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12 Shades of ESTJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

12 shades of estj

ESTJ and the Zodiac

The ESTJ has been dubbed the “logistical supervisor” by David Keirsey and as such, the ESTJ is typified by their executive prowess and ability to organize and manage systems and groups on an impersonal and factual basis. However, much like the rest of the MBTI types, if you were to take a handful of ESTJs from the population you would no doubt find that there is a considerable amount of variation amongst them. The MBTI doesn’t account for all aspects of personality and even the degree to which you qualify as a given MBTI type will vary compared with others sharing the same type. Might astrology contribute to this? Who knows, but here is a speculative assessment of how each ESTJ may differ based on zodiac sign.

ESTJ Aries

The ESTJ Aries is likely to embody the consummate headstrong commander. They are quick and decisive and able to learn and implement proven methods and tactics with impressive skill. The Aries ESTJ can be intimidating and confrontational with others who challenge them. However, their temperament is sanguine and they tend to be positive and direct. Their egos compel them to occupy positions of control and they can excel in the role of taskmaster. However, they are not ones to sit by idly while others toil in the trenches. For the Aries ESTJ, there is always work to be done and they are eager to initiate new projects and enterprises for important purposes. They seek to lead from the from the front and want to be part of the action not just orchestrating it from behind the scenes. The ESTJ Aries is a very reliable enforcer who displays great courage and bravery even when the odds are against them.

ESTJ Taurus

The ESTJ Taurus possesses patience and exercises more caution in their decision-making process than their Aries counterpart. The Taurus ESTJ works hard for the purpose of acquiring wealth or at least financial security. They hustle hard but also know to how really relax and pamper themselves. Their sense of structure and organization is often put to great use in the world of design and aesthetic architecture. The Taurus ESTJ is likely to be very conservative and traditional in their values. They favor a common sense approach and can scarcely understand or appreciate why people would think any differently. They are reverent towards the authority and contributions of those of great stature and accomplishment. Furthermore, the Taurus ESTJ is keen on making money and will direct much of their energy and focus on ways to get more of it. Because they are good at learning the rules of the game, they are adept at leveraging this to their advantage which may include the exploitation of loop-holes and cunning evasion tactics.

ESTJ Gemini

The ESTJ Gemini is a big mouth with an unpredictable temperament. They have the gift of gab which they use to establish professional and social connections with exceptional skill. Networking is their forte and they display strong communication skills and humor. They are vocal individuals with a sharp mind and intellect. As smart individuals who like to collect knowledge, they are likely to have a strong educational background and a desire to go far academically. The Gemini ESTJ is very inquisitive and particularly curious about other people at least where skill, status, and accomplishment is concerned. These individuals are inclined to strike up conversations with people wherever they go. They have a capacity for engaging to perfect strangers as if they were old friends. The ESTJ Gemini is likely to be an early riser and very studious. They love to read and engage their mind with knowledge and insights found only in books and stimulating conversation.

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ESTJ Cancer

The ESTJ Cancer is someone who may present a stern and tough disposition that belies the softer underbelly of sensitivity they have. The ESTJ born under the sign of Cancer is likely to be a staunch defender of the home and will direct much of their time and energy in an effort to create a safe and secure home for their family. They place special emphasis on making sure their family and loved ones are provided for. Few people will realize how sensitive and caring they are because they deliberately choose to focus on the facts rather than feelings. The ESTJ Cancer can seem cold especially when their defenses are up. They tend to distance themselves from emotionally draining situations. Their moods can fluctuate, however, and when they are in a sour mood they can be very snappish and irascible making everyone around them feel their malcontent. With close family and friends, the ESTJ Cancer can be very congenial and humorous. They don’t like to show vulnerability or mushiness but they have a soft spot for cute animals and children.


The ESTJ Leo is someone who likely displays a noble spirit and a feisty style of leadership. People with this mbti/zodiac combo are likely to be friendly, charismatic and popular. They enjoy the attention and being in the spotlight or at least the figurehead. The Leo ESTJ likes to exercise some creativity in tandem with the usual orthodox approach. They don’t mind experimenting a bit but they also place a lot of emphasis on making everything look good. They appreciate the beauty of structure and order in just about all facets of life. They strive to not only play the part but also look the part. For the ESTJ Leo, structure and style go hand in hand and they may often play up the latter. The ESTJ Leo is likely to be very proud and ostentatious but also warm and generous. They may sometimes be guilty of acting sanctimonious and self-righteous but also work hard to cultivate an honorable reputation and dignified status.

ESTJ Virgo

The Virgo ESTJ is likely to be very orderly yet modest in temperament. They like to organize everything and keep their workspace and home neat and clean. Both ESTJ and Virgo share analytical qualities and a penchant for precision and detail. The ESTJ Virgo is likely to be especially bothered when other people point out their mistakes or correct them. They tend to be their own worst critic and go out of their way make sure they’ve got their facts straight and know what they are talking about. They can be reluctant to admit fault immediately or be swayed from a particular perspective they hold. The Virgo ESTJ doesn’t like to toot their own horn and may often resist or downplay compliments payed to them. The ESTJ Virgo is likely to also be health conscious and disciplined in their lifestyle and eating habits. They are bound to heed the advice of trusted professionals and keep up to date with the latest studies and discoveries published by the medical community.

