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Pluto in the 6th House – Taskmaster

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Pluto in House Six

Pluto in the 6th House Overview:

In the 6th house, Pluto can foster an intense fixation with health and wellbeing. This placement can also indicate a tendency to engage in activity that threatens one’s health. There may be a penchant for endangering themselves and being reckless about their health in some way. On the other hand, Pluto can engender a deep and abiding fascination with the topic of health and healing. These individuals have the potential for being exceptional doctors and medical practitioners. They may be drawn to healing arts even those of a more mystical and pseudo scientific nature.

Additionally, Pluto in the 6th house represents an intense dedication to one’s job and the performance of their duties. They are driven to gain power and control over their field of work and may take exception with individuals who challenge or question their skills and abilities. In the workplace, they can be overbearing and demanding. At their worst, they can be vindictive and self entitled towards coworkers. They may fare better as an independent contractor or self employed entrepreneur. People with this placement may gravitate to dangerous, dirty and otherwise morbid work that others may be too squeamish for. Here is a look at Pluto in the 6th house and what it means in the birth chart and as a transit.

Pluto in the 6th House key Traits:

  • strong skill sets
  • passionate hobbies
  • dangerous or dirty work
  • healing arts
  • handiness
  • hardy constitution

The 6th House:

The 6th house in astrology is the house of work and chores. It corresponds with the sign of Virgo and its rulers Mercury/Saturn. This house governs the realm of everyday living and the tasks we perform on a routine basis. Additionally, it concerns our work life, our health and self care, our hobbies and our pets. Acts of service are also highlighted here and the nature of how we take care of ourselves and other people especially those who depend on us like elderly family members and pets. The 6th house can indicate how conscientious and helpful we are and the ways in which we are so to others. The 6th house also covers our dietary habits and illnesses. It represents our methodology and craftsmanship and the way in which we handle our responsibilities and obligations.

The Planet Pluto:

In astrology, Pluto is the planet of death, and regeneration. It is associated with violence and revenge but also power and healing and also penetrating insight. Pluto is transformative and brings about a metamorphosis that is necessary for survival, overcoming and moving past deep tragedy and painful emotions. Pluto is intense but introspective. It calls for solitude and secrecy and conceals its weakness and vulnerability from those who would exploit it. Pluto possesses martial energy like Mars, but much of it is sublimated into less overt and public ways. It operates in a more clandestine manner cloaked in darkness from which it can observe but not be observed. Pluto desires to wield power and control but unlike Aries, it is more subtle and psychological in how it goes about attaining it.

Pluto in the 6th House Natal:

Pluto in the 6th house of the birth chart is a planetary placement indicating a strong and compelling drive to perform day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. People with this placement are thus very driven to get things done and they tend to exercise a lot of control over how tasks are performed. They can be very particular and obsessive about doing things their way. They dislike a lot of oversight and interference by others and prefer to operate either in an authoritative capacity or independence fashion. Moreover, Pluto in the 6th house can yield a remarkable capacity to push themselves to the brink of their abilities and rise to the occasion to meet challenging deadlines.

When it comes to jobs and occupations, these individuals may be drawn to lines of work that are somewhat taboo, dangerous or hazardous. Regardless of what jobs they perform, they may have a tendency to snoop around and look into things a little more than what the job necessarily calls for. They can be remarkably responsive and competent under pressure and within emergency situations. They inherently have an intuition about imminent danger and the need for preparation. They may be keen on stocking up on supplies, tools and resources in anticipation of potential disaster situations that they don’t want to be caught unprepared for.

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It can be however, that the Pluto in the 6th house person sometimes anticipates things that are bizarre or taboo by conventional standards. They have premonitions that can be sometimes prescient but also cockamamie, at least by other people’s estimates. When it comes to health, these individuals may have very strong constitutions. They are keen on fortifying themselves against disease and other health problems so they can endure and live a long and robust life. Under this placement however, there is potential for accidents and misadventures in the workplace. The workplace can often be detrimental to their health.

