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Mars in Gemini: Meaning & Personality Traits

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Mars in Gemini Personality

In the sign of Gemini, Mars expresses its energy and force of nature through channels of communication and intellect. Individuals who have this Mars position are forceful in their intellectual pursuits. They possess strong ideas and opinions and they are compelled to express and explore them through scientific and dialectical means. Furthermore, individuals with Mars n Gemini may take pleasure in passionate debates and intellectual discourse.

They are motivated to fight the war of ideas and champion the views they support and promote. This quality can draw them to a life in politics or high level positions within academia. Furthermore, they are driven to learn and absorb knowledge for whatever purpose they design. They love to learn and are keen to harness knowledge and information to achieve their purpose. For these individuals, knowledge is definitely power that can be wielded to affect their agenda and goals.

These individuals tend to possess a lot of mental energy. The strength of their ideas can motivate them to indulge in a great many endeavors and enterprises. They are idea machines with an intellectual interest in how to accomplish and affect the world. What they choose to explore is largely informed by its intellectual content and substance. They are passionate about anything that stimulates them on a more mental level.

What they desire on a deeper level is to acquire power and influence on an academic plane. They love to engage with others in invigorating intellectual discourse. At the same level, they can be prone to argumentation and complaints about whatever they are dissatisfied or displeased with. For them, The power of words is very salient. They do not take lightly insults and defamation by others against their character and integrity. Individuals who have this Mars placement are also likely to be somewhat quarrelsome especially with their peers and siblings.

With Mars in the sign of gemini, ideas and information are what energizes these individuals. They are excited by new information that empowers them and can be utilized to affect their goals and agenda. At the same time they can be easily angered by anything they regard as stupid or ignorant. They can be highly argumentative with those who hold opposing views to them. Because of the passion and conviction behind their beliefs and convictions, they can be compelled to embark on rather ambitious crusades to spread their views.

They are highly motivated to win the war of ideas and they take special delight in the opportunity to engage in riveting and contentious disputes surrounding ideologies and principles. Furthermore they have a capacity for weaponizing words to decapacitate and break down their enemies. They’re driven to champion original ideas that may often stand in stark contrast to the conventional wisdom and values espoused by society.

In the midst of conflict, Mars and Gemini individuals are inclined to fight with their words rather than through physical action. They can be quite temperamental and suddenly flip in an instant without warning in response to provocative circumstances. They however are very strong in their capacity for communicating what they think and how they feel. They are able to articulate the nuance of their motivations and thought process.

If nothing else, this can allow others to at least understand where they stand on any given issue. At best people with this placement have a capacity to leverage language and verbal expression for the purpose of rallying support around their cause and objectives. These individuals can be very compelling speakers and communicators who are able to win people over in support of their cause and goals. They are passionate about effective communication and are able to cultivate a high degree of capability in the area of information technology and elocution.

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Mars in Gemini in Relationships

For individuals with Mars in Gemini, the power of speech holds great importance in their ability to attract and manage relationships with others. These individuals are very vociferous and compelled to speak their minds sometimes to the point of being overly blunt and insensitive. They however are very communicative and concise in their use of language. Partners and romantic mates may appreciate the candid and forthright nature of their viewpoints and perspectives.

There is a general sense of honesty and openness with how they express themselves. They seem to be courageous in their ability to say things that other people might be too timid to utter. Speaking truth to power is their specialty. They are driven to promote whatever ideals and perspectives that they are inclined to believe. They are motivated to be forceful proponents of ideas that inspire and energize them.

With Mars in Gemini, for you, action is an on-going movement. Your decisions are quick and usually well adapted to the situation. There is an element of unpredictability in your behaviors. When you have an idea, you must implement it straight away. Language is your favorite weapon and talks are your principal means of action. They are followed by hypothetical experiments: you do not hesitate “to do, just to see” and to respond to the whims of your curiosity. You react very quickly to any stimulation. However, you may lack tenacity and you don’t see it useful to focus on a hurdle. You prefer to look for another solution and to try a new approach. In any case, no one can blame you for your stubbornness.Astrotheme

Mars in Gemini Man

Males who have Mars in Gemini in their charts are very communicative and outspoken individuals. They tend to fight their battles with words rather than physical action. Furthermore, they have a strong sense of conviction behind what they believe and support. They are willing to fight for causes surrounding ideologies and principles they regard as important and meaningful. The Mars in Gemini man is someone who may harbor a wide variety of interests and passions.

They may have a knack for speaking in an extemporaneous manner. Their stream of thought tends to be very dynamic and creative. People appreciate them for the spark of wit and verbosity that they display. Furthermore, these individuals are likely to be very bold in their interest in the affairs and activities within their local environment. They seek to engage with their surroundings in a very proactive and compelling way. They pride themselves on their capacity for handling people and using language in a very persuasive manner.

