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ENFJ and Astrology Signs: Zodiac and the MBTI

No two ENFJs are completely alike. Everyone of us has a unique experience and that experience has a seismic impact on how our personalities develop along with the panoply of psychological issues that may arise out of them. The Myers-Briggs is a great tool for sketching out a profile of who we are based on our self-reported behavior preferences, but the picture it paints is not a complete one.

The Myers-Briggs does not account for all the idiosyncratic personality traits that are too specific or simply outside the bounds of what the 8 cognitive functions could accurately encompass. The MBTI cannot explain for example, why one INTP enjoys baseball and another INTP loathes it, or why one ENFJ is way more family-oriented than another.

The zodiac is similar to the MBTI but is a typology that seems to emphasize slightly different dimensions of personality. The 12 zodiac signs of western astrology are definitely caricatures, but they at least offer another interesting side to the story even if it is not entirely accurate or supported by scientific evidence. Any credibility or authority astrology might hold seems to stem entirely from it’s ancientness.

Nevertheless, whether by coincidence, cognitive bias, or cosmic truth, many people find some validity to what astrology says about them. It’s possible that the zodiac when combined with the MBTI, can form a more detailed portrait of ourselves. It’s worth considering, I think.

There is more to astrology than just your sun sign though. If you want to find a more complete picture of who you are according to astrology, you can check out this free Natal Chart calculator widget to generate a your astrological birth chart complete with all planetary aspects and more. Here is a look at how the ENFJ personality type may vary by zodiac sun sign.


ENFJs are considered to be natural leaders and so is the sign of Aries. An ENFJ Aries person may therefore be a rather courageous individual who is able and willing to initiate bold new endeavors that others may be too timid to begin. They want to improve the world as a positive force for good, and their bravado inspires others to follow their lead and learn from them. People are likely to be attracted to the ENFJ Aries’ enthusiasm, drive and competitive edge. They have a positive attitude and candid nature that engenders trust and loyalty. They enjoy and appreciate the contributions of other people and they also desire to be admired by them.

Their ego is tempered by their need for approval and acceptance by a group. Despite their forceful nature, they rely on charm and wit, rather than brute aggression to get what they want. Aries is known for having a short fuse, but an ENFJ Aries may be better able at managing their intense and impulsive energy more constructively. The ENFJ Aries likely has high regard for people of strong character and principles who are also reliable and hard-working. As a leader, the ENFJ Aries may also be very personable and good at delegating people according to their individual abilities and strengths.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” 

- Maya Angelou (ENFJ Aries born April 4)

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4 thoughts on “12 SHADES OF ENFJ | MBTI & THE ZODIAC

  1. Honestly sounds like a bunch of crock. It’s like you mainly focused on Zodiac type rather than genuinely taking the time to incorporate the aspects and dynamics of MBTI. I’m an ENFJ Leo, and nothing much like you described. True, my disagreement could be a lack of internal perspective- but drama queen is the last thing I’d be described as. I’ve been called caring, empathetic, detailed, and oversensitive- and seeing as I hold great pride in getting along with others and meeting people’s needs- that sensitivity is both a gift and a curse. But I’m not one for drama or the spotlight. I do like to be the center of attention if I’ve put in a great effort to do something (because I essentially want it to be appreciated and well-received)- and I love teaching people things so yes, to some degree I enjoy it- but not to the point that I put on theatrical displays to garner it. Zodiacs in general are generalizations of people’s personalities based on (of all things) the stars and our limited knowledge of cosmic mysteries.

  2. You’re up there too baby….
    Didn’t u see it??

    4th from the bottom & just above Capricorn & before Scorpio …
    Hope that helps!!! ?

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