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Mars in the 1st House – Strong Ego

mars in the 1st house astrology


The 1st house in astrology is the house of self and outward appearances. Mars, the planet of courage and willpower, is the natural ruler over this house. When Mars is in occupation of this house, it creates an almost fearless and intrepid individual who is inclined to take foolhardy risks and use forceful means to get their way. They have a strong sense of who they are or want to be and tend to put a lot of energy and effort into everything they do. They appear very confident, and often pay little attention to how people feel towards them. They can be intimidating to others, and are inclined to come off as too aggressive even when it is not their attention. Mars in the first house can create a pugilistic character where there is an inherent need to constantly prove oneself through impressive feats of achievement.

Their self expression is likely to be bold and unapologetic. They are intent on being true to who they are and attempts by others to conform or influence them are likely to fail. They are very driven and motivated to go after what they want to pursue things that will bolster their image and confidence even further. Depression and lack of self esteem are not problems they are likely to suffer, although, failure and defeat can temporarily deflate their potent egos. Individuals with Mars in the first house are inclined to be quite obstinate and unwilling to back down when it comes to a battle of wills. On the negative side, they are likely to be disobedient, defiant and prone to throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. On the positive, they have substantial courage and a lot of nerve that allows them to reap the rewards that only the brave and bold can ever enjoy.

Those with Mars in the first house are willing to stand their ground in face of conflict. They refuse to let anyone walk over them or violate their sovereignty. They can be overzealous and get swept up in the throes of their passion. Indeed they are very passionate individuals and they convey their thoughts and desires with sincere conviction. At the same time they may also exhibit hubris and a very high opinion of themselves. They are likely to harbor some narcissistic tendencies and may be often unwilling to give credit to others or admit when they are bested by someone else especially in regard to something they pride themselves on. Furthermore, Mars in the 1st house can denote a person who is very reckless and impulsive in behavior and shows a blindness to or wanton disregard for the consequences and repercussions of their actions.

Those with this Mars placement are impulsive and individualistic, and dislike taking recommendation from others. They approach new endeavors with energy and confidence, and are capable of accomplishments achieved through hard work. They have robust sex drives and are impassioned lovers. Their good points include: robust body, self-assertive, courageous. Unhealthy points include: inconsiderate, pushy, immodest, inclined. They represent “Identity in action”, the section of life whereby one is known with specific, autonomous action. Individuals with a excess stress on their 1st house are impatient for action since their sense of self begins to fade if they abstain from active individual involvement with the outer world. Historically, this home is conjointly related to the energy and look of the physical body; and, considering the key-words, one will see that the body is one’s identity in action. The way people perceive and acknowledge us and are influenced by our most characteristic manner of physical movement and expression. We begin to feel devitalized if the qualities shown by the primary house planets and therefore the ascendant are suppressed or stifled.

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When someone’s Mars is occupying the first house of another person, the house person will likely take issue with a lot of how the Mars person is acting and behaving. They may feel the need to constantly remind them to mind their manners, lower their voice, or pull up their pants. The Mars person may feel put upon as though nothing they do is ever good enough. Furthermore, the Mars person may feel they are not being accepted for who they are and that the other person is trying restrict and control them. These two are likely to annoy each other and feel as though their sense of identity is being infringed upon by the other person. The synastry between these two is likely to be fraught with tension that can make living with one another a constant headache and their home a battlefield.


The appearance of those with Mars in the first house may be similar to that of an Aries ascendant. They may possess a complexion that is slightly rubicund and prone to blushing and flushing due to embarrassment. Whether they are tall, or short, they are likely to be quite athletic and move around with a lot of energy and purpose. People with Mars in the 1st house may display a lot of Aries qualities and may even appear like an archetypal Aries. They may exhibit some of the hallmark features that include a prominent forehead, and a slightly forward leaning gait. Mars being the red planet of iron, it is likely these individuals are fond of the color red and perhaps like to incorporate metal jewelry as part of their fashion aesthetic. Red and black are probably among their favorite colors and much of what they own and wear will likely include them in their palette.


Women with Mars in the first house are bound to present themselves as very individualistic and self-sufficient. Because of their more assertive nature, the world possibly perceives them as a bit un-ladylike. They may take interest in a lot of things that are traditionally associated with males, like technical and mechanically related fields. They can be tomboys who actually enjoy the company of males more than other females. Females with their Mars in the 1st house are likely to be more egotistical and ambitious than the the usual female. They may exhibit more courage and willingness to venture into fields where few woman go and push themselves to rise to prominent positions where they have more control and power. They can be feisty and even scrappy especially during their youth. They hate being discounted and overlooked but they are highly motivated to prove wrong whoever underestimates them.

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Men with their Mars in the 1st house are bound to be tough customers. They are subject to losing their tempers quickly in response to threats and signs of disrespect. Their sense of honor and sovereignty runs high and their egos are tightly bound to what they can and have accomplished. Males with their Mars in the first house because they are so willful, are probably better off working for themselves and as entrepreneurs. They dislike being under the auspices of others and they want to be able to do what they want and do it on their own terms. If they are able to tame and discipline some of their reckless and haphazard tendencies, they can make great and inspiring leaders. They are inclined to take action and hate spending too much time planning and analyzing.


When Mars is in the first house of someone who is married, the effect it has on marriage may be more pernicious than anything. A spouse undergoing this transit may become more selfish and self centered. They may also be more demanding and confrontational than usual. Additionally, they may be more resistant and intolerant of the cajolings and naggings of their beleaguered partner. On the plus side, they can become more exciting and spontaneous to be around. They seem to have gained a second wind in their sails and are kicking up a lot of dust in a flurry of activity. Their spouse may feel undervalued, that they are not getting enough attention or may feel like they’ve become a pawn in the Mars person’s newfound agenda.

Mars in the first house can be a strain on marriages especially due to the lack of consideration for the feelings of their spouse. Their self interests may be taking center stage at this time in a way they feel is justified and well deserved. On the plus side, the Mars in house 1 person is likely to be more effective at whatever they direct their attention on. This can mean they become better lovers, better providers, better cooks —whatever it is they take personal pride in. Things may get done that were previously postponed, but mainly only things that they care about. Responsibilities that don’t interest them or get in their way are lilkely to be neglected in favor of their priotrities which are probably non-begotiable for now.


When Mars is transiting the first house, your sense of self will be energized and emboldened. During this period, you will be ready to conquer the world and seize the day. You may be inspired to reinvent yourself or change your look. A new hairstyle, new clothes, new car, new career —all of this is up for consideration at this time. You have more courage and are motivated to start anew and explore a change of pace, a change of scene and a change of attitude. Things seem to be happening for you and it’s because of your action. You’re acting like a go-getter and people are taking note. The may even find you inspiring and are attracted to your confidence and positive energy. At the same, time, disagreements and clashes with others are more likely to ensue due to all the pugilistic energy coursing through you. You’re not going to back down easily but if one door closes, you’re just going to break in through the window.

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