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Neptune in the 6th House – Intuitive Worker

Neptune in House Six Neptune in the 6th House Overview: Neptune in the 6th house symbolizes a certain detachment from most normal responsibilities and performance of everyday routines. There may be a lack of interest and motivation for handling tedious and meaningless but necessary tasks. On the other hand, individuals may derive a special spiritual…
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Mercury in the 6th House – Busy Body & Mind

Mercury in House Six Mercury in the 6th House Overview: Mercury in the 6th house is an empowered position being that mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo and the 6th house. Mercury, the planet representing the rational mind, intellect and communication serves to help facilitate and benefit the affairs of the 6th house which…
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Moon in the 6th House – Committed to Doing Good Work.

Moon in House Six The moon in the 6th house cultivates emotional attachment to habits and routines. As well as a inner desire to help and be of service to others. In astrology, the Moon symbolizes the subconscious self, the emotions, reactions, instincts, and also feminine energy including the maternal influences of your life. The…
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Venus in the 6th House – Happy Healthy Worker Bee

VENUS IN HOUSE SIX Venus in the 6th house fosters a health-conscious mindset and a love for work and self-improvement. In astrology, the planet Venus signifies beauty, art, pleasure, and attractiveness. When Venus graces the 6th house, it produces a fondness for routine and an avid interest in health and or Fitness. The 6th house,…
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