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12 Shades of ENTP: MBTI & the Zodiac

12 variations of entp

No two ENTPs are completely alike. Sure they may all qualify as ENTP, but to what degree? Variations among the MBTI types have been attributed to factors such as maturity and level of development of the type’s composite functions. But what if astrology signs played a role as well? Most people are likely to have known their astrology sign long before learning about their MBTI type. It is possible that some people’s self image may be heavily shaped by their understanding of their astrology sign and consequently may behave more like their sign simply because they believe it. Some individuals might feel their zodiac sign really resonates with who they truly are but is it a coincidence or evidence of something more?

Here is an interpretation of how the ENTP personality type may vary under each of the 12 zodiac signs.

ENTP Aries

An Aries ENTP is likely to be sharp-minded and skilled in debate. They may be something of a polemicist who is unabashed about voicing their opinions even when it ruffles other people’s feathers. They probably enjoy mind games,  intellectual warfare and the mental gymnastics of defending their arguments and picking apart those of their opponents. The ENTP Aries is likely to be very original and full of creative ideas. They can really carry a conversation and their stream of thought often takes discussions into unexpected and interesting directions. An ENTP Aries is probably fun to be around but may be a bit temperamental at times and might get cranky or bossy when things are not going their way. They may have a reputation for being arrogant and unreliable. They likely have a lot of ambition and initiative but often fail to see things through to completion due to impatience and loss of interest.

ENTP Taurus

The Taurus ENTP is likely to be relatively more grounded and pragmatic than other ENTPs. Friendly and humorous, the ENTP Taurus is probably quite popular and well-liked. These ENTPs may have a great appreciation for beauty and art and they themselves are likely to be highly attractive. They are highly creative and inventive and may be very good at generating money and coming up with clever ways of getting it. The ENTP Taurus probably pays special attention to their relationships and tries to keep their partners happy. They are very engaging yet easy-going socially. The ENTP Taurus is likely to be psychologically astute and able to be very persuasive and convincing liars. They are probably excellent judgers of character and analyzers of people and situations and may sometimes use this ability for machiavellian purposes.

ENTP Gemini

The ENTP Gemini is liable to be very crafty with words and an amusing conversationalist. Their minds are very active and you can never really predict what they might say next. The Gemini ENTP is probably the consummate ENTP being that Gemini and ENTP share many similar traits such as communicativeness and cerebrality. They have a light and airy quality to them and they likely have a lot of nervous energy. The ENTP Gemini tends not to hold onto grudges and are able to move on very quickly from setbacks and disputes. These ENTPs may seem to have multiple personalities with how quickly their moods can change unpredictably. They tend to talk too much and may spend a lot of time checking emails, talking on the phone or chatting with whoever enters within range of earshot. They may often be careless with what they say and their loose lips may offend or annoy people without realizing it.

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ENTP Cancer

The Cancer ENTP is likely an emotive and enthusiastic character with a humorous nature. They are probably very intense at times and their emotions can sometimes get the best of them. They may be somewhat stubborn and manipulative when it comes to getting what they want. Their moods often fluctuate and although they are social and talkative, they may sometimes withdraw from people when they feel dour. They are generally fun to be around and these ENTPs may exhibit a sensitive side that they do not often show except to the people closest to them. The Cancer ENTP likely values family and legacy and may take a special interest in understanding and learning about their roots and heritage. These ENTPs may also be somewhat more patriotic than other ENTPs and may display pride in their culture and nationality. They are likely very intuitive and creative and very protective of their loved ones.


The ENTP Leo is likely to be very dignified and noble in demeanor. They are smooth operators who know how to make their point in a clear and cogent fashion. They are likely to be excellent communicators and highly popular and magnetic. They are probably well-liked for their well-put togetherness and suave charm. The Leo ENTP is likely to be very proud and confident in themselves and because of this are poised to accomplish great things in life. They may have a warmth to them that is distinct among ENTP types and they might be particularly generous and altruistic towards others. They may be very friendly but they may also have a fiery temper that sometimes emerges when under stress. These ENTPs likely feel they have something to offer the world and want to showcase their abilities on center stage.

ENTP Virgo

The Virgo ENTP is probably extra argumentative and fussy. They may be rather opinionated and have a lot to say and may at times annoy others by giving their unsolicited advice. These ENTPs may be relatively modest however and they might hold a special interest in healthy lifestyle and diet. The Virgo ENTP probably possesses a bit of perfectionism  in them and they may have high standards for themselves. They are probably very critical of both themselves and others when their expectations are met. The ENTP Virgo is probably very nice nonetheless and they like to help others and do nice things for them. They may be a bit obsequious relative to other ENTPs and may sometimes do too much at the expense of their own needs being met. Deep down, the Virgo ENTP probably has an especially strong desire to be liked and appreciated.

