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ENTJ INTP Myers Briggs Relationships

ENTJ and INTP Relationship Compatibility

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entj and intp love

ENTJ and INTP Relationship

The ENTJ and INTP relationship is a pairing that would be described as “mindmates”. ENTJ and INTP belong to the temperament group known as the “Rationals”. They, along with ENTP and INTJ are lumped together based on their use of impersonal logical and powers of analysis.

ENTJ and INTP are also shadows of each other, meaning that INTP’s shadow functions form the ENTJ type and vice versa. As fellow intuitives, INTP and ENTJ share a mutual preference for intuition. This, according to MBTI theorists is an important factor in support of clear communication and compatibility potential. Continue reading

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  • ENTJ mbti list

    35 Signs You Might Be an ENTJ

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    entj man

    The ENTJ is one of the 16 MBTI personalities and belongs to the temperament group known as the “rationals” along with INTP, ENTP and INTJ. ENTJs are dubbed as the “Field Marshal” by David Keirsey and are known for being among the most successful and driven of all MBTI types. Here are 35 signs you or someone you know might be an ENTJ. Continue reading

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  • ENTJ Myers Briggs

    12 Shades of ENTJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

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    12 shades of entj

    ENTJ and Astrology Signs

    The ENTJ MBTI personality is a type that David Keirsey dubbed as the “Fieldmarshal”. These individuals are noted for their forceful and decisive pragmatism and skeptical nature and also the efficiency with which they coordinate and strategize. They form less than 2% of the population yet statistically earn the most money of all the 16 MBTI types. ENTJs tend to find themselves in positions of leadership and examples of such ENTJ leaders include General Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower. However, not all ENTJs will ascend to such positions and many may not even be interested in the military. No two ENTJs are completely alike and so here is a look at how we’d expect the ENTJ personality to vary based on Zodiac sign.

    Continue reading

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  • ENTJ mbti list Myers Briggs

    6 High Paying Careers For ENTJ

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    entj careers

    ENTJs are tough-minded analysts who are inclined to take on leading roles. For this reason, the ENTJ person is often drawn to careers in management and leadership. A national sample showed that ENTJs prefer jobs that feature a variety of tasks, independence, clear structure and teamwork. Additionally, ENTJs rate high in job satisfaction and high income. They are typically regarded as the highest earning of all the MBTI types. Here is a look at 6 of the best paying careers recommended for the ENTJ personality

    6. Strategy Consultant – Median salary: $104,200.

    Strategy consultants are in charge of developing the best tactic to achieve a particular goal within an industry. To accomplish this, the consultant must research and study data to understand the nuances of the situation and develop alternatives and strategies accordingly.

    The creation of the proper tactics relies upon the strategy consultant’s ability to provide a neutral point of view, detached from emotional circumstances and aligned with facts and statistics that can guarantee the most efficient outcome. Subsequently, strategy consultants work alongside others to manage the implementation of the chosen plan.

    ENTJs have an unmatched passion for structure and order, and they chase facts and strategy with singular enthusiasm. That is what makes them perfect strategists by nature, as ENTJs seek perfection and enjoy planning the road towards it. Their extroverted nature guarantees their excellence as communicators, an ability needed to structure plans within a corporation.

    Strategy consultants also enjoy a comfortable salary average, slightly above $100,000, though it can certainly go beyond that.

    5. University Professor – Median salary: $114,134.

    A professor is an academic that works in a university and imparts knowledge to students, while actively working as an advisor and researcher within their field of expertise. In a most strict sense, a professor is the highest position within academics, and shall not be confused with similarly-named lower ranks (for example, an assistant professor.)

    As an academic career, professors have intellectually-demanding responsibilities. They must research their area of expertise routinely and remain informed at all costs, as well as engage in the publication of written material and analytical studies. Likewise, to properly teach students they must possess high communicational skills and interpersonal abilities, to ensure knowledge is transmitted accurately.

    ENTJs would make highly effective, even if potentially strict professors. Their perpetual pursuit of excellence and enjoyment of knowledge makes them suitable for the academics field, and their abilities as communicators ensure great lectures that would motivate students.

    However, academics must go through several steps before achieving the professor position—only after reaching such a ranking they’d be able to enjoy the high salary benefits mentioned here.

    4. Lawyer – Median salary: $119,250.

    A lawyer is a highly specialized professional who provides legal advice and guidance to individuals who may need it, according to their specific circumstances and the laws of the country. Likewise, a lawyer can also represent a client in court, assuming the duties of an attorney-at-law.

