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Beneath your apparent persona lies a cache of secrets concealed from public view. People know only what you allow them to know about you. You are shrewd and private in nature with little interest in broadcasting to others the details of your business. It is not that you are up to no good, it is just that you understand better than anyone, the value of discretion especially with those who would try to sabotage you. Your knowledge is your power and you guard it well while using it to maneuver yourself into advantageous strategic positions.

Your intuitive understanding of human psychology grants you the ability to manipulate others or inspire them with transformative words. You undergo transformations of your own, morphed by the seismic experiences in your life that have forced you to grow mentally and spiritually. Life and death are an inherent part of your existence both symbolically and literally. You will enter periods of darkness during which your psyche and mental strength will be tested. But when it has passed, you will emerge with advanced wisdom and deeper insight of which only Pluto can bestow.

The sun sign, whatever it may be, will likely have some of it’s characteristics intensified by Pluto’s influence. A dose of magnetism will likely earn you a devoted following and a flock of admirers. Others may find you an intriguing character and some of them might even be compelled to unravel the mystery of you. You are for the most part, a closed book, however, and only a privileged few will ever get that close to you.


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