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Mars in Libra: Meaning & Personality Traits

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Mars in Libra Personality

The sign of Libra is a detrimental position for Mars. In this placement, Mars is weakened and unable to express its energy in a full or robust manner. Thus, Mars in Libra can indicate a discomfort with conflict and aggression. These individuals may feel somewhat blocked or obstructed in their ability to voice their anger for fear of alienating others. They avoid pursuing desires that might cause others to dislike or hate them.

Additionally, they are cognizant of what people might think in response to their actions and this can largely inhibit them from being more bold and forthright. They may have a tendency to avoid addressing problems up front or try to minimize their significance. All too often, they may subordinate their self interests for the sake of others. A lot of their anger or discontentment can get bottled up inside because of this and ultimately poison their spirit with bitterness, resentment and self loathing.

People with Mars in Libra often choose instead to direct their martial energy and force of will towards more selfless purposes. They may display a passion for people and relationships and are driven to cultivate and harness an understanding of people that empowers them socially. There is a knack for quickly sizing up social situations and how to gain leverage or the upper hand in their interactions with others. Although they are generally not outwardly aggressive, they may instead display a more passive aggression.

They can be very effective at cutting people down with indirect and sarcastic insults. Under this placement, these individuals may express their dynamism in more charming and approachable forms. They are motivated to introduce themselves and strike up new friendships and acquaintances. Unless this configuration is placed in the 4th house, these individuals are not likely to suffer from shyness or social fear. At times, they can sometimes come across too eager and desperate for approval or validation and inadvertently drive away others.

Nevertheless, this placement can indicate a special way with people that can inspire and motivate. These individuals cultivate an understanding of what buttons to push and levers to pull in order to get the reaction and response they are looking for. They are enthusiastic collaborators who enjoy playing an active role within a team. Violence and conflict are largely an anathema to them and something they are motivated to avoid or control.

They believe in the use of force only to preserve peace and harmony. Sometimes it takes aggressive action in order to restore proper balance. Among the things that can perturb or annoy them is rude and inconsiderate behavior. Aggressively rude or disrespectful people can arouse their ire and fury. Whether they express this emotion is another matter. More often they will only vent about it to someone after the fact. Because they tend to suppress a lot of their frustration for the sake of keeping the peace, they will often have a lot of stuff that they secretly want to gripe about.

When it comes to competition, Mars in Libra men and women are more restrained. They tend to focus more on the quality of experience for all rather than the object of besting others and crushing the opposition. The tactics they employ however, are inclined to emphasize psychological manipulation and using the momentum of others against them. They are keen on competing within the context of a team rather than going rogue.

Additionally, people with this placement are compelled to diffuse and de-escalate conflict rather than engage. When they must engage, they do so with a reluctant heart. Their passion is directed towards the unification or facilitation of unity among others. They like to see people working together around a goal for which they are mutually passionate about. They become more bold when they know they have the support and backing of people around them. Without such support, they can be rather tentative about rocking the boat.

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Mars in Libra in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, Mars in Libra indicates a desire to share one’s passions in a very collaborative way. These individuals are willing to compromise and set aside a lot of their own desires in favor of what the other person wants. People with this placement can feel a bit conflicted with the urge to preserve the peace and keep their partners happy while also having their own needs met. They may find themselves compromising too often at their own expense.

There is an ideal balance of give and take that they may struggle to find in their relationships. Additionally, these individuals can often seek romance with an element of danger. For them, a little bit of fighting can often draw them closer to their partners in a roundabout way. Some of their aggression and frustration can find a satisfying release through physical intimacy. Moreover, they may find it rather easy to initiate relationships and may often have multiple romantic options at any given time.

With Mars in Libra, you are enthusiastic when the situation favors exchanges and dialogues. Your affectivity responds to contacts with other people and with the unknown. You show your excited nature at each new encounter. You strive to reconcile opposite viewpoints more than to emphasize divergences. However, you do not confuse the interests at stake: what is white is not black…

You may have an innate talent for difficult negotiations, and you may play the role of natural mediator in contentious situations. Your strength lies in your ability to handle conflicts and to harmonize antagonistic positions. All situations offer several alternatives, all problems have several solutions. Your matching skills may make you appear as a person who is more sociable than you really are. When necessary, you can be curt. For you, action means intense relationship, connection, sympathy with the external world and establishing a life frame that is based on harmony and respectful of differences.Astrotheme

Mars in Libra Man

Men who have Mars in Libra are bound to be characterized as chivalrous and something of a prince charming. They are very willing to subjugate their machismo in favor of a more genteel approach. They are passionate about people, especially those who are romantic relationship material. The Mars in libra male sometimes bites off more than can be chewed when it comes to the relational entanglements he gets himself into. When he sees someone he likes, he throws all his charms on the table in an effort to woo and impress the object of his desire.

