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12 Shades of ISTP | MBTI & The Zodiac

ISTP zodiac signs

ISTP Zodiac Signs

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]asically, ISTPs are a lot like INTPs but less interested in theories and abstract concepts and more interested in understanding tangible systems and methods that they can use and interact with. In addition to this, ISTPs are known to be rather cool under fire and their extraverted sense preference makes them very handy in an emergency.

No two ISTPs are totally alike however, and the strength of the cognitive preferences and ego development will vary from ISTP to ISTP. Not everyone seems to exhibit the stereotypical traits often described of their type. There are obvious reasons for this variation, much of which may be attributed to the unique background and experiences of each individual. But what if astrology sign is a relevant factor? And by the way, there is more to astrology than just your sun sign. If you haven’t already, check out all of your planetary aspects with this natal chart widget.   

Indulge me now, if you will, as I offer up an interpretation of how the ISTP Myers-Briggs personality may be expressed under each of the 12 zodiac signs.


An Aries ISTP may be especially quick and responsive in an emergency situation or crisis. They are likely to be rather strong minded and impulsive and will insist on doing things their way. They may be of a sanguine and easy going temperament most of the time but may occasionally display an intense temper due to impatience. The ISTP Aries is probably more competitive than the typical ISTP and more motivated by interesting challenges and recognition for their talents and abilities. They are averse to restrictions of all sorts and may have a propensity for antisocial and defiant behavior. An Aries ISTP is likely to possess an abundance of vitality and are very open to new experiences and stimulating adventures. It is likely they will hold an appreciation for sports even if they do not play any themselves. They are very visual and keenly observant of details and physical features.


A Taurus ISTP is bound to be very tactile and sensual. ISTPs are pretty grounded and down-to-earth as it is but the Taurus ISTP person may be more so than the norm. They probably don’t move as quickly as the Aries ISTP but are probably very persistent and strong-willed. Their disposition is probably very detached and easy going and it may seem that there are few things that would ruffle their feathers. Very practical and hands on in everything they do, the Taurus ISTP is keen to soak up the sights, sounds and smells every time they enter a new environment. They may be foodies, with adventurous tastes and openness to unusual cuisines. They notice and appreciate the details and may have very discriminating sensibilities that make them good judges of quality.


The Gemini ISTP may be a slightly jittery character who needs to stay away from caffeine. They probably have very sensitive nervous systems that may be easily overstimulated by drugs. The Gemini ISTP may exhibit a bit more verbal ability than other ISTPs and probably perform better academically. They are likely to be quick learners through experience, and able to grasp tricky skill crafts such as origami or magic card tricks rather easily. Although they are generally quiet on the outside, on the inside their minds are very loud and chattery. They think about a lot of weird sh*t that probably never passes through most people’s minds. Socially, they have the capacity to be very verbose and humorous amongst the company they are comfortable with, but most of the time are likely to be rather shy, aloof and awkward. They probably have an interesting sense of style and may take an interest in design work where they can express some of their good visual sense.


The ISTP Cancer person is likely to be tough on the outside but a bit of a softy on the inside. They may be slightly more cagey and private and difficult to get to know. Their stalwart demeanor belies the sometimes maelstrom-like intensity of passion they feel. Whenever upset, rather than express their frustration, they may be prone to retreating into their shell of solitude until they are ready to deal with others again. The ISTP Cancer may be prone to depression and bipolar-like mood swings that can catch others by surprise. They may also be more compassionate and sentimental than other ISTPs and it is likely that they enjoy collecting things and holding onto objects that have special memories and familial significance attached to them. The Cancer ISTP may often act as a defender and protector of all that is sacred to them including the people they love and care for.


An ISTP Leo is likely to be demure yet slightly histrionic. They may exhibit an unassuming yet sunny disposition. The Leo zodiac stereotype is proud, confident and basically unafraid of being in the limelight and being lavished with adulation and attention. This is not really characteristic of the introverted ISTP but these Leonine traits may nonetheless get sublimated in a less conspicuous form. An ISTP Leo may be rather positive and optimistic in temperament and likely able to engender the good graces of others. They probably do not actively seek attention but may possess a pronounced skill or ability for which they may secretly crave recognition. They understand that actions speak louder than words and they pride themselves on what their work says about them. They may be a bit more prone to narcissism and arrogance though and sometimes may feel entitled and more deserving of things than others. Leo ISTPs may desire status and achievement for their hard work but for the most part are probably are not materialistically driven.


