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Moon in the 7th House – Symbiotic Partnerships

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Moon in House Seven

The moon in the 7th house is a placement that manifests an emotional emphasis on building and maintaining relationships. People with this lunar position crave companionship and deeply value the comfort and support they receive from their partners and close loved ones. In astrology, the moon symbolizes the emotional self, and what we find emotionally fulfilling. It also represents our past, our childhood, instincts, reactions and also the mother.

The 7th house in astrology is ruled by libra and its ruling planet venus. The 7th house is also known as The Descendant and comprises one of the four angular houses. This house governs the realm of partnerships, intimate relationships, competitors, lawyers, and contracts. Those who have their Moon in the 7th house either in their natal chart or as a Transit are likely to experience a stronger emotional need to connect with others and engage in some form of collaboration.

Here, the planetary energy of the moon (so to speak) highlights the emotional significance of the affairs and functions of the 7th house. Additionally, whichever zodiac sign happens to occupy this house, will modify the way in which the moon is expressed. Here is a breakdown of the Moon in house 7 in both the natal chart and as a Transit.

Moon in 7th House Natal

Positive: responsive to partner, affectionate, thoughtful
Negative: codependency, self-denial, fickle

People who have their moon in the 7th house of their natal chart are individuals who stake a lot of their emotional security on their relationships. They derive a lot of comfort from the validation they receive from others. They are receptive to feedback and suggestions from others and may also display a good attitude about taking criticism. People with this moon placement may also be highly influenced by others’ opinions and feelings. They may often find themselves bending over backwards to meet expectations of their partners or appease them to make them happy. What makes the moon in 7th house person happy is to make their partners happy.

So to that extent they are very externally focused on pleasing others. They may need to guard against codependency and relying too much on outside validation rather than trusting in themselves. Nevertheless, the moon in the 7th house man or woman is very attentive and considerate of other people’s feelings and they constantly monitor others reactions and adjust their behavior accordingly. These individuals don’t really like being by themselves and prefer to have someone around to keep them company whenever possible.

They enjoy group activities but they may prefer smaller, more intimate groups more than large groups. They are likely to be emotionally intelligent and naturally attuned to social cues and interpersonal dynamics. The males with this moon placement are likely to get along very easily with females and may even prefer them both platonically and romantically. Furthermore, this moon placement may also foster very close bonds with the mother that is symbiotic and underpinned by love and gratitude.

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You are able to connect with people in a very intuitive and subtle way. Although you can be indecisive and tentative in certain respects, people appreciate what a great listener you are and how emotionally present and responsive you tend to be. Relationships are at the forefront of your concerns. Marriage is likely to be one of your major goals and the quest to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Additionally, you enjoy being nurtured by your partner and you enjoy the opportunity to reciprocate and express your undying devotion to them. You yourself may also have a tendency to nurture your partners and sometimes become smothering with your love. However, no matter how much you love your partner your moods can often wax and wane sometimes straining your relationships.

The moon in the 7th house has extra significance in describing what qualities you seek in a partner. It indicates that you prefer to work in collaboration with others rather than operate like a lone wolf. You are naturally drawn to someone who is receptive, sensitive and caring. Naturally, you may have a tendency to project a lot of these unconscious or subconscious qualities of your moon sign onto your partner. There’s a desire to meld and synchronize your feelings with that of your significant other.

Having the moon in your 7th house also indicates underlying aspects of yourself that you have difficulty owning and incorporating with your conscious ego and self-image. The people you are attracted to inherently possess the qualities that you tend to repress in yourself (based on moon sign). By uniting with these types of people, you are able to achieve or feel a type of wholeness in yourself. In other words, the other person can “complete” you so to speak.

When your moon is in the seventh house, your moon sign characteristics become more relegated to the backseat of your awareness. People with this placement are more aware of other people’s feelings and emotions than their own. However, you are subconsciously drawn to those disowned lunar characteristics and are able to integrate them into their own personality through marriage and other forms of union with people who openly exhibit those qualities.

