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12 Shades of ESTP: MBTI & the Zodiac

12 shades of estp

The ESTP personality is described as an extraverted thrill seeker who thrives on stimulating experiences. They are very aware of their surroundings and highly perceptive of the details and people in their environment. Moreover, they are keen observers of people’s body language and this allows them to read people well and use this knowledge to persuade and influence others. Still, no two ESTPs are completely alike, but could it be that astrology sign has anything to do with it? How might an Aries ESTP compare with a Capricorn ESTP? Here is an interpretation for how the ESTP personality might potentially be modified based on Zodiac sign.

ESTP Aries

In the astrology, the Aries archetype is pretty much indistinguishable from the ESTP. Aries and ESTP both share characteristics such as a sanguine demeanor, a competitive mindset, and impulsiveness. Aries is a masculine sign and so even the females are likely to seem bolder and physically active. The Aries ESTP would be expected to be very ego-driven and possessed with a strong belief in themselves. They are energetic and quick-tempered and tend to express themselves with directness and candor. They bore easily and tend to lose interest with tasks that take too long. They operate in sporadic bursts of energy but will often initiate tasks intended for others to finish. An ESTP Aries is not fond of routine and will be unafraid to go against the grain to do things their own way. People notice and admire their courage and also their assertiveness. They are extraverted individualists who refuse to follow the herd or be subjugated.

ESTP Taurus

The Taurus ESTP is bound to display a strong sense of realism and an emphasis on doing what is practical and achievable. They are calm under pressure and able to respond to emergencies with tactical brilliance. The ESTP Taurus is especially fond of aesthetics and appreciates quality design and presentation. They are highly motivated by money and the acquisition of wealth and resources that afford them the life of pleasure and luxury they desire. The ESTP Taurus can be very crafty when it comes to devising clever money schemes and lucrative business opportunities. They are likely to be excellent business people and entrepreneurs with an eye and mind for products and services that people would love. Furthermore, they are especially observant and good at reading people’s body language which allows them to adjust their approach so as to get the response their looking for.

ESTP Gemini

The ESTP Gemini is likely to be someone who is a bit superficial, voluble and communicates with unapologetic aplomb. They speak their mind and can be very unorthodox and irreverent in their style of expression. They are good at reading people and telling them what they want to hear when it suits them. It is likely that they can be very disconnected from the emotions and feelings of others. Moreover, they are bound to fancy themselves as an intelligent person but will likely rely more on their street smarts, worldly success and achievements rather than academic performance to serve as evidence of that. The Gemini ESTP can be unpredictable, they are prone to flip-flopping on issues and their perspectives can change from one day to the next. They may lambaste someone one today and then sing their praises tomorrow. Sometimes it can seem like there are two separate personalities inhabiting their body. At any rate, the ESTP Gemini is likely to be very persuasive and skilled in the art of negotiation and bartering.

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ESTP Cancer

The Cancer ESTP is someone who is shrewd in business and can build strong foundations for themselves. They love and support family but are not especially sensitive and demonstrative of their affections. They show their love by protecting and providing and they expect their loved ones and dependents to appreciate and recognize this. Still, ESTP Cancers enjoy spending time with family doing adventurous things like hiking or taking their children to work and letting them see what they do. The ESTP Cancer has a heart but they don’t like to show emotional vulnerability or weakness. Their emotions, whether they show them or not, are easily affected and easy to arouse. Loyalty is likely very important to the Cancer ESTP and betrayals of any kind can awake a destructive rage inside them. They display a highly industrious and entrepreneurial spirit that leads them to initiate many projects and enterprises that will enrich them.


The Leo ESTP is likely to be either a pompous peacock or a vivacious attention-seeking shot caller. ESTPs born under the sign of Leo are expected to be individuals who are sunny and do not shy away from the spotlight. They love being admired and adored and they have a penchant for showing off and flaunting their wealth and abilities and displaying a high opinion of themselves. An ESTP Leo is likely to also be quite generous and willing to share their resources for the benefit of others. Their benevolence is often fueled by flamboyance and a compelling desire to be the center of attention.or the emcee of an event. The Leo ESTP is full of life and vitality and they like to stir things up. They can be very dramatic, charismatic and expressive and exhibit a flair for style and showmanship. Furthermore, they can be pretty vain and highly concerned with their physical image and attractiveness.

ESTP Virgo

The zodiac sign of Virgo is archetypically a modest and shy sign but an ESTP Virgo is bound to be less so. Although they have confidence in themselves and their abilities, they typically present themselves as being rather sensible in their ego. Furthermore, Virgo ESTPs may have a pronounced interest in fitness and health. They like to take good care of their bodies so that they can live a long debaucherous lifestyle. These individuals are inclined to have a high regard for their intellect and opinions. The ESTP Virgo is very particular about what they want and can get into heated arguments when they are displeased. They profess themselves to be something of a perfectionist and can sometimes be difficult to work with because of this. Virgo ESTPs are likely to be especially sensitive to criticism and dislike others intruding on their process and how they run things. They will vigorously fight before they relinquish control or power to someone else. The Virgo ESTP can be very meticulous but has a limited capacity for adhering to routines and schedules.

