
  • Kendall Jenner – ☽ in House XII, Aries Ascendant
  • Billie Eilish – ☽ in House XII, Pisces Ascendant
  • Renée Zellweger – ☽ in House XII, Virgo Ascendant
  • Björk – ☽ in House XII, Scorpio Ascendant
  • Mick Jagger – ☽ in House XII, Gemini Ascendant
  • Charlize Theron – ☽ in House XII, Virgo Ascendant
  • Russell Crowe – ☽ in House XII, Aquarius Ascendant
  • Chris Evans (actor) – ☽ in House XII, Scorpio Ascendant
  • Marilyn Manson – ☽ in House XII, Leo Ascendant
  • Che Guevara – ☽ in House XII, Aries Ascendant
  • Bob Marley – ☽ in House XII, Sagittarius Ascendant
  • Nelson Mandela – ☽ in House XII, Sagittarius Ascendant
  • Matt Damon – ☽ in House XII, Aquarius Ascendant
  • Katie Holmes – ☽ in House XII, Leo Ascendant
  • Milla Jovovich – ☽ in House XII, Aquarius Ascendant
  • Abraham Lincoln – ☽ in House XII, Pisces Ascendant
  • George Harrison – ☽ in House XII, Scorpio Ascendant

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