ESTJ Libra

The ESTJ Libra is someone who may be both personal and impersonal in their dealings with others. Balance and harmony is a central theme to the Libra persona and so the ESTJ Libra will likely exhibit a certain focus on conciliating conflicts and resolving issues. They dislike conflict in general and try to use reason and logic to broker peace and goodwill between others. As such, the Libra ESTJ is likely to be an excellent judge and arbiter and can be skilled at finding a happy medium that satisfies opposing parties. Furthermore, the ESTJ Libra can be outspoken against injustices and violations of social mores and policies. They have a strong ethical bend informed by logic, facts and conventional wisdom. At the same time, they can be very critical of what they disapprove of and initially some of that disapproval may come from a lack of understanding for other people’s perspective. Although their traditional and conventional mindset can make them a bit prejudicial, the Libra ESTJ does seek to be open-minded and willing to extend their perspective as needed.

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ESTJ Scorpio

The Scorpio ESTJ is likely to be someone who is a strong and intense leader. They have an inherent need to control and sometimes dominate and can occasionally overreach and intrude on other’s sovereignty. Although they tend to be impersonal and objective, the ESTJ Scorpio may be susceptible to jealousy and destructive emotions that can cause havoc in their personal relationships. They can be very inflexible and unwavering in their convictions which are predicated on their interpretation of facts. Furthermore, they may often exhibit obsessive tendencies and an overly black-and-white perspective. The ESTJ Scorpio is likely to possess formidable determination, however, and a capacity to go to great lengths and extremes for the purpose of fulfilling their goals and purposes. There is a highly spiritual resilience inside them and awareness of their own mortality. The ESTJ Scorpio seeks to keep pushing and moving forward with strength even in the face of great personal loss and tragedy.

ESTJ Sagittarius

The Sagittarius ESTJ is someone who is very keen on higher learning and absorbing the wealth of wisdom available to them. They likely have a good sense of humor, especially political humor. They are both traditional and exploratory with a slightly philosophical bend. Furthermore, the ESTJ Sagittarius is bound to possess a strong general curiosity and a desire to experience different paradigms and ways of life. The ESTJ Sagittarius is likely to take special pride in the places and people they’ve been a part of. They view themselves as students of the world and are quite reverential towards history and legacy. The Sagittarius ESTJ is likely to be highly motivated to rise to prominence in the world or occupy positions where they can exert their influence and apply order. Teaching and advisement is something that they probably enjoy greatly. They tend to think big and likely benefit from good luck and auspices in their endeavors.

ESTJ Capricorn

The Capricorn ESTJ is a workhorse with a lot of steam power and discipline to actualize their plans and ambitions. They are excellent strategizers with a stoic and respetable demeanor. They want to be taken seriously and pride themselves on their efficiency and competence. The Capricorn ESTJ is a natural leader and someone who is comfortable exercising control and managing systems and teams. They tend not to be very warm or fuzzy and can even appear cold and uncaring. They may exhibit a very dry and sardonic sense of humor that catches others by surprise. ESTJ Capricorns are likely to have a very mature attitude and were likely precocious in their youth. From early on, they sought to learn and equip themselves with the skills and knowledge base needed to earn themselves credibility and respect in the world. They are likely to be very industrious and inclined to build successful and lucrative enterprises.

ESTJ Aquarius

The ESTJ Aquarius man or woman is likely to direct their logistical minds on social reform and politics. They have a certain respect and regard for established systems and structures but may have certain ideas for how they can be improved or corrected. They are individualistic yet also care a great deal about their reputation and public image. Friends and associations are very important to them. They work to create positive social and professional connections and are likely to be very active in their social circles. The ESTJ Aquarius is someone who favors change and innovation only where it serves a practical application and purpose. They want to help their community and ideological groups in practical and immediate ways more than through untested pie-in-the-sky concepts. The ESTJ Aquarius may have humanitarian inclinations and display an interest in organizing people and resources in the service of a special cause or movement.

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ESTJ Pisces

The ESTJ Pisces is likely to be an imaginative yet structured extrovert. They have a fertile fantasy life but tend to subordinate their dreamy nature under a more practical and productive mode of being. Although their logic and organizational skills are heavily relied upon, the ESTJ Pisces may occasionally hold perspectives that are markedly disconnected from reality. They have an inner sensitivity about which they may be in denial or may actively seek to repress and avoid. They feel things deeply but prefer to focus on facts rather than explore their emotions too deeply. They can sometimes be blind to their own contradictions and show a lack of consistency in their principles and values. Still, the ESTJ Pisces is likely to be rather compassionate and understanding relative to other ESTJs. They have a spiritual side and tend to believe in a higher power of some form or another.

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