Despite whatever trauma they may experience in the performance of their duties, it will likely only inspire them to work harder. Pluto in this house can foster a strong emphasis on the power of determination and willpower to rise above crises and accomplish objectives at almost any cost. They are all or nothing and when they decide to pursue a course of action, they do so with a great deal of resolve and passion. On the other hand, within the workplace they may get involved in a number of conflicts and contentious disputes with co-worker or superiors. Their ability to work well with others can be hampered by overbearing tendencies and temper flares. Diplomacy and tact may not be their strong suit but if the dedication and passion they bring is recognized and appreciated, these shortcomings may get overlooked.

In the 6th house, Pluto engenders great powers of concentration and work ethic. They may have a tendency to overwork themselves and push themselves at the expense of their physical well-being. Furthermore, people with this placement have a pension for embracing the dirty work that other people do not have the strength of heart to handle. For whatever reason, they may find themselves doing jobs that are dangerous or dark in nature such as handling nuclear waste, digging graves or performing autopsies. Psychologically, a lot of the work that they pursue may be with the intent of compensating for hidden weaknesses or fears. They are inherently driven to confront their fears or perform tasks that are meant to prevent their fears from manifesting.

On another note, Pluto in the 6th house can manifest people who are gifted healers and effective psychologists. They have powers of perception that can aid them as effective problem solvers within the workplace. They may especially have a penchant for understanding dark psychology and psychoanalyzing destructive behaviors. As practitioners and workers however, the Pluto in the 6th house person can sometimes lack good bedside manner and can be very blunt and sharp and also cruel with the way they handle others and their sensitivities. They themselves may project an aura of toughness that belies the insecurities and fears they harbor with relation to their capabilities as a worker. Additionally, they can be impatient with what they perceive as incompetence or challenges to their abilities and professional Knowledge base.

Pluto in the 6th House Transit:

When Pluto transits the 6th house, it can signify hazardous duties and responsibilities with a dangerous element to them. At this time, things can go terribly awry either as a bug or as a feature of the jobs being performed. In order to accomplish what needs to be done, there may require a greater degree of resolve and determination. Psychologically, Pluto in the 6th house can equip the individual with toughness that helps them persevere through difficult and dangerous tasks and work environments. They may need to take caution not to overextend themselves however and try to take good care of their health and physical well-being.

The circumstances surrounding work responsibilities at this time can be very tumultuous and critical. Tasks performed can transform the individual’s life For better or worse. It can be easy to lose one’s temper and patience in response to stress and trauma experienced within the realm of work. During a 6th house Pluto transit however, this can be an opportunity to discover the inner strength and drive that has been untapped within the individual. At this time you may discover what you are really capable of when pushed to the limits and unlock a deeper understanding of your own character and fortitude with regards to accomplishing tasks and making things happen.

Pluto in the 6th house in Each Zodiac Sign:

Pluto in the 6th house in Aries – in the sign of aries, Pluto and house 6 represents an individual who is very active in performing daily duties and tasks. They are not slouches and may often overestimate the volume of what they can accomplish at a time. Furthermore, these individuals do not like to rely on other people very much. They often prefer to take matters into their own hands believing that other people will not do it as well as they can. They are confident in their abilities and can be counted on to rise to the occasion when they are called upon.

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Pluto in the 6th house in Taurus – in the sign of taurus, Pluto in the 6th house represents an unrelenting determination to fulfill obligations and duties. As employees, they are very diligent and responsible. They tend to be trusted by employers to handle most tasks because they know it will be in good hands. Furthermore, they can especially shine in their ability to handle serious emergencies. They tend to prepare for such situations so that they know exactly what to do when necessary.

Pluto in the 6th house in Gemini – in the sign of gemini, Pluto in house 6 constitutes an inclination for working smarter not harder. People with this placement like to play director within their work environments. They can be very good at delegating and providing clear instruction for how best to perform a given task. Communication and interpersonal skills are their forte but they can also be manipulative and sometimes go on egotistical power trips.

Pluto in the 6th house in Cancer – in the sign of cancer, Pluto in house 6 represents a diligent and thoughtful coworker. These individuals can take on a nurturing role within their work environments as someone who is often willing to help and provide whatever is needed especially with regard to food. They are very loyal to their employers and may often be entrusted with secondary leadership responsibilities. Additionally, this placement can also indicate the potential for operating in accounting positions and jobs overseeing the flow of money on the back end of business.