    Lawyers can work with individuals or with corporations, and they specialize in a particular field of expertise within the legal spectrum—anything from finances to criminal cases. While salaries might wildly differ according to area, the national average sits at an incredible $117,100.

    Successful professionals within the legal field must gather a plethora of skills, and ENTJs are naturally talented at most of them. Their attention to detail, analytical skills, and hardworking nature gives them a high advantage at the moment of studying and analyzing the many law interpretations available, not to mention they are expert researchers and information gatherers.

    Likewise, their extroverted nature and communication skills are invaluable within the legal field, allowing them to express their ideas effectively and display their leadership and rationality.

    3. Petroleum Engineer – Median salary: $132,280.

    Engineering is a career that requires ingenuity and pragmatism to create, transform and innovate solutions to multiple problems. Subsequently, a petroleum engineer is in charge of overseeing the methods and ways to engage in the exploration and use of oil and natural gas.

    Petroleum engineers take part in a plethora of tasks that require the constant development of high-level strategies—research the most cost-effective procedures to extract oil in a location, develop the equipment and units that will be used for such task, oversee the design and construction of oil pipelines, drills, and other structures.

    ENTJs are clever and pragmatic leaders that thrive where there is a challenge—engineering positions are tailor-made for them, as it allows them to engage their leadership skills while still exercising their rationality and sharp minds. Petroleum engineers need the project management skills that ENTJs excel at, and the engineering cleverness that they boast of.

    The position is also highly rewarded—the ambitious and goal-oriented ENTJ could enjoy an average salary of $154,780, but it could easily pass the $200,000 barrier.

    2. Architectural & Engineering Manager – Median salary: $137,720.

    Due to the similarities in their tasks, engineering and architectural managers are listed together often. Precisely because of these innate similarities they perceive almost equal salaries, with the national average resting at $143,500.

    These managing positions are often in charge of directing and planning the activities carried on within an institution. When it comes to engineering and architecture, the managers carry on their tasks both on the field and on research duties. Subsequently, their primary challenge is to handle the organization and coordination of employees, alongside the supervision of finances and all units required to execute tasks to perfection.

    ENTJs feel at home in leadership positions, making them the perfect fit for managing jobs. Their assertive attitude, sharp mind, and endless determination make them fantastic problem-solvers, not to mention effective team leaders that ensure efficiency in all tasks. Multitasking is almost innate to them as breathing, and the challenge of keeping everything organized is something they will enjoy.

    1. Family Doctor – Median salary: $208,560.

    One of the many derivations of medical practice, a family doctor or physician is the primary healthcare professional for an individual. As such, they will be in charge of regularly interacting with this person, keep track of their medical history, perform regular checkups, listen to their health concerns and, if needed, redirect them towards specialists.

    A family physician requires sharp reasoning skills to diagnose and understand a wide variety of ailments. Likewise, they need high communicational and interpersonal skills to understand the patients and get to the root of their health problems.

    The analytical mindset of ENTJs makes them great family doctors, and their hardworking nature means they will quickly figure out any potential ailment—they enjoy challenges, after all. Likewise, their interpersonal skills allow them to understand their patients, while their rationality protects them from becoming too emotionally involved.

    As specialized professionals, a family doctor receives a high salary according to skills, with a national mean annual wage of over $208,000.

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  • article ENTJ ENTP Myers Briggs Reblogged

    ENTJ vs. ENTP: What’s the Difference | High on MBTI 

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    article ENTJ mbti list Myers Briggs

    that entj bitch — The Worst Nightmare of Each Type | Tumblr

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    The Worst Nightmare of Each Type

    INFJ – Realizing that the cause they have been supporting is run by treacherous and immoral people. Any good they’ve ever done in the world is instantly erased and turned into something harmful. Everyone they care for believes they are cruel and heartless.

    ENFJ – Everything they do continuously comes out wrong, and the more they try to fix it the worse it becomes. Every person they try to help somehow ends up worse off than before, and they are seen as the reason why everything is going wrong.

    INFP – Being trapped in a crowded room with morally bankrupt people, and having to coexist with them. Not being allowed to express their emotions, or process anything alone. Being forced to watch injustices and not being able to stop them or express how wrong they are. Continue reading

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  • ENTJ Myers Briggs video

    How To Survive as an ENTJ Personality Type – The Commander

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    Have you ever found it tough to fit in with certain social situations as an ENTJ personality type according to the Myers Briggs personality type test? Continue reading

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