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12 Shades of ENTJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

12 shades of entj

ENTJ and Astrology Signs

The ENTJ MBTI personality is a type that David Keirsey dubbed as the “Fieldmarshal”. These individuals are noted for their forceful and decisive pragmatism and skeptical nature and also the efficiency with which they coordinate and strategize. They form less than 2% of the population yet statistically earn the most money of all the 16 MBTI types. ENTJs tend to find themselves in positions of leadership and examples of such ENTJ leaders include General Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower. However, not all ENTJs will ascend to such positions and many may not even be interested in the military. No two ENTJs are completely alike and so here is a look at how we’d expect the ENTJ personality to vary based on Zodiac sign.

ENTJ Aries

The Aries ENTJ is bound to be a force of nature and someone who is very strong willed and sometimes impatient. Their ENTJ leadership qualities are bolstered by Aries’ courage and bravado. It is often as though they are attracted to danger and vie for the opportunity to prove themselves with a worthy challenge. They tackle the things that others would be too scared to approach. They are highly competitive and can excel in games that rely on strategy such as chess and Mahjong. The ENTJ Aries may exhibit a large ego but people will likely admire them for what they bring to the table. They ooze competence and confidence and almost always seem to know what they’re doing. They are the pathfinders who can pave the way forward for others. As an impassioned and driven individual, the ENTJ Aries is prone temperamental outbursts when they encounter severe obstructions that thwart their plans and objectives.

ENTJ Taurus

The ENTJ Taurus is someone who exercises more patience than their Aries counterpart. The ENTJ born under the sign of Taurus will have no less determination however, and can persist tenaciously over the long haul in order to accomplish their ends and objectives. They are especially good at making money and may do so through smart investments and business ventures. The Taurus ENTJ is likely to possess strong aesthetic values and a great eye for form and structure. They enjoy comfortable ambiences and sensual textures and possess good taste in general. There is likely to be an element of artistry to their work and the type of designs they prefer. Additionally, the ENTJ Taurus is someone who is hardworking but also knows how to kick back, relax and smell the roses. They do not work themselves to the bone for work’s sake but rather to acquire the resources and material abundance that affords them an enjoyable life that is well balanced.

ENTJ Gemini

The ENTJ Gemini is likely to be a talkative bellwether who is especially sharp in the mental department. They are restless in their pursuits and can often have multiple irons in the fire at any given time. It may surprise others what they are able to juggle and all the things they seem to have going on in their lives. Furthermore, the Gemini ENTJ is particularly communicative and adept at networking and explaining their thoughts and ideas to others. They are good at organizing their ideations into comprehensive and elaborate speeches that inspire and make an impact. ENTJ Geminis may also display what appears like multiple personas that they act out depending on the situation. They are good at modifying their approach to people in order to illicit the best results a lot like an ESTP would. ENTJ Geminis may also be extremely good at compartmentalization and somehow maintaining otherwise incompatible or inconsistent values that are situation specific.

ENTJ Cancer

The ENTJ Cancer is a good at appearing tough and capable, but underneath that exterior there may be considerable insecurity and sensitivity. The ENTJ born under the sign of Cancer is bound to be great as business person thanks to Cancer’s natural shrewdness and business acumen. The Cancer ENTJ is very imaginative and harbors a mix of wide-eyed wonder and scientific industriousness. They are driven by a desire to acquire financial security and to provide for their loved ones. They are not likely to settle down with just one business but may likely start a variety of businesses and money-making ventures. The ENTJ Cancer loves being at home and will invest a lot time and money into making it a cozy castle of splendor. They may be constantly trying to improve their dwelling with better appliances and fixtures. They may operate their home much like an extension of their office. They enjoy planning outings with their families because for them a happy thriving family life is a big part of what makes them happy.


The ENTJ Leo is someone who is bold and rational in their thinking but also possesses a lot of heart and humanitarian concern. They exhibit a sunny disposition and creative spirit alongside their highly methodical and structured approach. The ENTJ Leo is likely to be somewhat histrionic and grandiose in their expression. They display great style and flair that attracts attention from others and they enjoy it. Admiration and recognition from others fuels their ego and motivates them to do their best work. As pompous and egotistical as they may be, they are just as warm hearted and loving. Their generosity is substantial and when they decide to be altruistic they do it in a big way. The ENTJ Leo acts like a benevolent king or queen who genuinely cares about the peasants but does not want to be like them. The ENTJ born under the sign of Leo may exhibit an appreciation for the arts and would likely apply their powers of coordination and management to develop and guide burgeoning talent.

ENTJ Virgo

The ENTJ Virgo is likely to be very orderly and sometimes anal retentively so. They tend to know exactly what they want and how they want it and can become fussy and impatient with unsatisfactory results. They can be perfectionists in their standards but their competence is undeniable. They have a great eye for detail and flaws and imperfections tend to stand more to them. The Virgo ENTJ has a lower tolerance for incompleteness and shoddy quality. Sometimes they can seem implacable and impossible to satisfy which is why they often rely on themselves to handle most tasks. They have tendency to take matters into their own hands and when they do, it is usually a good thing. Furthermore, the ENTJ Virgo will likely take a special interest in managing a healthy lifestyle with attention to fitness and good nutrition. They are likely to impose this on their family members as well and take an active role in ensuring that their loved ones are well nourished both mentally and physically.