Mars in Gemini Woman

Females who have Mars in Gemini are highly motivated to expand their intellectual horizons through education and skill development. They are likely to be very bright or otherwise driven to cultivate intellectual prowess. They tend to display a certain precociousness and perhaps arrogance during their younger years. They can display a lot of useful aplomb that can sometimes earn them the reputation of being a wise acre or smart alec.

Nevertheless, they are confident communicators who enjoy engaging with all types of people. They tend to be very bold in the proposal of ideas and ideologies for which they feel strongly about. They can be very progressive and forward thinking in their ideals. Ultimately they are driven to prove other people wrong with respect to what they can accomplish on an intellectual plane. They can be very competitive amongst their siblings and driven to outdo them through mental achievements and social tokens of achievement.

Mars in Gemini Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mars is in Gemini? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mars occupies the sign of Gemini from 1947 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mars Sign is Gemini.

YearTransit Period Planet Position
1947Jun 30 – Aug 12Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1949Jun 9 – Jul 22Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1951May 21 – Jul 2Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1953May 1 – Jun 12Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1955Apr 10 – May 24Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1957Mar 17 – May 3Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1958Sep 21 – Oct 27Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1959Feb 10 – Apr 9Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1960Aug 1 – Sep 19Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1961Feb 4 – Mar 6Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1962Jul 8 – Aug 21Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1964Jun 17 – Jul 29Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1966May 28 – Jul 9Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1968May 8 – Jun 20Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1970Apr 18 – Jun 1 Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1972Mar 26 – May 11Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1974Feb 27 – Apr 19Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1975Aug 14 – Oct 16 / Nov 24 – Mar 17 (‘76)Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1976Jan 1 – Mar 17Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1977Jul 17 – Aug 30 Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1979Jun 25 – Aug 7 Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1981Jun 5 – Jul 17Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1983May 16 – Jun 28Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1985Apr 26 – Jun 8Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1987Apr 5 – May 19Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1989Mar 11 – Apr 27Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1990Aug 31 – Dec 13Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1991Jan 20 – Apr 1Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1992Jul 26 – Sep 11Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1994Jul 3 – Aug 15 Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1996Jun 12 – Jul 24Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
1998May 23 – Jul 5Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2000May 3 – Jun 15Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2002Apr 13 – May 27Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2004Mar 21 – May 6Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2006Feb 17 – Apr 12Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2007Aug 7 – Sep 27 / Dec 31 – Mar 3 (‘08)Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2008Jan 1 – Mar 3 Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2009Jul 11 – Aug 24Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2011Jun 20 – Aug 2Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2013May 31 – Jul 12Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2015May 11 – Jun 23Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2017Apr 21 – Jun 3Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2019Mar 31 – May 14Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2021Mar 3 – Apr 22Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2022Aug 20 – Mar 24 (‘23)Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2023Jan 1 – Mar 24Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2024Jul 20 – Sep 3Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2026Jun 28 – Aug 10 Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2028Jun 7 – Jul 19Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2030May 19 – Jun 30Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
2032Apr 28 – Jun 10Mars ♂ in Gemini ♊
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Mars in Gemini Celebrities

  • Martin Luther King – Born: Tuesday, January 15, 1929
  • Chris Evans (actor) – Born: Saturday, June 13, 1981
  • Natalie Portman – Born: Tuesday, June 9, 1981
  • Uma Thurman – Born: Wednesday, April 29, 1970
  • Marion Cotillard – Born: Tuesday, September 30, 1975
  • Jim Morrison – Born: Wednesday, December 8, 1943
  • Al Pacino – Born: Thursday, April 25, 1940
  • Demi Lovato – Born: Thursday, August 20, 1992
  • Sandra Bullock – Born: Sunday, July 26, 1964
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Born: Wednesday, July 30, 1947
  • Meryl Streep – Born: Wednesday, June 22, 1949
  • Kate Winslet – Born: Sunday, October 5, 1975
  • José Bové – Born: Thursday, June 11, 1953
  • Victoria Beckham – Born: Wednesday, April 17, 1974
  • Naomi Campbell – Born: Friday, May 22, 1970
  • Melania Trump – Born: Sunday, April 26, 1970
  • Courtney Love – Born: Thursday, July 9, 1964
  • Adriana Lima – Born: Friday, June 12, 1981
  • Sean Connery – Born: Monday, August 25, 1930
  • Mike Tyson – Born: Thursday, June 30, 1966
  • Catherine Deneuve – Born: Friday, October 22, 1943
  • Françoise Hardy – Born: Monday, January 17, 1944
  • Kylie Minogue – Born: Tuesday, May 28, 1968

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