The people you are attracted to will typically display positive aspects of your psyche that you haven’t quite developed yet. This is basically tantamount to what Swiss psychologist Carl Jung described as the shadow. The shadow is the part of our psyche that we distance ourselves from and relegate to the back heap of our consciousness. Either out of shame or disgust. However they can hold a morbid fascination to us when embodied in other people who carry them well.

Moon in 7th House Transit

When the moon transits your 7th house you will likely crave a greater degree of emotional intimacy and closeness with your partner in romance. In your platonic partnerships such as in business, the desire to foster trust and conciliation is of greater concern to you during this time. You may be more sensitive to the opinions and feelings of others and others may feel a greater sense of trust and camaraderie with you. You are very receptive and provide a sympathetic ear to other people who need to vent and express themselves.

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You may also feel a greater need for affirmation and consent from the people whose opinions you value. When making decisions, you are very inclusive and collaborative with others. New relationships are bound to be formed and the bonds of your otherwise existing relationships will likely get strengthened in one way or another. You may also feel more clingy and codependent when the moon transits the 7th house. Your sense of independence and self-reliance can be undermined by an excessive need for reassurance from others.

Additionally, while the Moon is transiting the 7th house, you may feel a greater urge to nurture and pamper your loved ones. Doing nice things for them and catering to their needs gives you a lot of satisfaction. However, your moods may be somewhat capricious and it can be very easy for you to get your feelings hurt from any perceived slight or sign of rejection by your partner.

Also during this Transit, joint ventures of all sorts may be on your mind. At this time you may be more focused on being tactful in your relationships and how to build more partnerships to achieve a common goal, or one of your own. You are focused on win-win scenarios and are not so self-centered in the scope of your objectives. There is a stronger sense of empathy in your dealings with others and you’re not just simply focused on your own agenda.

You seek to be fair and balanced in your dealings with people and may be particularly disapproving of people you perceive as being selfish and inconsiderate of other people. Romantically, you may feel a strong connection with someone who exhibits characteristics that are starkly unlike your outward persona. You may be subconsciously drawn to someone who is in many ways your opposite but actually embodies the qualities that you subconsciously disassociate from yourself. At this time you can be something of a people pleaser and behave more codependent than usual.

You may become addicted to the complements and affirmations you receive from others who appreciate and adore you. You crave nurturing and displays of affection from others but just be careful not to let it go to your head and become something that you are over-reliant upon. Yourself independence is something that should be preserved and maintained no matter how much coddling and support you feel you have from others.

Moon in 7th House Celebrities

Marilyn Monroe – Moon in the 7th House, Leo Ascendant
Steve Jobs – Moon in the 7th House, Virgo Ascendant
Nicolas Sarkozy – Moon in the 7th House, Virgo Ascendant
Monica Bellucci – Moon in the 7th House, Capricorn Ascendant
David Bowie – Moon in the 7th House, Aquarius Ascendant
Amy Winehouse – Moon in the 7th House, Gemini Ascendant
Megan Fox – Moon in the 7th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Jennifer Lawrence – Moon in the 7th House, Sagittarius Ascendant
Zayn Malik – Moon in the 7th House, Pisces Ascendant
Joaquin Phoenix – Moon in the 7th House, Virgo Ascendant
Jared Leto – Moon in the 7th House, Libra Ascendant
Benedict Cumberbatch – Moon in the 7th House, Libra Ascendant
Elizabeth II – Moon in the 7th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Jimi Hendrix – Moon in the 7th House, Sagittarius Ascendant
Gwen Stefani – Moon in the 7th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Alain Delon – Moon in the 7th House, Libra Ascendant
James Dean – Moon in the 7th House, Aries Ascendant
J. K. Rowling – Moon in the 7th House, Aquarius Ascendant
Abbé Pierre – Moon in the 7th House, Libra Ascendant
Catherine Deneuve – Moon in the 7th House, Capricorn Ascendant
Snoop Dogg – Moon in the 7th House, Taurus Ascendant
Jessica Biel – Moon in the 7th House, Sagittarius Ascendant

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