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12 Shades of ISFP: MBTI & the Zodiac

12 shades of ISFP

ISFP is referred to by David Keirsey as the “Tactical Composer”. ISFPs comprise about 10% of the population and are noted for their quiet warmth, individualism and the artful skill with which they manipulate objects and their environment. No two ISFP personalities are totally alike and so we wonder if astrology might have anything to do with it. Here is a look at how we’d expect the ISFP personality to vary according to zodiac sign.

ISFP Aries

The Aries ISFP might seem quiet and easygoing on the outside, but inside there is quite a bit of egotism and willpower. They tend to channel their energy creatively and possess a lot of passion. They get bored easily and can appear low-energy when forced to work on tasks they don’t care about. They want to do what they are passionate about and when they have the opportunity to do so, everyone will see the ISFP Aries fire come to life, Furthermore, the ISFP born under the sign of Aries is bound to have a competitive nature and are inclined to operate at their best when they have a worthy rival or opponent to push them. The ISFP Aries is resistant to others who try to dictate and tell them what to do. They seek to be their own person and have little interest in having to answer to others or depend on them for anything.

ISFP Taurus

The ISFP Taurus loves to indulge themselves with all the sensual delights that life has to offer. They are resourceful individuals who have an adventurous palette and enjoy gustatorial pleasures and beautiful pastoral settings. They relish the romanticism of being in nature and experiencing its breathtaking majesty. The ISFP Taurus is likely to be a bit of a hedonist and someone who truly savors sensory stimulation. They are always trying to get their rocks off in some form or another. They may take a special interest in cooking and the culinary arts. Their sense of fashion and style is bound to be attractive and well put together. They tend to take good care of themselves eating plenty of food and living an active lifestyle. The ISFP Taurus is likely to be a bit leisurely though, and never in too much of a hurry. They can sometimes appear lazy when there is no interesting goal or purpose for them to focus on.

ISFP Gemini

The ISFP Gemini is mentally quick and restless and someone who is likely to be sensitive to caffeine. They have a very active and curious mind that is mostly focused on what they can do creatively. They get easily bored and often shift from one task to the next. Although they are introverted, they do like to talk but can exhibit a certain amount of nervous energy around people especially in group situations. The Gemini ISFP is constantly in search of dazzling experiences and sources of inspiration. Although they focus on the world of the concrete and material, the ISFP Gemini is someone who also enjoys pondering possibilities and questions about the unknown. Paranormal phenomena like aliens and ghosts and also spiritual meanings are among the things that they likely take an interest in. They are attracted to beautiful voices and enjoy companionship with people who are interesting to talk with.

ISFP Cancer

The ISFP Cancer is likely to be someone who possesses a sensitive nature that is encased by a protective shell of toughness. They do not wear their hearts on their sleeves but those who know them best understand what softies they really are. The ISFP Cancer loves their life at home and they put a lot of effort into making their homes a beautiful and comfortable haven for them to relax in. The Cancer ISFP is bound to be very creative and although they are “sensors” in terms of the MBTI, they are intuitive in terms of astrology. Cancers are water signs who are known for their emotional depth and psychic-like intuitions. They are shrewd judges of character and have a good sense for determining who they can trust and who they can’t. Furthermore, the ISFP Cancer is bound to be very family oriented and/or have close ties with their mother. They derive much of their pride from their family heritage and knowledge of their ancestry.


The ISFP Leo is a proud and magnanimous introvert. They tend to be sunny and congenial with others emitting lots of positive vibes and good energy. Although they like to spend a lot of their time by themselves doing things that they enjoy, they tend to be welcoming of anyone who is interested in being with them and sharing the experience. The ISFP Leo is someone who often operates behind the scenes and lets their work and creativity take center stage. They have a great stylistic flair and a knack for putting things together into beautiful and appealing compositions. They know how to make a statement visually and their tastes tend to lean towards bold and colorful. The Leo ISFP is someone who especially enjoys drama and the arts. They get a rush out of performing or creating something valuable and beautiful that others can behold and admire.

ISFP Virgo

The ISFP Virgo is likely to be impressive in the skills they possess yet largely maintains a rather modest and humble attitude about their abilities. These individuals seek a certain amount of attention and recognition as a creative person but may avoid begging for it or resort to singing their own praises. They can be very meticulous and obsessed with the details of what they do. The ISFP Virgo can be something of a perfectionist who doesn’t like to attempt something unless they believe they can do it to a standard that they would be happy with. The ISFP Virgo may exercise a certain amount analytical tendencies but are likely to appear limited in their acceptance of anything for which their eyes and ears cannot validate or verify. Furthermore, the ISFP Virgo may be somewhat picky and hard to please. They can be very peculiar and specific about what they like and how they like it and become frustrated whenever their expectations fail to be met.