ENTP Libra

The Libra ENTP is probably well suited for practicing law because they are skilled at forming comprehensive arguments and they place high importance on justice and fairness. The ENTP Libra likely seeks harmony in their lives and they are able to utilize tact and diplomacy to minimize conflict. They are probably very romantic and possess a fine appreciation for beauty and exquisite quality. These ENTPs may possess an artful way with words that allows them to be skilled in writing and poetry. They are likely connoisseurs of many things and aficionados who know a lot about everything. They are likely to be very nice individuals who get on well with most people. The Libra ENTP is probably very charming and well spoken and they know what buttons to push to get the reactions they want. It is likely they have no shortage of friends and may even have a significant number of romantic admirers.

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ENTP Scorpio

The Scorpio ENTP is liable to be very intense and cunning. They are probably very ambitious and power hungry but they are not necessarily interested in having control over people. They are likely very persuasive and convincing in arguments and may have a manner about them that is very compelling and magnetic. They are probably highly alluring to members of the opposite sex and they may be something of a lothario or a floozy. They may be very impulsive and forceful and can at times come on too strong. The Scorpio ENTP is likely to have a  very penetrating and perceptive mind that is very skilled at reading people and picking up on details that are not obvious to other people. This ENTP is also probably more secretive than other ENTPs and they withhold significant parts of themselves that few will ever truly know about. They can be very mysterious and this probably only adds to their appeal.

ENTP Sagittarius

The Sagittarius ENTP probably loves to learn and travel. They are likely to be especially outspoken and forthright in how they express themselves. They hardly bother to mince words and will tell things as they see it. They are probably very witty and humorous though and even their criticisms are delivered with a certain levity. The Sagittarius ENTP is likely to have a very positive and optimistic outlook and they rarely seem down or depressed. They may be very philosophical and interested in topics such as politics and ethics. They love debate as a form of intellectual exercise and they know how to put on a show. They can get really fired up at times and they will often argue in favor of ideas promoting individual freedom and creative expression. They are liable to be champions of forward thinking and they may channel this into creative work such satirical writing or provocative art.

ENTP Capricorn

A Capricorn ENTP is probably a bit more disciplined and workaholic than other ENTPs. They may be very career oriented and they probably enjoy careers that make use of their highly creative minds. These ENTPs may also be a bit more responsible and mature relative to other ENTPs and they make exhibit more consistency and tenacity in regards to getting things done. Although they can be whimsical and fun loving, they can also be very serious and stern when necessary. They are probably very confident in their abilities and are likely to be excellent problem solvers. They may possess leadership potential but their style of leading may be somewhat unorthodox. They are willing to take risks and experiment with something new instead of clinging to or relying on the tried and true methods. They can be bellwethers among their peers and a valuable asset to any team.

ENTP Aquarius

The Aquarius ENTP is full of ingenuity and avant-garde chutzpah. These ENTPs are perhaps a bit more quirky and eccentric than the standard ENTP. They love to invent and to experiment and they generate a constant stream of creativity because their minds are always forming ideas. They likely have a propensity for saying clever things off the cuff that make people laugh. They may develop a reputation as a rebel or contrarian with a big mouth who challenges authorities and openly debates with them. They can be a bit insensitive and arrogant though and may at times get themselves into hot water. Much of the problems they experience are likely to be of their own doing and they may struggle to reign in their impulse to abandon tasks without completing them and shirking their responsibilities. The Aquarius ENTP is bound to have a lot of vision but may need to develop more discipline and follow-through if they are to get anywhere with it.

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ENTP Pisces

The ENTP Pisces is probably somewhat indecisive and may often contradict themselves because their perspectives tend to shift from moment to moment. This ENTP is probably a bit more deceptive and prone to lying than other ENTPs. They may be highly creative though and are very visual thinkers. They may take a special interest in discussing and learning topics relating to spirituality and existential wisdom. The Pisces ENTP is probably more kind and compassionate than other ENTPs and may avoid offending others out of consideration for their feelings. Pisces ENTPs may also be a bit more naive because they sometimes let their idealism cloud their judgment and perception of reality. They may struggle to find their true calling in life and for a time may drift aimlessly while getting caught up in mischief and reckless behavior. The Pisces ENTP is likely very optimistic but they must guard against the inner demons of self-doubt and self-pity from sabotaging their positive mindset.

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