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Sun Square Pluto Astrology Aspect

sun square pluto aspect

Sun Square Pluto Natal

Individuals with sun square pluto aspect in their natal chart are bound to have troubles in regards to their sense of values and integrity. They may feel at odds with themselves and at various points in their life go against what they truly believe to obtain what they want. They may hide integral aspects of who they are and bury them so deeply that even they forget about them. In the pursuit of power or recognition, they may be more willing to sell their souls to the devil than most people would. They are less constrained by morality and ethics and may adopt an ‘ends justify the means’ attitude to much of what they do and people may perceive them as being sociopathic and remorseless.

Sun square pluto people may admire power and look up to those who have it. They aspire to ‘be somebody’ and and may harbor a negative attitude towards people they perceive as weak or servile. They themselves wouldn’t mind having those people around as their minions however. Sun square pluto people are both secretive and attention-seeking. They can become very jealous of others more successful than they, and become resentful of those who steal the spotlight or upstage them in any way. Their sense of self-worth may be heavily linked to their power and influence.

Sun Square Pluto Transit

Under this transit, the individual will likely experience difficulty surrounding their self-image. They may undergo a trial or tribulation that will become a pivotal moment in their lives and serve as a point of growth in their life’s journey. They may need to reinvent themselves or evolve to overcome this ordeal and come out of it successfully. During this period the ego may be under threat perhaps in the form of hidden things coming to the surface that could damage one’s reputation. Another example may be that something over which the individual held control or depended on may be at risk of being taken away. The individual may need to reform themselves in some way to prevent this.

Sun Square Pluto Synastry

The dynamic of this planetary aspect is liable to be very problematic. The sun person will likely have an issue with the pluto person’s control issues and possessiveness. The pluto person may feel threatened by the sun person’s independence and self reliance. Furthermore, the sun person may find the pluto person to be too secretive and withholding. They may desire more openness from them which they may or may not receive. The pluto person will have a problem if the sun person is unwilling to subjugate themselves to pluto’s demands. Similarly, the sun person will want a sufficient amount of attention and TLC from the pluto person who may dole out affection at irratic inconsistent intervals. This relationship may be subject to much dissonance and the two may fail to see eye to eye on a number of key issues important to a harmonious relationship. This match may suffer from irreconcilable differences that are bound to sink the the ship sooner or later.

Sun Square Pluto Characteristics

Negative self-image
Lack of self-control
Lack of confidence
Hidden identity

Famous People with Sun Square Pluto

Leonardo da Vinci
Marlon Brando
Jared Leto
Jude Law
Jessica Simpson
Tobey Maguire
Liv Tyler
Jeffrey Dahmer
Barbra Streisand
Tiger Woods
Julianne Moore
Brooke Shields
Sylvia Browne
John D. Rockefeller
Maya Angelou
Ice Cube
Honoré de Balzac
Albrecht Dürer
Roger Moore
Josef Mengele
Ted Cruz
Justin Trudeau
Ronda Rousey

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