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Pluto in the 3rd house – The Neighborhood Watch

Pluto in House Three Pluto in the 3rd House Overview: With Pluto in the third house, there's a capacity for wielding power and influence within our immediate environment. Individuals with this placement may have a very compelling way with words and a mental orientation that is astute and very perceptive of human behavior and psychology.…
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Pluto in the 9th House – Determined to Defy Limitations

Pluto in House Nine Pluto in the 9th House Overview: Pluto in the ninth house represents a powerful drive to unearth uncommon knowledge of a higher order. Individuals with this placement can be obsessive and tireless researchers with an insatiable curiosity. They can be very nosey and prone to overstepping certain boundaries. In the 9th…
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Pluto in the 10th House – Executive Power

Pluto in House Ten Pluto in the 10th House Overview: In the 10th house, Pluto symbolizes a potential obsession or preoccupation with power, prestige and success. Individuals with Pluto in the 10th house are bound to harbor a conscious lust for control and influence through their career. They are likely to possess substantial drive that…
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Pluto in the 11th House – Cult of Personality

Pluto in House Eleven Pluto in the 11th House Overview: In the 11th house, Pluto bestows a powerful drive to build solid and trustworthy friendships. Becoming friends with these individuals can be a difficult proposition. They are very discriminating and cautious about who they give their trust or allow into their inner circle. They respect…
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Pluto in the 12th House – Grace Under Fire

Pluto in House Twelve Pluto in the 12th House Overview: In the 12th house, Pluto indicates a powerful connection with spirituality that may provide a source of strength in dealing with life’s suffering. There is a proclivity towards self sabotage through overzealous delusions. Magical thinking can be a problem along with an unrealistic notion of…
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Pluto in Astrology

Pluto Overview: In astrology, Pluto is the planet of death, and regeneration. It is associated with violence and revenge but also power and healing and also penetrating insight. Pluto is transformative and brings about a metamorphosis that is necessary for survival, overcoming and moving past deep tragedy and painful emotions. Pluto is intense but introspective.…
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