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The ISFJ Aries | MBTI & the Zodiac

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An ISFJ Aries is an introvert who is likely to be a sensitive yet fierce protector of those they care for. Their deep compassion compels them to be a crusader of goodwill, helping the needy and unfortunate in trying to alleviate their suffering. The ISFJ Aries is bound to possess substantial emotional strength and passion. They may likely channel this into careers in nursing, physical therapy, counseling or into professions in the culinary arts where they can please people with enjoyable food.

The Aries ISFJ is an introvert who cares about people but can become overstimulated very easily by them. Like other introverts, they need to de-stress and recharge with adequate private time in order to sustain their emotional balance. They are highly conscientious and reliable and can carry many responsibilities. The ISFJ Aries can be remarkably selfless and self-sacrificing in what they do for others and they ask for little in return. All they really want is to be valued, appreciated and recognized as the hard-working and diligent individuals they are.

The ISFJ Aries is strong-willed and courageous but from time to time, may suffer from self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed. They believe deeply in their sense of purpose and they are willing to walk through fire to fulfill their duty. They can get a little testy and combative when they feel affronted. The ISFJ Aries tends to be unassuming like most introverts, but they have a feisty side that will come out when they feel threatened or challenged by others. Sometimes this can be a bit of an over-response due to their sensitivity especially to criticism.

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Because they are introverts who are also so giving and loving, ISFJ Aries people may be especially prone to burning themselves out. Their tendency to put other’s needs above their own, can come at their own expense. They are tireless and earnest individuals who take their commitments very seriously and may feel guilty when they don’t do what they feel obligated to. ISFJ Aries people are very hands-on and will grab the bull by the horns so to speak when going about their business. They may have the attitude that things won’t get done (or at least get done correctly) if they don’t handle it themselves. They can be a bit anal retentive and argumentative but it is likely because they know they are good at what they do.

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