They love romance and intimate partnership. There is a passion for connecting with people and these individuals are driven to be well-liked and appreciated by others. They however, can sometimes trip over themselves in an effort to ingratiate themselves or engender the goodwill and favor from others. Moreover, they show a lot of initiative when it comes to stepping in to help someone or extend a nice or humane gesture. Their taste in fashion can be bold but tasteful and they are keen to accentuate their best features so as to increase their desirability to others.

Mars in Libra Woman

Women who have Mars in Libra can be fierce fashionistas and social butterflies. They are compelled to initiate activities and endeavors that are social in nature. They are fond of romance and are passionate about their relationships. They straddle a fine balance of femininity and assertiveness. They are not shrinking violets but are often able to get people to agree or cooperate with them without using blunt force or aggression. They are strong willed but are often able to utilize charm and appeal to get what they want.

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A Mars in Libra female often appreciates the beauty of strength with a focus on good proportions. They do not like to go overboard with anything and often prefer a more moderate and middle ground approach. Their energies and passions are delimited by a sense of poise and refinement. They can be outspoken in voicing their perspective on matters of social significance. They can be staunch advocates for what they deem to be fair and just. Miscarriages of justice and unethical violations of the public trust are among the things that can arouse their ire and indignation.

Mars in Libra Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mars is in Libra? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mars occupies the sign of Libra from 1948 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mars Sign is Libra.

Year Planet Sign Transit Period
1948 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jul 17 – Sep 2
1949 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Dec 26 – Mar 27 (‘50)
1950 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jun 11 – Aug 9
1951 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 24 – Jan 18 (‘52)
1953 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 1 – Dec 19
1955 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 13 – Nov 27
1957 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 23 – Nov 7
1959 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 5 – Oct 20
1961 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Aug 16 – Sep 30
1963 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jul 26 – Sep 11
1965 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jun 28 – Aug 19
1966 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Dec 3 – Feb 11 (‘67)
1967 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jan 1 – Feb 11 / Mar 31 – Jul 18
1968 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 9 – Dec 28
1970 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 20 – Dec 5
1972 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 30 – Nov 14
1974 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 12 – Oct 27
1976 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Aug 24 – Oct 7
1978 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Aug 4 – Sep 18
1980 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jul 10 – Aug 28
1981 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Dec 15 – Aug 2 (‘82)
1982 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jan 1 – Aug 2
1983 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 18 – Jan 9 (‘84)
1985 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 27 – Dec 13
1989 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 19 – Nov 3
1991 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 1 – Oct 15
1993 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Aug 11 – Sep 25
1995 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jul 21 – Sep 6
1997 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jan 3 – Mar 7
1998 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 27 – Jan 25 (‘99)
1999 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ May 5 – Jul 3
2000 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 3 – Dec 22
2002 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 15 – Nov 31
2004 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 26 – Nov 10
2006 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 7 – Oct 22
2008 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Aug 19 – Oct 2 
2010 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jul 29 – Sep 13
2012 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jul 3 – Aug 22
2013 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Dec 7 – Jul 24 (‘14)
2014 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jan 1 – Jul 24
2015 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 12 – Jan 2 (‘16)
2017 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 22 – Dec 8
2019 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 3 – Nov 18
2021 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 14 – Oct 29
2023 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Aug 27 – Oct 10
2025 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Aug 6 – Sep 21
2027 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jul 15 – Aug 31
2028 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Dec 21 – Apr 6 (‘29)
2029 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Jan 1 – Apr 6
2030 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Nov 21 – Jan 14
2032 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 29 – Dec 16
2034 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Oct 10 – Nov 25
2036 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 21 – Nov 5
2038 Mars ♂ Libra ♎ Sep 3 – Oct 17
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Mars in Libra Celebrities

  • Nicole Kidman – Born: Tuesday, June 20, 1967
  • Bill Gates – Born: Friday, October 28, 1955
  • Eminem – Born: Tuesday, October 17, 1972
  • Freddie Mercury – Born: Thursday, September 5, 1946
  • Elvis Presley – Born: Tuesday, January 8, 1935
  • Kylie Jenner – Born: Sunday, August 10, 1997
  • John Lennon – Born: Wednesday, October 9, 1940
  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge – Born: Monday, June 21, 1982
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – Born: Saturday, January 9, 1982
  • Whitney Houston – Born: Friday, August 9, 1963
  • Pamela Anderson – Born: Saturday, July 1, 1967
  • 14th Dalai Lama – Born: Saturday, July 6, 1935
  • Nikola Tesla – Born: Thursday, July 10, 1856
  • Zac Efron – Born: Sunday, October 18, 1987
  • Bill Clinton – Born: Monday, August 19, 1946
  • Niall Horan – Born: Monday, September 13, 1993
  • Soeur Emmanuelle – Born: Monday, November 16, 1908
  • Sigmund Freud – Born: Tuesday, May 6, 1856
  • Gisele Bündchen – Born: Sunday, July 20, 1980
  • Emmanuelle Béart – Born: Wednesday, August 14, 1963
  • J. K. Rowling – Born: Saturday, July 31, 1965
  • Nelson Mandela – Born: Thursday, July 18, 1918

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