Pluto in the 6th house in Leo – in the sign of leo, Pluto in house 6 represents an individual who prefers to be the one calling the shots within the workplace. Even if they are not in a position of leadership, they may have a tendency to boss people around and take charge. Furthermore, coworkers may often turn to them for guidance and leadership. When it comes to pets, they may have a preference for animals that are dangerous and awe-inspiring, like pit bulls or tigers and other big cats.

Pluto in the 6th house in Virgo – in the sign of virgo, Pluto in house 6 encompasses a deadly serious commitment to getting things done. In managing tasks, these individuals like to exercise control and can be very particular about their methods and procedures. They tend to be very attentive to detail and perfectionistic. Furthermore, they can be very preoccupied with avoiding disaster. Their strong motivation is often to improve and fortify themselves against any number of ruinous outcomes that they fear.

Pluto in the 6th house in Libra – In the sign of Libra, Pluto in the 6th house constitutes an individual who can be the glue that holds a team of workers together. They have a capacity for resolving and arbitrating conflicts in the workplace. They can be very persuasive and compelling in how they work with others. Although they are strong willed, they understand when to pick their battles and will often choose to take the high road.

Pluto in the 6th house in Scorpio – Under this placement, there is an emphasis on dangerous work or jobs that test inner strength. These individuals are likely to contend with power struggles in the workplace that become a turning point in their lives. They ultimately would like to exercise control over their time and energy and preferably be their own boss. Moreover, they can be very shrewd in navigating the psychological dynamics within the workplace. They know how to play their cards well in order to gain leverage.

Pluto in the 6th house in Sagittarius – In the sign of Sagittarius, Pluto in the 6th house represents work opportunities that may involve travel or faraway locations. Individuals with this placement favor work that challenges and stimulates them mentally. Variety of tasks is preferable to them as they can become quickly bored with repetitive dead end jobs. They are often optimistic and positive about what they bring to the table and are able to accomplish in the workplace.

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Pluto in the 6th house in Capricorn – Under this placement, there is a focus on getting things done and performing work in a reliable and competent manner. These individuals are highly capable and serious when it comes to their work. They have executive potential and are likely to be either favored or feared by employers. Promotion and professional ascension is probable through hard work and hustle.

Pluto in the 6th house in Aquarius – In the sign of Aquarius, Pluto in the 6th house confers obsessive tendencies in the workplace along with a penchant for doing odd and dangerous jobs. These individuals may seek jobs that allow them to be a free contractor. They may gravitate towards the gig economy doing things like Uber and doordash. Typical 9-5 occupations are not very appealing unless they offer special benefits and pathways to advancement.

Pluto in the 6th house in Pisces – Under this placement, there is an emphasis on inspiration and motivation being more important within the workplace. These individuals can become frustrated with work that constrains or limits their options. They dislike monotony and tasks that are mindless in nature. Furthermore, they can be very sensitive to toxicity in the workplace. They seek to be humane but can also be naive and distractible as a worker.

Pluto in the 6th House Celebrities:

Michael Jackson (August 29th, 1958) Pluto in the 6th house in Virgo
George Clooney (May 6th, 1961) Pluto in the 6th house in Virgo
Shakira (February 2nd, 1977) Pluto in the 6th house in Libra
Miley Cyrus (November 23rd, 1992) Pluto in the 6th house in Scorpio
Amy Winehouse (September 14th, 1983) Pluto in the 6th house in Libra
Kristen Stewart (April 9th, 1990) Pluto in the 6th house in Scorpio
Robert Pattinson (May 13th, 1986) Pluto in the 6th house in Scorpio
Jim Morrison (December 8th, 1943) Pluto in the 6th house in Leo
Demi Moore (November 11th, 1962) Pluto in the 6th house in Virgo
Elizabeth I (IApril 21st, 1926) Pluto in the 6th house in cancer
Penélope Cruz (April 28th, 1974) Pluto in the 6th house in the
Ellen DeGeneres (January 26th, 1958) Pluto in the 6th house in Virgo
Sigmund Freud (May 6th, 1856) Pluto in the 6th house in Taurus
David Beckham (May 2nd, 1975) Pluto in the 6th house in Libra
Snoop Dogg (October 20th, 1971) Pluto in the 6th house in Libra

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