ESTP Libra

The Libra ESTP can seem haughty and aloof yet friendly and engaging. Others may feel intimidated by their charm and good looks. ESTP Libras are keen on their sense of style and have a special appreciation for beauty and sensual stimulation. Likewise, they display good taste and discriminating selection but can be a bit superficial and materialistic. The ESTP born under the sign of Libra may be quite classy and suave like a James Bond type of character. They know how to use tact and diplomacy to get what they want and are able to keep their cool under most circumstances. The ESTP Libra enjoys interacting with people and being where all the hip kids are at. They tend to be game on and open to trying anything that sounds like a good time. The ESTP Libra is bound to fashion themselves into something of a socialite with a healthy number of professional connections and associations with people in important places.

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ESTP Scorpio

The Scorpio ESTP is a bit mysterious and intense. They have a hunger for power and prestige and they can be exceedingly determined to get what they believe they deserve. They are highly perceptive and often see what they desire and they just go for it. They can seem fearless and people may feel easily intimidated by their persona. The ESTP Scorpio is likely to have a lot of passion but their emotional depth may be something that eludes others. Loyalty and devotion is very important to them because they are susceptible to jealous rage. Although they are extraverted, there is a private, sensitive side to them that few people know about. Scorpio ESTPs are reluctant to to ever disclose their insecurities and vulnerabilities to others, even the ones they trust. For them, it is important to always maintain a position of strength and never let their guards down for others to exploit. The ESTP Scorpio has exceptional resilience and the power to heal themselves and bounce back from some of the most devastating circumstances.

ESTP Sagittarius

The ESTP born under the sign of Sagittarius is bound to be someone who is very sporty and active. They also have a strong mind that enjoys debating and litigating with what they consider to be “common sense”. ESTP Sagittarians thoroughly enjoy travel and opportunities to visit and experience new places and people. They are likely to be outdoorsy but they especially like to experience the joy and pleasure of different cities and urban venues. The Sagittarius ESTP is bound to be very worldly and a student of philosophy to some extent. These individuals are likely to be very candid with a strong sense of humor. They have a great sense of irony and are inclined to have really amusing thoughts and perspectives on many things that make them fun and entertaining to be around. A Sagittarius ESTP may also be an outspoken critic and funny social commentator.

ESTP Capricorn

The ESTP Capricorn can be a workaholic who puts their career achievement at the top of their priorities. They seek to be the best and can be very capable leaders. They are good at rallying a group of people around a common cause and getting them inspired and motivated to do good work. They want to be surrounded by smart and competent people who can be an asset to their advancement. The Capricorn ESTP is keen on making professional connections and networking with other power players and people of prominence. Although they can be quite dutiful and compliant with rules and policies they typically only do so with the intention of getting ahead and being their own boss one day. Capricorn ESTPs are skilled workers who are very serious about making good money and being in a prestigious position of power.

ESTP Aquarius

The ESTP Aquarius is bound to be someone who definitely walks to their own rhythm and enjoys a lot of popularity. ESTPs born under the sign of Aquarius are bound to have a large circle of like-minded friends and associates with whom they spend plenty of time with. They like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world but tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s hip. Aquarius ESTPs are more of a trendsetter than a trend follower and they are likely to be among the early adopter of new technologies and innovations before they catch on the mainstream. Furthermore, the ESTP Aquarius is bound to have some unusual predilections and personal preferences that deviate from the norm. They pride themselves on being different and unlike the lemmings and herd-following sheeple that often populate the world. Additionally, the Aquarius ESTP is very keen on preserving and protecting their autonomy and self-reliance. They are competitive and can also display a condescending attitude towards others.

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ESTP Pisces

The ESTP Pisces is someone who is willful, impulsive and capable of great achievement but their perspective may often lack objectivity at least when it comes to assessments of themselves and their own performance. The ESTP Pisces can be a bit disconnected from reality and fall victim to their own wishful thinking. They can be naive but it is likely that they have a good imagination and are able to envision interesting and whimsical possibilities for the future. They have the capacity to visualize what they want and go after it but they can also be a bit lazy as well. The ESTP Pisces may have the desire to acquire all the trappings of a fun and exciting life but may lack the discipline and structure for making that dream a reality. If they can avoid self-destructive behaviors and focus their time and energy on constructive goal-oriented efforts, the Pisces ESTP can achieve the greatness they seek after.

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