mars in the 12th house

Mars in the 12th House – Dream Chaser

MARS IN HOUSE TWELVE March 12th fosters passion and energy within the realm of spiritual matters and private life. In astrology, the planet Mars symbolizes passion, energy, aggression and willpower. When Mars sits in the 12th house, it highlights a capacity to hold strong spiritual beliefs and subjective perceptions. The 12th house is ruled by…
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mars in the 11th house

Mars in the 11th House – Leader of the Pack

MARS IN HOUSE ELEVEN Mars in 11th house fosters passion and energy in the realm of social relationships, friendships, and community. In astrology, Mars symbolizes passion, energy, and drive. When Mars enters or inhabits the 11th house, it promotes more enthusiasm and energy directed into social circles, interpersonal connections and networks. The 11th house is…
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mars in the 10th house

Mars in the 10th House – Boss Energy

MARS IN HOUSE TEN Mars in the 10th house confers power and enthusiasm in the area of career and public Image. In astrology, the planet Mars represents passion, enthusiasm energy and courage. When Mars resides or passes through the 10th house, it brings about greater energy and ambitious drive directed towards ones own professional advancement…
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mars in the 8th house

Mars in the 8th House – Survival Instinct & Powerful Libido

MARS IN HOUSE EIGHT Mars in the 8th house manifests a strong and forceful nature with a desire to control and possess. In astrology, Mars represents boldness, energy, passion and aggression. When Mars occupies the 8th house, it suggests an individual who is formidable in the strength of their drive and desire for control. The…
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mars in the 7th house

Mars in the 7th House – Passionate Partner

Mars in the 7th house encompasses a passionate nature in the realm of relationships and relations with others. In astrology, the planet Mars signifies passion, energy, drive and will power. When Mars occupies the 7th house, it suggests an individual who directs a lot of passion and energy into their romantic partnerships. The 7th house…
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mars in the 4th house

Mars in the 4th House – Passionate Defender

MARS IN HOUSE FOUR Mars in the 4th house cultivates strong protective instincts and passion surrounding homelife and the domestic side of our existence. In astrology, the planet Mars embodies passion, energy, forcefulness, and aggression. When Mars occupies or passes through the 4th house, it promotes a more active interest in protecting and defending the…
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mars in the 3rd

Mars in the 3rd House – Impassioned Communicator

MARS IN HOUSE THREE Mars in the 3rd house confers a forceful and pugnacious style of communication and plenty of mental energy and forthright self-expression. In astrology, the planet Mars symbolizes energy, passion, aggression, and fighting spirit. When Mars occupies are transits the third house, it brings about more assertiveness in the area of communication…
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