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Pluto in the 8th House – The Conservator

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Pluto in House Eight

Pluto in the 8th House Overview:

Pluto in the 8th house represents a penetrating insight into the dark Side of humanity. In the house of transformation, Pluto is in its natural home. In the 8th house, Pluto serves to help navigate and master the world of deeper meaning and personal growth. This placement, among other things, encompasses a powerful drive to embrace adversity and develop resilience to overcome whatever crisis and catastrophes that life throws their way. Individuals with this placement are not inclined to take things at face value.

They instinctually suspect there’s always more to the story and they seek to plan ahead and gather as much information as they can to give them the upper hand against others. They dislike being in a position of servitude or vulnerability and can become exceedingly adept at gaining a strategic advantage over others through blackmail or psychological manipulation. Here now is a look at Pluto in the 8th house and what it means in the birth chart and as a Transit.

Pluto in the 8th House key Traits:

  • inner strength
  • psychic-like
  • trial by fire
  • stewardship
  • tough-minded
  • debts to others
  • extremist
  • guardedness

The 8th House:

The 8th house – The 8th house is the house of transformation and debt. It corresponds with the sign of Scorpio and its ruler, the former planet Pluto. Like the Chthonic god after which it is named, Pluto is associated with death and the underworld. This, by extension, is part of what the 8th house encompasses. The business of the 8th house pertains to power shifts and changes in our lives that we must grapple with. It has to do with resources that are shared, rented, leased and lent to us.

Possessions that we have but do not officially or exclusively own. It is about joint ownership such as that between a husband and wife. It is not about the relationships themselves as covered by the 7th house, but rather the power and resources shared between them. Although it does also cover the sexual aspect of intimate relationships. The 8th house also covers other people’s money, inheritance, debt, alimony and divorce. It deals with how we possess, control and wield power over others.

The Planet Pluto:

In astrology, Pluto is the planet of death, and regeneration. It is associated with violence and revenge but also power and healing and also penetrating insight. Pluto is transformative and brings about a metamorphosis that is necessary for survival, overcoming and moving past deep tragedy and painful emotions. Pluto is intense but introspective. It calls for solitude and secrecy and conceals its weakness and vulnerability from those who would exploit it. Pluto possesses martial energy like Mars, but much of it is sublimated into less overt and public ways. It operates in a more clandestine manner cloaked in darkness from which it can observe but not be observed. Pluto desires to wield power and control but unlike Aries, it is more subtle and psychological in how it goes about attaining it.

Pluto in the 8th House Natal:

Pluto in the 8th House of the birth chart is a placement signifying a lot of intensity and passion directed in the area of sexuality. Individuals with this placement can be very possessive with the desire to control many aspects of their relations with others on a deeper intimate level. Furthermore, they may be drawn towards fetishes and kinks that are unusual or taboo. In the 8th house, Pluto emphasizes the healing aspects of intimate union with another person. The emotional bonds that are formed through this act may be long-lasting and intoxicating. Thus, this placement can stimulate an addiction to the physical expression of love and also engender a fear of losing it.

Issues of jealousy and insecurity with regards to the ability to perform in the context of the bedroom can be pervasive for the individual. On the other hand, under this placement, the love life can be very intense and exciting, featuring a lot of unusual experimentation and devices. In the grips of their passion, individuals with this placement can be very obsessive and controlling. They draw power and security from their conquests in the bedroom. Additionally, with this placement in the birth chart, there’s a potential for attracting partners who are controlling. Power struggles can occur as this individual does not feel comfortable being the one who is submissive or manipulated.

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In the 4th house, Pluto also engenders a penchant for instability and exposure to many dangerous and disruptive events. Pluto confers an ability to be very resilient amid crisis however. These individuals may be very tough or inclined to develop toughness as a result of the particular trauma they likely experience in the course of their life. They may develop a special appreciation for their own mortality that compels them to face fears and challenges as a test of their strength and ability to survive. These individuals furthermore, can be highly perceptive and aware of the psychology behind what motivates and scares us.

