12 shades of esfp

12 Shades of ESFP: MBTI & the Zodiac

ESFP and the Zodiac The difference between astrology and the MBTI is that where astrology prescribes your personality traits, the Myers-Briggs defines your personality type by your self-reported preferences. Many people feel they do, more or less, identify with their zodiac sign, but if they don’t, astrologers can almost always find a convenient rationalization for…
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ISTP zodiac signs

12 Shades of ISTP | MBTI & The Zodiac

ISTP Zodiac Signs[ads_hr hr_style="hr-dots"] [dropcap]B[/dropcap]asically, ISTPs are a lot like INTPs but less interested in theories and abstract concepts and more interested in understanding tangible systems and methods that they can use and interact with. In addition to this, ISTPs are known to be rather cool under fire and their extraverted sense preference makes them…
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