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Pisces Sun + Capricorn Moon Personality

pisces sun capricorn moon personality

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Personality

Those who have their sun in Pisces and moon in Capricorn are likely to be a person who displays a stoic temperament that often belies the artistic and sensitive nature of their personality. They are dreamers and idealists but tend to be less emotive or emotionally expressive than most Pisces. They are rather good at masking their emotions and maintaining an overall composed and dignified decorum. For this reason, the Pisces Sun Capricorn moon person can appear very mature for their age. During their youth, they may have appeared quite precocious and interested in grown up stuff.

With this sun-moon combination, career and status will likely always be at the forefront of their minds. Acquiring financial security and what they consider “success” is a primary motivator for them and essential to their emotional contentment. Capricorn moon represses some of the emotional fluidity of Pisces and can make these individuals appear often serious and impassive to what goes on around them. Sometimes their moods can seem dour and depressive. They are at their happiest when they have meaningful and creatively fulfilling projects to keep them busy.

With their temperament, the Pisces sun Capricorn moon person will likely be drawn to both the performance side and business side of the arts. They are fans of the art world and appreciate creativity and enjoy working with creative people. Although they can appear very reserved and uptight on the outside, inside the Pisces sun Capricorn moon person can be something of a big kid. Glimpses of their silly and playful side can come out when the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. They are mostly practical and grounded in reality which is unusual for a Pisces. However, they can be somewhat naive in regards to their perceptions of other people.

Sun in Pisces moon in Capricorn people may have a tendency to get depressed and fall into melancholy states. There is a dark side of loneliness and insecurity that follows them like a shadow. They can be very solitary and introverted at times, focused only on their work and personal agendas. They generally deal with their emotional problems privately or with trusted confidantes or professional therapists. Their dry wit and charming humor can often cut through the despair and distract them from the fears and neurosis that weigh on their soul.

A Pisces with a Capricorn moon sign is likely to feel a stronger sense of responsibility and obligation that they must live up to. Because of their more organized and focused attitude and prodigious work ethic, this Pisces is well capable of attaining financial prosperity and rising to the top in their professions. At the same time, when under stress, they can be a bit controlling and dictatorial especially when occupying positions of authority. Their executive ability may be well suited for television, communications and publishing industries.

In the grips of their ambitions, the Pisces sun Capricorn moon person can be very tenacious and hard working. They possess strong vision and a highly sensible understanding of how to bring that vision to life. They can be single-minded in the pursuit of their goals and may exhibit obsessive and sometimes ruthless qualities. Trust is not something they give out lightly and they are tentative and cautious about the company they keep. However, once a bond has been formed, the Pisces sun Capricorn moon man or woman is likely to be a very faithful and steadfast companion.

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Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Compatibility

In matters of love and romance, the Pisces sun Capricorn moon person is most compatible with water signs and earth signs. Cancer sun or Cancer moon people may be of particular benefit to them as they can provide the type of emotional nourishment that softens up the hardness of Capricorn moon. Together they can create a cocoon of love and security that both parties crave. Capricorn moon and Cancer moon compliment each other best because each can provide for what the other lacks. Cancer moon provides the emotional backbone and support that Capricorn desires while Capricorn moon provides the financial and lifestyle security that Cancer moon values.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon people are more receptive to the water and earth moon signs because of the mutual import they place on deep emotional connection, security and devotion. Water signs take solace in the solidness and emotional strength of Capricorn moon and the stabilizing influence they bring. The inner passions of Capricorn can be stoked and brought out when they are able to exercise some control and power over their partner. They like directing the action in part because they typically have vivid fantasies that they want to act out. They will go out of their way to set things up just right. Pisces sun Capricorn moon may develop some weird fetishes related to repression and/or insecurity about themselves.

Sun in Pisces Moon in Capricorn + Ascendant Combinations

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Aries Rising – With this combination of placements, you come across as highly energetic, competitive and imaginative yet emotionally reserved. You embrace creative challenges and push to get things done quickly and efficiently whenever possible.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Taurus Rising – With this combo, you appear very calm and are likely endowed with physically attractive traits. You enjoy working on projects that utilize your creativity and you give off a very professional and trustworthy vibe.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Gemini Rising – With this combo, you are bound to come across as someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. You speak with an air of authority and can be very persuasive and compelling in your use of language. You have a strong ability for conceptualizing new ideas, devising strategies, and making things happen.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Cancer Rising – With this combo, you appear a very receptive and empathetic individual yet emotionally distant. You tend to exercise caution and shrewdness in all your endeavors but try to be accommodate others when you can.