They are potentially magnetic thanks to their intensity of focus and perceptivity in relation to others. Pluto in the 8th house fosters a penchant for wielding control over other people’s money in some form or fashion. This can signify potential roles as business managers in the entertainment industry for instance. They like making decisions on behalf of others either as an advocate or a conservator. Under this placement however there’s also a potential for inheriting money as a result of a tragedy or violent situation. Additionally, divorces and disputes over money will often bring out the worst aspects of themselves and other people they are involved with.

Moreover, Pluto in the 8th house of the birth chart essentially cultivates a fascination with the darker and more horrid aspects of human nature. Forbidden knowledge and various taboos are things that can often attract rather than repel them. They may be inclined to dabble in the occult as a matter of morbid curiosity. People with this placement Harbor powerful drives that compel them to dig deeper and go farther than other people are willing to go. They embrace certain types of suffering and tragedy as a crucible for their own emotional reification. By confronting fears and by experiencing crisis and catastrophe, they are able to discover things about themselves and also shore up their weaknesses.

For them, adversity is an aspect of life that is necessary for developing strength. Furthermore, they have an inherent intuition that things are rarely what they seem on the surface. They have a penchant for interpreting and reading between the lines with regards to people and their motivations. People with Pluto in the 8th house enjoy investigation and the process of digging up secrets and anything hidden from public View. In the 8th house, pluto may incline an individual to engage in acts of espionage and brown nosing into other people’s business. They may have a talent for uncovering hidden things and detecting ill intentions behind people’s actions.

Pluto in the 8th House Transit:

When Pluto transits the 8th house, it can signify a time to toughen up or take on a more ruthless stance in dealing with the existential threats that surround us. At this time, Pluto may stimulate a stronger resolve and force of will to push through whatever obstacles and setbacks we may encounter. It urges us to embrace the darker aspects of our nature, which if harnessed properly can be effective and necessary for our own survival. On the other hand, Pluto can lead us down a path of ruin and self destruction when its influence over inflates the appetite for power and control. Moreover, we may find ourselves entrusted with power and control over things that do not belong to us and must handle responsibly. Our worthiness to wield such responsibility will be tested and may bring greater rewards down the road should we perform well.

Pluto in the 8th house in Each Zodiac Sign:

Pluto in the 8th house in Aries – in the sign of aries, Pluto and house eight represents an individual who flirts with disaster. They are often willing to put themselves in risky situations because they have confidence to bet on themselves. These individuals are wired to respond to crises and emergencies. They’re keen on testing their courage and durability by facing and confronting their fears and growing from their conquests.

Pluto in the 8th house in Taurus – under this placement, there is a special concern for financial liabilities and managing loans and other forms of debt. Under this placement, there’s a likelihood of incurring insurance costs on valuable possessions. These individuals are keen to indemnify the valuables they own. Furthermore they are likely to inherit deeds and other forms of property from the deceased. Or they may be in a position of being a trustee or a conservator over someone else’s finances.

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Pluto in the 8th house in Gemini – in the sign of gemini, Pluto and house eights constitutes a knowledgeability about the ins and outs of tax codes and legal details surrounding investments and interest rates. These individuals can be very clever at devising schemes and taking advantage of loopholes when it comes to mitigating their liabilities and financial burdens. They can be somewhat sneaky and manipulative but this placement can also indicate being on the receiving end of slick talking loan sharks and con artists.

Pluto in the 8th house in Cancer – in the sign of cancer, Pluto in house eight represents a cautiousness and reluctance to put themselves in debt to others. These individuals can become financially savvy and are keen to protect their money and resources from being taken or swallowed up by divorce and other court imposed liabilities. Furthermore, under this placement there is a special capacity for shrewdness and perceptions about human behavior and body language.

Pluto in the 8th house in Leo – in the sign of leo, Pluto in house 8 constitutes a sense of pride and dignity that allows these individuals to handle tragedy and traumatic situations in a noble manner. Furthermore, they are keen and motivated to protect themselves against being screwed over or taken advantage of financially. They can however be vulnerable or susceptible to engaging in gambling and financial risks as a means of paying back debts. They are determined to face their fears and deal with difficult situations on their own terms.

Pluto in the 8th house in Virgo – under this placement, there is an emphasis on caution and care with regards to other people’s money. These individuals are very attentive and meticulous about managing debts and paying back money owed to other people. There is a strong sense of obligation that governs the way they manage money and resources that do not belong to them. They tend to be honest and not motivated by greed or the temptation to take anything that they did not earn. Because they are so meticulous about managing their accounts, they can often catch fraudulent actors red handed.

