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What Each Myers-Briggs Type Was Made To Do

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Certain personality types are better suited than others for certain purposes. Here is a look at what you are made to do based on MBTI personality type.


Plumbing the depths of what is knowable, providing clarity and making sense of complex epistemological issues. INTPs are attracted to complicated problems where they can really apply their intense and obsessive overthinking to good use. INTPs are haunted by conundrums and enigmas they cannot decipher but they will persist doggedly until they either succeed or die trying. For this reason, INTPs by virtue of their personality traits, put themselves in a better position than others to work out solutions to the most perplexing problems of both philosophical and theoretical nature. The vast amount of thinking they do provides them ample opportunity for forming ingenious insights society can benefit from.


Devising schemes, systems and apparatus that improve efficiency or achieve a technical goal. INTJs are rather self-assured and decisive and as such may be well suited for leadership. At their best, they are very mature, diligent and disciplined. INTJs are good at strategizing and maximizing resources to accomplish their own ends and by extension can be of help in leading others to do the same. Their ability to plan and follow through makes them very reliable and they are able to grapple with unexpected complications with surgical competence. INTJs are who you can count on to draft an effective plan of action and lead others by pushing and challenging them to bring their “A” game.


Stirring the pot and stimulating interesting discussion that cultivates better understanding between people. Because ENTPs are so comfortable with themselves, they can appear very confident and socially brave. It seems their minds are too busy formulating what they want to say to be worried about looking foolish. With ENTPs there is never a dull moment and they don’t even need a person to talk to, they could carry a conversation with a bush. Because their heads are always buzzing with ideas like an intellectual honeycomb, they are great at spit-balling and tossing out whatever enters their head both good and bad but probably always amusing.


Taking charge and bringing to life what others can only dream of. ENTJs are full of gumption and panache and they are compelled to go out and make a name for themselves. They are well equipped to rise to prominence in publicly visible positions of leadership that are at the cutting edge. They are comfortable in the captain’s chair and in such a position are able to make an impact pushing boundaries and taking intuitive leaps others would be too timid to try. ENTJs have the type of enthusiasm, competence, energy, vision and self belief to make possible what seems untenable.


Channeling their unique impressions and depth of feeling into inspiring works of art. The INFP is highly sensitive and as such, they are inclined to experience the range of emotions we all have in perhaps a more intense and vibrant way. Because they are so in touch with what they feel, they are likely better able to paint with the colors of their emotion beautifully nuanced expressions of art that capture the poetry of being human. The INFP is full of soul and feeling that is maybe more amplified than what most people feel and when they create, their creations are likely to tap into something deep and meaningful that resonates and enlightens us.

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Helping others better understand themselves and their potential. INFJs are sympathetic idealists with insights into human behavior that can be very helpful to those willing to heed their advice. They are deeply empathetic and seek to understand people rather than judge or persecute them.  They are excellent listeners who are well suited for careers in psychology, counseling and acting. Their instincts about human nature are often uncanny in their nuance and accuracy and they can use this help shed light on the internal strife others cope with.


Inspiring others with their passion and spirited outlook is one of the gifts ENFPs give to the world. They are a wonderful mix of compassion and wit and they love putting out positive energy and sharing the laughter and fun. They can also be provocateurs but in doing so, they are able to coax out honest reactions from people that could serve as a catalyst for personal growth. ENFPs are like the spiritual gurus who can encourage others to believe in themselves and motivate them to follow their dreams.


Inspiring and motivating others to enlarge their vision and reach their potential is something ENFJs are well qualified for. ENFJs are creative and broadminded and they do not bog themselves down with narrow minded details. Other types who do get caught up in their neurosis can end up losing their way, ENFJs have the optimistic perspective that can pull them out of their negative loop and redirect them back onto a progressive course. ENFJs love people and they are great communicators who can really connect with others and move them with their warmth and poetic idealism. At their best, ENFJs can be excellent leaders who bring out the potential in others and lead them to extraordinary heights.


Handling the important details that few people are willing to deal with. ISTJs are are reliable and dutiful and they take their responsibilities seriously. They are also attentive to detail and they are the ones who will take the time necessary to make sure things are performed up to standard. Because of this, they are well suited for careers in finance, computer science and also administrative work. They respect the rules and their excellent memories allow them to memorize them as well as stay on top of scheduled tasks and commitments. They are of great help to perceiver types who struggle with organizing and managing their affairs.

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Providing for others in need and making them feel loved and protected. ISFJs are sympathetic and impassioned individuals who derive gratification through their acts of service to others. They are sensitive themselves but this same sensitivity allows them to feel immense compassion for the vulnerable, the sick, and the disenfranchised. They are well suited for philanthropic work or careers in the medical and caregiving fields. ISFJs are noted for their often selfless actions and they give much of themselves without asking for much in return.


Directing others and running successful enterprises. The ESTJ is typically competent as a manager and knows how to coach people and utilize them strategically and efficiently. As bosses, ESTJs can be stern but they often have a good sense humor and can be very boisterous and fun at social events, especially activities which are focused on the family, community, or work. They are usually a model citizen, and pillar of the community. ESTJs have keen leadership chops and their ability to organize and work systematically allows them to excel that role.


Playing the role of host or diplomat who makes others feel welcome and appreciated. ESFJs are very friendly and inclusive. They themselves have a strong need to feel like they “belong” and so they are very keen on trying to ensure others do not feel left out of the fold. While they do not want to be treated like someone else’s door mat, they do have a desire to be helpful to others and will happily do what they can to make other people feel as comfortable as possible. For this reason, ESFJs are well suited in stewardship and customer service types of roles where their convivial personality can really shine.


Mastering techniques and skills and doing amazing things with them. ISTPs are said to be hands on learners who learn and pick up quickly through physical engagement. They are adept with tools and instruments and are inclined towards virtuosity be it through the arts or mechanical engineering. Their personality type predisposes them toward developing mastery over various tactile skills such as sleight of hand, sports, piano playing and photography. When they find a craft at which they can focus, what they are able to accomplish is nothing short of dazzling.


Inspiring the world with their style and charm. ISFPs have a certain effortless charm about them that is understated but undeniable. They often have striking features and carry themselves with a confidence that others find alluring. People often admire them for one reason or another and they seem to enjoy life on their own terms. Despite their laid back demeanor, they somehow manage to accomplish a lot and they may serve as a great role model.

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Rising to the occasion and taking heroic but foolhardy risks. ESTPs can appear a bit fearless in the way they can step up to the plate to tackle a daunting task or take decisive action in the midst of a crisis. Because they are able to improvise and act without much premeditation, they are better able than other types at doing courageous and gutsy things. This can also get them into lots of trouble but fortunately they are also pretty good at talking their way out of most hairy situations they get entangled with.


Getting the party started and livening things up. The ESFP person is a cynosure and they love the attention. In a group setting, they are often at the center of the action and they have a presence that is naturally exciting and theatrical. Whenever they’re around, things are bound to get interesting as they have a knack for cutting loose when they know others are watching. ESFPs like to have fun and their vibrant energy can be infectious.

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