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Moon in Aries

MOON IN ARIES personality


If your moon sign is Aries, your habits, unconscious reactions and subjective experience will resemble the qualities of Aries. Moon in Aries people are imaginative, lively, impulsive and incorrigible. They react quickly and tend to act on their instincts without much delay or deliberation. They display periods of enthusiasm during which they are driven by sudden impulses and whims. The sensitivity of Aries moon lives on thrills that they want to experience in the instant until they’ve petered themselves out.

The positive aspects of moon in Aries includes high energy, optimism and openness to change. On the negative side they can also be impulsive, domineering, vain and impatient. In the sign of Aries the moon and its emotional energy can appear high strung, nervous and very spontaneous. Unless the sun is in a water sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, they’re not likely to hold grudges for very long. Their energy is often the life of the party and they sparkle in social settings. Aries moon impulsively goes after what it wants be it love, success or attention. If the Sun is in an air sign like Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, then an Aries moon will certainly fuel the furnace of inspiration and stimulate plenty of actionable ideas that they will be equally motivated to materialize.

Their spontaneity also comes with some instability. Abrupt mood swings and whimsical behaviors are the dangers to which their excitability exposes them . Moon in Aries men and women will often show demeanors full of contrasts, especially in intimate life. They despise restrictions and insist on doing things their way with as little interference as possible. Aries moon is driven by a love of the chase and a need for stimulating experiences and activities.

Those who have their moon in Aries are emotionally impulsive and inclined to satisfy their desire for instant gratification. The emotions are highly reactive and of a bellicose nature. Aries moon people have a strong response to conflict, crisis and sexual stimulus. There is a lack of introspection and reflection upon one’s own emotions and consequently, less occasion for depression and self pity. The Aries moon male or female doesn’t dwell very long on sadness and displays a remarkable ability to rebound and recover from the failures and disappointments that befall them. Aries moon feels optimistic about their future and their ability to shape it to their liking.

As mentioned earlier, moon in Aries is highly reactive and tends to form strong opinions in response to everything it encounters. Impressions are formed instantly without much second thought or doubt as to their accuracy. It is often high strung and sometimes irascible. The temperament tends to be sanguine but easily becomes choleric when frustrated. They are excitable and become energized when overtaken with inspiration. Aries moon can be testy especially when they are questioned or contradicted by others. They are not inclined to suffer a fool and patience is not one of their virtues.

Aries moon is plugged into the moment and is actively engaged with the world in terms of what they are trying to get out of it at any given moment. When faced with a challenge or in the midst of danger, Moon in Aries people are the emboldened to act heroically. They display courage fueled by the adrenaline rush and excitement they feel at the opportunity to show their stuff. The emotions are highly reactive to attacks on their ego. Aries moon people can quickly get into fighting mode when they feel disrespected or threatened in any way.


Aries moon is susceptible to jealousy and cruelty when scorned and spited. They are not inclined to hold on to grudges consciously may harbor residual resentments that affect their relations with others. The positive character of Aries moon bestows charm, vivaciousness and self confidence. Individuals with this moon sign can be very talkative and portray themselves as very knowledgeable and well versed on many things. They are energetic and enthusiastic, but their enthusiasm tends to burn out during the long haul and they can often lose interest in projects or tasks before they are completed.

By the same token, they are better able at letting bygones be bygones and cutting ties with the past. Where one door closes, another one opens, or at least that’s what Aries moon expects will happen. They are wired to keep things moving because there is almost no shortage of ideas and impulses for them to follow and explore. They are straight forward in pursuing what their heart is set on and they tend to express their desires in an unapologetically frank way. Moon in Aries individuals are also spontaneous and disposed to random bursts of inspiration that they want to act on immediately.

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Dante Alighieri, Leonard Bernstein, Marlon Brando, Robert Browning, Al Capone, Salvador Dali, Bobby Fischer, Bill Gates, Henry the VIII, Whitney Houston, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Maximilian Robespierre, Mark Twain, Stevie Wonder,


Aggression and restless energy is in the air when the moon transits through the sign of Aries. There is a heightened desire for change and there is suddenly some extra energy available for initiating new projects or tackling tasks that have been put off for too long. With the moon in Aries we become more motivated to get the ball rolling and push through some of the obstacles standing in our way. This may include cleaning up and getting rid of junk that we don’t need and has only been slowing us down. Now is a good time to turn the page and start a new chapter in our lives and also take a little risk. The influence of Aries puts us in an optimistic mood to create some momentum and cover a lot of ground towards the furtherment of our self interests.

During this period, we become more primed and emotionally prepared for conflict. We assert our desires more directly and go about making things happen more forcefully. Display more confidence in taking decisive action. Moon in Aries can also increase the likelihood of clashes with others due to a lower willingness to compromise and negotiate. Moon in Aries reacts aggressively and is inclined towards impatience and using a forceful and direct style of expression. Aries moon stimulates competition and the need to assert oneself strongly in order to feel secure emotionally. There’s a desire to make a fresh start and dispense with the old and be more open to new and exciting experiences.


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