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Mars in the 12th House – Dream Chaser

mars in the 12th house


March 12th fosters passion and energy within the realm of spiritual matters and private life. In astrology, the planet Mars symbolizes passion, energy, aggression and willpower. When Mars sits in the 12th house, it highlights a capacity to hold strong spiritual beliefs and subjective perceptions. The 12th house is ruled by Pisces and governs self-undoing, private affairs, fantasy, spiritual studies, and the end of Cycles. Here, the planetary energy of Mars serves to embolden and energize the affairs and functions of the 12th house. Additionally, whichever astrology sign happens to occupy this house, Mars will fortify with more boldness, and strength with which it is expressed. Here’s a breakdown of the planet Mars in the 12th house in both the natal chart and as a Transit.


Mars in the 12th house fosters passion that may be hidden from others view. People may not realize or recognize how passionate you are or what you are passionate about. With this placement, it is likely that you conceal much of this and channel it inwards in the realm of spirituality and self-development. You seek to empower yourself and grow and develop your insight through spiritual studies. You draw strength and inspiration from self-affirming mantras and positive reinforcement. You follow a unique and original path of self-enlightenment. You are deeply inquisitive and eager to uncover the universe’s secrets. People with Mars in house 12 are likely to be very open-minded and willing to experiment with anything that can benefit them including mind-altering psychedelic substances and unconventional/homeopathic therapies. With Mars in the 12th house there is an emphasis on unfettered freedom over one’s personal beliefs and practices.

For people with Mars in the 12th house, when items get lost, they display great determination and drive to recover them or get to the bottom of what happened. They do not get easily discouraged and fearful when things unravel or fail to go as planned. They maintain a certain spiritual strength and personal conviction that carries them through trying times. Mars in house 12 also suggests a certain spiritual strong-mindedness with intense convictions and beliefs. People with this placement may also have keen insights and intuitions that are beyond explanation. They are driven to master their spiritual side and become a source of light for both themselves and others. They enjoy absorbing and sharing powerful insights and discussing the deeper meanings of life. At the same time, they are likely to be fiercely protective of their secrets and exercise tight control over what they allow others to know about them. With Mars in house 12 there may be a lot of intrigue and mystery in the manner with which they operate.

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Mars in the 12th house may also suggest someone who is an impassioned dreamer and someone with an intense vision of what they want and desire. Individuals with this placement in their natal charts are bound to possess a vivid and imaginative inner world that will often spill over into the real world. Their minds are abuzz with ideals and scenarios and fantasies that can be channeled into creative work such writing, art and drama. There is an element of combat and aggression that colors their fantasies and conceptions. They may be inclined to harbor revenge fantasies or envision themselves in heroic situations that only happen in the movies. Mars in the 12th house energizes and lights a fire of inspiration in their psyche and compels these individuals to either act them out explicitly or sublimate it through the art they create or work they do in general. They aspire to greatness in some form or another and could conceivably become very compelling and influential spiritual leaders and gurus.

With Mars in the 12th house, the form of karma that these individuals create for themselves is likely to be both tremendously good or bad. People with Mars in the 12th house can often cause their own undoing through foolish and short-sighted behaviors. They can get caught up with their own perspectives which can often be incomplete and negligent of important and relevant considerations. They tend to see things exactly as they choose to see it and can be in stubborn denial about the truth when it invalidates their conceptions. People with Mars in the 12th house can be masters of fabrication but also victims of their delusions. Overestimating themselves can be a problem as well as a tendency to underestimate others especially opponents. They may have to learn some hard lessons and get burned a few times before they start adjusting their perspective and orienting themselves more accurately with reality.


When Mars transits the 12th house, you can expect accidents and trips to the hospital as well as some mental breakdowns. Mars can precipitate or exacerbate troubling situations often of our own making. At this time, Mars may be compelling you to lash out or commit some foolish action that you will surely regret. The martial energy of Mars can cause us to grossly overestimate ourselves and bite off more than we can actually chew. Setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure due to impulsive and ill-thought out actions is more likely than usual under this transit. Additionally Mars in the 12th house transit may bring about items getting lost as a result of conflict or confrontation. Our passions may turn aggressive and we may feel threatened or attacked by others trying to invade our secrets and private lives. On the positive side, we may feel spiritually inspired and strong in our beliefs however unrealistic or unfounded they may be.


