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12 Shades of ESTP: MBTI & the Zodiac

12 shades of estp

The ESTP personality is described as an extraverted thrill seeker who thrives on stimulating experiences. They are very aware of their surroundings and highly perceptive of the details and people in their environment. Moreover, they are keen observers of people’s body language and this allows them to read people well and use this knowledge to persuade and influence others. Still, no two ESTPs are completely alike, but could it be that astrology sign has anything to do with it? How might an Aries ESTP compare with a Capricorn ESTP? Here is an interpretation for how the ESTP personality might potentially be modified based on Zodiac sign.

ESTP Aries

In the astrology, the Aries archetype is pretty much indistinguishable from the ESTP. Aries and ESTP both share characteristics such as a sanguine demeanor, a competitive mindset, and impulsiveness. Aries is a masculine sign and so even the females are likely to seem bolder and physically active. The Aries ESTP would be expected to be very ego-driven and possessed with a strong belief in themselves. They are energetic and quick-tempered and tend to express themselves with directness and candor. They bore easily and tend to lose interest with tasks that take too long. They operate in sporadic bursts of energy but will often initiate tasks intended for others to finish. An ESTP Aries is not fond of routine and will be unafraid to go against the grain to do things their own way. People notice and admire their courage and also their assertiveness. They are extraverted individualists who refuse to follow the herd or be subjugated.

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