ISFP Libra

The ISFP Libra is bound to be a friendly and well-liked creative person who enjoys their share of popularity. These individuals have style and grace and a wonderful sense of form and structure. Despite being introverts, they are pretty good with people thanks to their natural charms. They are likely to be very attractive physically and people are naturally drawn to them. The ISFP Libra does place significant value on their relationships and will devote considerable energy and effort to keep their partners happy with romantic gestures and surprises. They savor the art of romance and delight in the sensual expression of their love and adoration. Even though they prefer Fi over Fe, the ISFP Libra tries to keep things harmonious between them and others. They dislike conflict in general and tend to employ tact and gentleness in they are upset with others or express criticism of them.

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ISFP Scorpio

The ISFP Scorpio is likely to be a mysterious and secretive introvert. They can be secretly possessive and controlling of others particularly of those they love. Jealousy can also be an issue for them. They have a low tolerance for romantic competition and can be deeply suspicious of anyone who approaches within a foot of a person they fancy. The Scorpio ISFP is full of passion but is also all-or-nothing in their approach. If they aren’t feeling it, they simply cannot be moved to fake it. They will do what they have to do, but it will be no secret how little they care. The Scorpio ISFP is bound to possess a tremendous reserve of inner strength and emotional resilience. They can be intense at times when they are either excited or upset. When they’ve set their mind on something, they tend to pursue it with great force and will power. Most of the time, the Scorpio ISFP is rather cool and composed yet still they manage to emit a certain aura that makes them magnetic and irresistible.

ISFP Sagittarius

The ISFP Sagittarius is full of wanderlust and a restless desire to roam and explore a wide range of experiences. Their minds are open and they are great at improvisation and tend to go with the flow. They are very easygoing and don’t seem to take life too seriously at all. Furthermore, the ISFP Sagittarius is bound to have an plenty of light hearted curiosity and a love of learning. They are particularly drawn to esoteric knowledge, philosophy and wisdom. As an ISFP born under the sign of Sagittarius there is likely to be a jovial spirit that colors their perspective. Although they are amenable to philosophy and ideology, they are not likely to be very deep or harbor a fundamentalist attitude about anything. They take what is useful to them and kind of gloss over the rest. The ISFP Sagittarius is not interested in controlling or influencing anyone, they are only interested in living an enriching and thrilling life and try to make the most of it..

ISFP Capricorn

The Capricorn ISFP man or woman is likely to be someone who is more focused on their career than the typical ISFP. These individuals although willful and open to spontaneity, are still capable of exercising a methodical and structured approach to getting things done when necessary. The ISFP Capricorn may often appear serious and sometimes melancholy. It is likely that they will only pursue that which they are passionate about and can make good money from. They are practical when it comes to their profession and they have no desire to be a poor struggling artist. The ISFP Capricorn is a business-minded creative who would like to wield as much creative control as possible over the projects they work on. Furthermore, it is likely that their public image and reputation are of great importance to them and a strong factor behind their motivations.

ISFP Aquarius

The ISFP Aquarius is likely to have a flair for gothic aesthetics and haunting visuals. They are true originals and proudly so. They value community and camaraderie with others yet are staunchly individualistic. They seek to be true to themselves and can often display a defiant and rebellious attitude. They march to their own drummer and when other people go right, they go left. Freedom and liberty is among their most treasured values and something for which they will fight and defend. Furthermore, the ISFP Aquarius is likely to be very humanitarian and concerned about social issues around the world. They are motivated to do things that have a positive impact and can better the lives of others. The Aquarius ISFP may have a special interest in technology and innovation in the area of environmentalism and social media and may be among the people who are most enthusiastic about related scientific discoveries and advancements therein.

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ISFP Pisces

The ISFP Pisces is bound to be a very imaginative and fantasy prone individual. They daydream all the time and may have difficulty concentrating on regular everyday tasks. They tend to bounce around from job to job because they lose interest so quickly. They are very chill and easy going with a sensitive temperament but may often feel aimless and a lack of direction in their lives. Moreover, the ISFP Pisces is bound to be a very impressionable character and someone who often flip flops on their positions. They can display great difficulty oftentimes in making decisions and sticking to them. This also applies to responsibilities and obligations they might have to others. The Pisces ISFP has a penchant for isolating themselves from others periodically so they can clear their mind or just indulge in escapism. They are fond of recreational activity and do not really care much for work in general. They only find work that engages their creativity to be fulfilling and they are inclined to pursue lifestyles and careers that are unconventional and interesting.

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