The Virgo ISTP is quiet and unassuming, most likely. They do not draw attention to themselves and display a more modest disposition than say, ISTP Leo. They are probably a bit more fussy though and a bit judgemental to boot. Virgos are hypercritical of both themselves and others. They sometimes seem to be more preoccupied with other people’s flaws as though they’ve forgotten that they aren’t perfect either. Since ISTPs are crafty and handy individuals, the Virgo ISTP may be inclined towards trying to fix things for people or make them better. The ISTP Virgo may be less concerned with people’s flaws and instead direct their focus on the flaws in the objects they use or rely on. For instance, the Virgo ISTP may voluntarily purchase or build for their friend a nice dog house to replace the dilapidated hut their pet previously occupied. The Virgo ISTP is very independent but they also generous with their time and like being of help to others. They may be a bit more sensitive to criticism however and so rejection and unappreciation may be hard to take for them.


The Libra ISTP may possess an understated charm beneath their shyness. They probably have a goofy lighthearted side that comes through when they feel sociable. Their inferior Fe may be better developed than in other ISTPs. They are usually guarded and poised in their demeanor yet also friendly and compassionate. They like to be liked, and sometimes may try to earn brownie points with a group they want to be accepted by. They may also be prone to virtue signaling like rapper Eminem seemed to be doing in his underwhelming condemnation of Trump. The ISTP Libra may be similar to the ISTP Leo in that they both possess an accentuated ego beneath their personable temperament. They enjoy the company of a close knit group of likeminded cohorts and they can even be the center of attention when displaying their humor and charm.


The Scorpio ISTP is likely to be a bit intense, passionate and very private. They probably have lots of secrets and they don’t make a habit of disclosing their business with other people. They may appear mysterious to others and this probably adds to their appeal. The ISTP Scorpio is probably highly introverted but they may exude a type of quiet strength that draws people to them. The ‘strong silent type’ is what they exemplify but beneath their penetrating gaze lay powerful emotions that they likely sublimate into creative endeavors. They have a strong sense of self and want to feel in control over their own destiny. They can be a little forceful and they are probably into BDSM and like to bring all kinds of kanky gadgets into the mix. The character Christian Grey from the book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey” is probably a good example of a Scorpio ISTP.


The ISTP Sagittarius is likely to be an especially adventuresome soul who is very open to new experience. ISTPs in general can be very blunt and uncouth and this perhaps goes doubly for the ISTP Sagittarius. They are opinionated but of good cheer with a humorous side. While they may not necessarily be Ivy league academics, this type of ISTP may nonetheless indulge in a good deal of reading and research of their own. They may be a bit more interested in debate on a number of topics including politics and philosophy. The ISTP Sagittarius may also be a nature nut who loves experiencing the great outdoors.  


A Capricorn ISTP may be more reserved and mature than other ISTPs. They probably love to work and derive much satisfaction and meaning from being great at what they do. They are salt of the earth type folks but they also want to move up in life and achieve some status and prestige. Although they prefer to go solo and to be accountable only to themselves, the ISTP Capricorn may also probably feel capable in a leadership role where they can call the shots and give directives. Capricorn ISTP is likely to have a dry sense of humor and an adept user of sarcasm.


The ISTP Aquarius person is someone who is probably a little eccentric and a little weird. They definitely march to their own drummer and are likely to be fiercely independent and in possession of a rebellious spirit. The Aquarius ISTP may be more antisocial than other ISTPs and more defiant. They may have a history of clashes with authority figures including parents who try to rein them in. At the same time, they may have an altruistic attitude and a willingness to fight for the people they care for. The Aquarius ISTP may be very bright and fun to be around. Despite their introversion, they are probably able to form a significant number of friends throughout life. They have an edginess that many find alluring and they may also give off a slightly dangerous vibe.


The ISTP Pisces is likely to be something of a bohemian and recreational drug user. Easy going and laid back, they spend a lot of their time in their heads fantasizing. They probably take an interest in spirituality and mysticism and may be an avid proponent of meditation and mindfulness. Their use of Ni may be more accentuated than other ISTPs since Pisces are pretty imaginative. They may try to theorize like an INTP but probably are not great at it. It’s likely that they enjoy discussing crazy conspiracies that make no sense whatsoever. A Pisces ISTP is probably rather gullible and inclined to believe in absurd and unsound ideas such as the flat earth theory and NWO reptilians.

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