Pluto in the 8th house in Libra – in the sign of libra, Pluto and the 8th house emphasizes a sense of fairness and equality in the allocation of resources. These individuals are willing to negotiate and compromise some of their interests in order to meet other people in the middle. This placement however can also indicate legal entanglements and financial woes due to bankruptcy and fallouts with partners. Although they’d like to believe the best in other people, they can become pessimistic and cynical due to disappointments and traumatizing events.

Pluto in the 8th house in Scorpio – in the sign of scorpio, Pluto in house eight signifies and All or nothing intensity that can manifest in many ways. These individuals can be highly Machiavellian and capable of manipulating others with mind games and psychological tactics. They can be highly determined and relentless when they are motivated to do something. They can harbor inner fears that they would never share or reveal to others who might use it against them. They seek to acquire information that gives them the upper hand or advantage in negotiations. People with this placement may have to deal with a variety of threats including blackmail and scandalous controversies that create existential crises in their life.

Pluto in the 8th house in Sagittarius – in the sign of sagittarius, Pluto in house eight indicates a lack of restraint and moderation with regards to the debts these individuals can accrue. They have the potential for opening up too many lines of credit or borrowing more than they can realistically pay back. Under this placement, there’s a potential for inheriting property in distant locations. Additionally, these individuals may be drawn to the study of dark psychology and nihilistic philosophies that center around life transforming enlightenment and psychological deprogramming.

Pluto in the 8th house in Capricorn – under this placement, there is a potential for ruthless ambition. They’re very savvy about cutting deals that are advantageous and beneficial to them. They are not likely to get the short end of the stick because of their intimidation factor and acumen in manipulating expectations. Whatever debts or money they owe to others they are capable of working very hard and hustling to do whatever is necessary to pay everything off in a responsible manner.

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Pluto in the 8th house in Aquarius – in the sign of aquarius, Pluto in the eighth House signifies counterintuitive perceptions. These individuals are bound to embrace a side of life that others would consider taboo or scary. They are opportunistic and keen on taking advantage of loans and borrowed money and flipping it for profit. They can be very clever and inventive in capitalizing on debts. Under this placement there’s a high probability of divorce as marriage can often feel restrictive and suffocating to them.

Pluto in the 8th house in Pisces – in the sign of pisces, Pluto in house eight renders a naivete with regards to managing debt in borrowed money. Existential fears and worries can take a toll on them. However they also have a capacity to visualize and imagine the things they want and devote their focus and energy on pursuing their dream. They can potentially find people who believe in them and are willing to invest their money in their life goals.

Pluto in the 8th House Celebrities:

Adolf Hitler (April 20th, 1889) Pluto in the 8th house in Gemini
Diana, Princess of Wales (July 1st, 1961) Pluto in the 8th house in Virgo
Emmanuel Macron (December 21, 1977) Pluto in the 8th house in Libra
Elvis Presley (January 8th, 1935) Pluto in the 8th house in cancer
Christina Aguilera (December 18th, 1980) Pluto in the 8th house in Libra
Monica Bellucci (September 30th, 1964) Pluto in the 8th house in Virgo
Brigitte Bardot (September 28th, 1934) Pluto in the 8th house in cancer
Oprah Winfrey (January 29th, 1954) Pluto in the 8th house in Leo
Kendall Jenner (November 3rd, 1995) Pluto in the 8th house in Scorpio
Zayn Malik (January 12th, 1993) Pluto in the 8th house in Scorpio
Bruce Lee (November 27th, 1940) Pluto in the 8th house in Leo
Marlon Brando (April 3, 1924) Pluto in the 8th house in cancer
Jimi Hendrix (November 27th, 1942) Pluto in the 8th house in Leo
Gwen Stefani (October 3rd, 1969) Pluto in the 8th house in Virgo
Russell Crowe (April 7, 1964) Pluto in the 8th house in Virgo
Khloe Kardashian (June 27th, 1984) Pluto in the 8th house in Libra
Bob Marley (February 6th, 1945) Pluto in the 8th house in Leo
Isaac Newton (January 4th, 1643) Pluto in the 8th house in Gemini

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