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Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Leo Rising – With this combination, you exhibit warmth in your character and present a positive and affectionate demeanor to others. Although conservation of resources is important to you, you try to show generosity and compassion. You sometimes draw attention to yourself with pompous behavior even when it is not your intention.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Virgo Rising – With this combo, you are likely to be outwardly modest and constrained in your self expression. You look after your health and likely have an interest in working out because you like to look good and feel good. You tend to be very opinionated and judgmental of both yourself and others and in constant pursuit of self improvement and self-growth.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Libra Rising – With this combination of placements, you are found to be someone strives to create balance and harmony in your life. You display a romantic and affable temperament and try to use a diplomatic approach in your dealings with others.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Scorpio Rising – With this combo you can come off as intense and passionate in your approach to everything. People may be intimidated and fascinated by you. You are highly creative and exhibit a probing nature that allows you to understand others much better than they understand you.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Sagittarius Rising – With this sun-moon-ascendant combo, you are a big picture thinker who often waxes philosophical. Your insights are wise and logical with a emphasis on abstract truths and principles. You appear very outgoing and adventurous with a jovial and spirited disposition. You are likely to be an excellent storyteller who is good at embellishing and making things up on the spot.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Capricorn Rising – With this combo, you may appear more like a Capricorn than a Pisces. To most of the world, you appear a bit reserved, private and responsible. Those who know you more intimately understand the slippery side of your character and the imaginative and sensitive side of your Piscean nature.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Aquarius Rising – With this sun, moon and rising sign blend, there is a highly atypical and quixotic aspect to your character. Friendly and charitable, you present yourself as friendly and a defender of the vulnerable. You like being different and tend to present yourself as someone very forward thinking and open to new ideas and innovations.

Pisces sun Capricorn moon with Pisces Rising – With this combo of placements, you exhibit an easy going and malleable nature. You take your time and prefer to feel things out first before making any firm decisions. You display a lot of artistic mojo and frequently indulge the imagination and creativity that permeates everything you do.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Celebrities

  • Albert II, Prince of Monaco – Born: March 14, 1958
  • Juliette Binoche – Born: March 9, 1964
  • Jon Bon Jovi – Born: March 2, 1962
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt – Born: February 21, 1979
  • Frédéric Chopin – Born: March 1, 1810
  • George Washington – Born: February 22, 1732
  • Harvey Weinstein – Born: March 19, 1952
  • Nina Simone – Born: February 21, 1933
  • Anaïs Nin – Born: February 21, 1903
  • Seal (musician) – Born: February 19, 1963
  • Bryan Cranston – Born: March 7, 1956
  • Valérie Lemercier – Born: March 9, 1964
  • Sandrine Kiberlain – Born: February 25, 1968
  • Ron Howard – Born: March 1, 1954
  • Rashida Jones – Born: February 25, 1976
  • Charles Barkley – Born: February 20, 1963
  • Eve Ruggieri – Born: March 13, 1939
  • Bryce Dallas Howard – Born: March 2, 1981
  • Adolf Eichmann – Born: March 19, 1906
  • Carole Gaessler – Born: February 23, 1968
  • Julie Bowen – Born: March 3, 1970
  • Cyril Féraud – Born: March 15, 1985
  • Niki Lauda – Born: February 22, 1949
  • Robert Conrad – Born: March 1, 1935
  • Gary Sinise – Born: March 17, 1955
  • Kellan Lutz – Born: March 15, 1985
  • William H. Macy – Born: March 13, 1950
  • Jeff Daniels – Born: February 19, 1955
  • Wanda Sykes – Born:    March 7, 1964
  • Philip Roth – Born: March 19, 1933
  • Dennis Rader – Born:    March 9, 1945
  • Kathy Ireland – Born:    March 20, 1963

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