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Mars in the 10th House – Boss Energy

mars in the 10th house


Mars in the 10th house confers power and enthusiasm in the area of career and public Image. In astrology, the planet Mars represents passion, enthusiasm energy and courage. When Mars resides or passes through the 10th house, it brings about greater energy and ambitious drive directed towards ones own professional advancement and reputation. The 10th house is ruled by Capricorn and governs career, reputation, rules and laws, public Image, bosses and governments. The 10th house is strengthened by the martial influence of Mars. Here, the energy of Mars operates as an amplifier of the passion and desire to succeed within the scope of the 10th house. Furthermore, whichever astrology sign occupies this house, Mars will increase the boldness of its expression. Here is a breakdown of the planet Mars in the 10th house in both the natal chart and as a Transit.


Those who have Mars in the 10th house of their natal chart are found to be very driven in the area of career and vocation. They have the will to “make it” in life and the passion and verve with which they invest themselves can invariably serve them well. They display great determination and passion in their desire to achieve. They derive a lot of their self-confidence from what they are able to accomplish and also what profession they have. They know how to make things happen and get things done. The amount of determination they wield can whether most obstacles. Men and women with their Mars in the 10th house are likely to be drawn towards careers and professions that allow them to move around and be kinetic. They like to make decisions quickly and can make good leaders who display courage and directness. In the 10th house, Mars is well received as Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, the 10th house’s natural ruler. Professional success is generally aided by the strength of character and boldness that Mars imbues.

Men and women with their Mars in the 10th house are likely to cultivate a reputation as someone who is intense and sometimes difficult to work with. In the grips of their ambition, these individuals can be exceedingly ruthless and sometimes Machiavellian. They want to be respected, credited and appreciated for their contributions and the unique skills they bring to the table. They desire to be perceived as highly competent and someone who never slouches or fails to ring their “A” game. They can be highly industrious and good at taking initiative and getting the ball rolling on new projects and goals. With their sharp vision and sense of direction, they can be great taskmasters able to set the agenda and lay out an effective plan of action for getting it done. Moreover, the Mars in house 10 man or woman is someone who may lack follow through and long term persistence but are excellent at generating enthusiasm around a project that others can get behind and see through all the way to completion.

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Furthermore, Mars in the 10th house can be quite egotistical and may have difficulty taking orders or direction from others. Those who have this placement may feel they are best placed in positions of leadership or in a position from which they can exercise a lot of control or operate independently. They can be unorthodox and irreverent in their attitude towards policies and rule-following but fairly stern when it comes to enforcement. Mars in house 10 fosters an emphasis on competence and this is a virtue they respect and value in others as well as themselves. These people try to be the best at what they do and they are naturally competitive when it comes to performance in the workplace. They can get easily drawn into a game of brinkmanship where they feel the need to outdo other high performing colleagues and demonstrate the caliber of their abilities. Mars in the 10th house also encourages a willingness to take professional risks and confront difficult decisions directly.

A person with Mars in the 10th house of their natal chart is also inclined to be strong in their style of leadership and way of managing things. They can be very tough bosses but the passion they display in the workplace can be infectious. These individuals rarely accept ‘no’ for an answer and possess the will to advance their plans someway somehow. They spearhead professional obstacles and initiate new courses of action that promise them success. At any rate, they possess remarkable work ethic when fueled by passion. The strength of their determination is the key to their success and their ability to not give up when the chips are down. Although they are very strong-headed, they do not seek to create a contentious work environment. They may butt heads on certain issues and go on power trips from time to time, but ultimately they will appeal to reason if it turns out that they are in the wrong. They would not want to jeopardize their self-interests and financial objectives over petty disputes and infighting.


When Mars transits the 10th house, your career and public image will be infused with passion and energy. At this time, it is likely you will experience extra willpower and resolve to ask for that promotion or raise, confront business partners, or spearhead a new project. Mars imbues courage and aggression that empowers us to fight for what we want and deserve. However, this pugilistic spirit can give rise to heated battles and professional lawsuits. There is a push to compete and dominate the competition. When Mars transits the 10th house, it urges us to take action and either seize professional opportunities or create them for ourselves. Now is a good time to start up a new business or enterprise because you will be highly motivated to do so. At the same time, you may need to guard against becoming so overzealous that you bite off more than you can actually chew. Additionally, you may find that bosses and people with authority over you may become especially imperious and demanding. You may have to stand up for yourself if they start behaving like an implacable slavedriver.


Beyoncé Knowles – Born: September 4, 1981
In: Houston (TX) (United States)
Sun: 11°59′ Virgo AS: 20°16′ Libra
Moon: 20°54′ Scorpio MC: 21°32′ Cancer
Mars in 10th house in Leo

Shakira – Born: February 2, 1977
In: Barranquilla (Colombia)
Sun: 13°40′ Aquarius AS: 17°37′ Aries
Moon: 25°07′ Cancer MC: 13°43′ Capricorn
Mars in 10th house in Capricorn

Elvis Presley – Born: January 8, 1935
In: Tupelo (MS) (United States)
Sun: 17°14′ Capricorn AS: 12°21′ Sagittarius
Moon: 2°01′ Pisces MC: 26°48′ Virgo
Mars in 10th house in Libra

Selena Gomez – Born: July 22, 1992
In: Grand Prairie (TX) (United States)
Sun: 29°56′ Cancer AS: 8°03′ Leo
Moon: 25°08′ Aries MC: 0°20′ Taurus
Mars in 10th house in Taurus

Kanye West – Born: June 8, 1977
In: Atlanta (GA) (United States)
Sun: 17°36′ Gemini AS: 18°00′ Cancer
Moon: 16°26′ Pisces MC: 3°59′ Aries
Mars in 10th house in Taurus

Eminem – Born: October 17, 1972
In: Saint Joseph (MO) (United States)
Sun: 24°23′ Libra AS: 5°29′ Sagittarius
Moon: 19°21′ Aquarius MC: 21°45′ Virgo
Mars in 10th house in Libra

Uma Thurman – Born: April 29, 1970
In: Boston (MA) (United States)
Sun: 8°59′ Taurus AS: 1°57′ Virgo
Moon: 22°28′ Aquarius MC: 26°16′ Taurus
Mars in 10th house in Gemini

Marion Cotillard – Born: September 30, 1975
In: Paris 12e (France)
Sun: 6°22′ Libra AS: 14°06′ Virgo
Moon: 27°22′ Cancer MC: 9°49′ Gemini
Mars in 10th house in Gemini

Kristen Stewart – Born: April 9, 1990
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 19°33′ Aries AS: 12°11′ Gemini
Moon: 14°29′ Libra MC: 22°17′ Aquarius
Mars in 10th house in Aquarius

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Born: January 27, 1756
In: Salzburg (Austria)
Sun: 7°23′ Aquarius AS: 12°43′ Virgo
Moon: 17°48′ Sagittarius MC: 8°16′ Gemini
Mars in 10th house in Cancer

Robert Pattinson – Born: May 13, 1986
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 22°07′ Taurus AS: 14°11′ Taurus
Moon: 8°17′ Cancer MC: 18°54′ Capricorn
Mars in 10th house in Capricorn

Ryan Gosling – Born: November 12, 1980
In: London, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 20°35′ Scorpio AS: 19°41′ Pisces
Moon: 16°21′ Capricorn MC: 24°48′ Sagittarius
Mars in 10th house in Sagittarius

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