Donald Trump – Born: June 14, 1946
In: Jamaica, Queens, New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 22°56′ Gemini AS: 29°58′ Leo
Moon: 21°12′ Sagittarius MC: 24°22′ Taurus
Mars in 12th house in Leo

Nicole Kidman – Born: June 20, 1967
In: Honolulu (HI) (United States)
Sun: 29°00′ Gemini AS: 6°22′ Scorpio
Moon: 13°43′ Sagittarius MC: 7°04′ Leo
Mars in 12th house in Libra

Britney Spears – Born: December 2, 1981
In: McComb (MS) (United States)
Sun: 10°02′ Sagittarius AS: 2°41′ Libra
Moon: 12°23′ Aquarius MC: 2°51′ Cancer
Mars in 12th house in Virgo

Kim Kardashian – Born: October 21, 1980
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 28°29′ Libra AS: 13°44′ Sagittarius
Moon: 28°09′ Pisces MC: 28°27′ Virgo
Mars in 12th house in Sagittarius

Heath Ledger – Born: April 4, 1979
In: Perth (Australia)
Sun: 13°34′ Aries AS: 12°52′ Aries
Moon: 8°15′ Cancer MC: 13°50′ Capricorn
Mars in 12th house in Pisces

David Bowie – Born: January 8, 1947
In: Brixton, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 17°15′ Capricorn AS: 3°25′ Aquarius
Moon: 3°50′ Leo MC: 3°58′ Sagittarius
Mars in 12th house in Capricorn

Sophie Marceau – Born: November 17, 1966
In: Paris 15e (France)
Sun: 24°15′ Scorpio AS: 23°03′ Virgo
Moon: 20°43′ Capricorn MC: 21°15′ Gemini
Mars in 12th house in Virgo

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Born: July 30, 1947
In: Graz (Austria)
Sun: 6°05′ Leo AS: 19°07′ Cancer
Moon: 3°31′ Capricorn MC: 24°22′ Pisces
Mars in 12th house in Gemini

Mick Jagger – Born: July 26, 1943
In: Dartford (United Kingdom)
Sun: 2°10′ Leo AS: 13°06′ Gemini
Moon: 23°58′ Taurus MC: 8°09′ Aquarius
Mars in 12th house in Taurus

Gwen Stefani – Born: October 3, 1969
In: Fullerton (CA) (United States)
Sun: 10°28′ Libra AS: 14°13′ Capricorn
Moon: 15°03′ Cancer MC: 3°58′ Scorpio
Mars in 12th house in Capricorn

Pablo Picasso – Born: October 25, 1881
In: Malaga (Spain)
Sun: 2°43′ Scorpio AS: 5°38′ Leo
Moon: 8°13′ Sagittarius MC: 25°05′ Aries
Mars in 12th house in Cancer

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Jude Law – Born: December 29, 1972
In: Lewisham, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 7°38′ Capricorn AS: 9°15′ Sagittarius
Moon: 27°55′ Libra MC: 8°28′ Libra
Mars in 12th house in Scorpio

Victoria Beckham – Born: April 17, 1974
In: Harlow (United Kingdom)
Sun: 26°59′ Aries AS: 13°07′ Cancer
Moon: 27°09′ Aquarius MC: 10°30′ Pisces
Mars in 12th house in Gemini

Nicole Scherzinger – Born: June 29, 1978
In: Honolulu (Hawaii) (United States)
Sun: 7°45′ Cancer AS: 16°59′ Virgo
Moon: 6°08′ Taurus MC: 17°08′ Gemini
Mars in 12th house in Virgo

Milla Jovovich – Born: December 17, 1975
In: Kiev (Ukraine)
Sun: 25°01′ Sagittarius AS: 1°23′ Cancer
Moon: 12°47′ Gemini MC: 27°40′ Aquarius
Mars in 12th house in Gemini

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