ENTJ Libra

The ENTJ Libra is a classy and charming extravert who tends to leave quite an impression on the people who meet them. They are very engaging and attractive with a light and airy confidence. At times, the Libra ENTJ may exhibit some haughtiness and snobbery and maybe some upper-crust elitist tendencies. If they could, they would like to fix a lot of society’s fundamental ills with what they believe to be the best structural solutions. Although they welcome feedback, ideas and input from others, the ENTJ Libra can often be single-minded in their focus. They are “ideas people” and likely enjoy debates and intellectual discussions about philosophy and values. Furthermore, the ENTJ Libra probably loves attending and playing an integral part in expos and conventions where amazing technology or new ideas will be showcased. They have a high regard for talent and the arts and may desire to operate in that world by creating platforms and networks for them to use. The ENTJ Libra is a great manager of human interests and their vision and concerns are often centered around people and society.

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ENTJ Scorpio

The ENTJ Scorpio is passionate and driven to build and create an empire that they can control. They are very strong willed and formidable when possessed with a goal or purpose and have the capacity to crush their competitors. The Scorpio ENTJ displays penetrating psychological insight and uncanny intuitions that can seem mystic-like. They are rational extraverts with emotional depth and display great resilience and self-healing ability. The ENTJ born under the sign of Scorpio tends to subject themselves to difficulty and hardship as a means of testing their strength and abilities. They have strong survival instincts that kick in during the darkest and lowest periods. Resurrection and transformation are some of themes linked to the Scorpio archetype. As such, the Scorpio ENTJ is bound to have a underlying fixation with a need to reinvent or evolve as a person. It is likely that they can be prone to jealousy and possessiveness. The Scorpio ENTJ can an intense character especially in matters of love and romance.

ENTJ Sagittarius

The Sagittarius ENTJ is an adventurous and jovial individual who has a strong interest in higher learning and accessing knowledge from all around the world. Geo politics and global news are likely to be of interest to them as well. They have a lot of opinions and they tend to express with candor and humor. The ENTJ Sagittarius is likely to be a deep and ponderous soul who frequently considers existential questions and the meaning of their existence. They strive to live a purposeful life and seek to make the most of their time on earth. What they enjoy most is having the opportunity to explore the world and expand their awareness through enlightening and enriching activities. The ENTJ Sagittarius doesn’t like to stay cooped up in the house and is inclined to often eat out or go on trips and exciting adventures in different parts of the world.

ENTJ Capricorn

The ENTJ Capricorn is inclined to be a very career-driven and ambitious individual. They are likely to be workaholics who devote an excess of time and energy toward their professional advancement. Furthermore, ENTJ Capricorns are bound to have a rather serious demeanor and a very realistic and down to earth perspective. Their sense of humor tends to be dry or dark. They hate to waste time and often feel like they have to be doing something constructive and productive. They refuse to let anyone outwork them and they are probably the kings and queens of hustle. ENTJ Capricorns show a strong respect for structure and organization and are exceedingly skilled at optimizing for efficiency. They are also great teachers and instructors and can have a tendency toward being disciplinarians and task masters. The ENTJ born under the sign of Capricorn naturally takes on the role of Obi Wan Kenobi and plays the part of mentor and role model very well.

ENTJ Aquarius

The ENTJ Aquarius is forward thinking and futuristic and pays attention to the trends and directions that the world seem to take. They also display a mix of individualism and social interest that compels them to take part in humanitarian and group activities while maintaining their sense of independence. Their style of leadership seeks to recognize and treat people as individuals rather than as a member of some collective. The ENTJ Aquarius can often position themselves as an outlier who builds their success largely on their own. They are champions of underdogs and people who think differently and are not very impressed by a person’s title or status. Moreover, the ENTJ Aquarius likely has a very iconoclastic and innovative mind. Their originality is one of their strongest assets and it allows them to come out ahead of the competition rather than simply compete with them. They care greatly about people but are not clingy or emotionally needy. In general, the ENTJ Aquarius is emotionally detached and they tend to intellectualize their feelings and analyze them dispassionately.

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ENTJ Pisces

The Pisces ENTJ is a true visionary who is both dreamer and achiever. They have excellent intuition and imagination coupled with an inherent understanding for how to synthesize skills and resources to make their ideas a reality. Although they focus on logic and reason, the ENTJ Pisces is nonetheless sensitive and emotionally affected by others. They also delude themselves with magical thinking and self-denial. The nature of reality can sometimes be too painful for them to deal with and sometimes they seek refuge through escapism and unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol and drugs. Pisces ENTJs recognize talent and potential in other people and have a special capacity for developing and bringing it to the surface. The ENTJ Pisces enjoys collaboration with other talented souls and they draw inspiration from visual information. Furthermore, the ENTJ born under the sign of Pisces is likely to be especially good at tapping into what it is that people really want or need, sometimes on a spiritual level. They also have a knack for simplifying complicated and technical concepts and deliver it in a more appealing and digestible way.

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