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12 Shades of ENTP: MBTI & the Zodiac

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o two ENTPs are completely alike. Sure they may all qualify as ENTP, but to what degree? Variations among the MBTI types have been attributed to factors such as maturity and level of development of the type’s composite functions. But what if astrology signs played a role as well? Most people are likely to have known their astrology sign long before learning about their MBTI type. It is possible that some people’s self image may be heavily shaped by their understanding of their astrology sign and consequently may behave more like their sign simply because they believe it. Some individuals might feel their zodiac sign really resonates with who they truly are but is it a coincidence or evidence of something more?

Here is an interpretation of how the ENTP personality type may vary under each of the 12 zodiac signs.

ENTP Aries

An Aries ENTP is likely to be sharp-minded and skilled in debate. They may be something of a polemicist who is unabashed about voicing their opinions even when it ruffles other people’s feathers. They probably enjoy mind games,  intellectual warfare and the mental gymnastics of defending their arguments and picking apart those of their opponents. The ENTP Aries is likely to be very original and full of creative ideas. They can really carry a conversation and their stream of thought often takes discussions into unexpected and interesting directions. An ENTP Aries is probably fun to be around but may be a bit temperamental at times and might get cranky or bossy when things are not going their way. They may have a reputation for being arrogant and unreliable. They likely have a lot of ambition and initiative but often fail to see things through to completion due to impatience and loss of interest.

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