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Cancer Temper: 6 Things That Make Cancer Angry

cancer angry temper

As a zodiac sign touted as being a nurturer and empath, Cancer has often been branded as something of a softy. As an emotional water sign, Cancers are noted for their sensitivity and emotional depth. They are also considered to be highly intuitive, secretive and very shrewd, with an ability to read people like a psychic psychoanalyst.

Cancers, however, are not always nice and fluffy and their emotional nature can also make them very moody and sometimes scary to be around when they are not happy. Additionally, Cancers may have a tendency to hold onto emotional baggage for a long time and get emotionally triggered for seemingly innocuous and random reasons. Here is a look at 6 things that will most likely set off the Cancer zodiac sign temper.

1. Betrayal and Infidelity.

Cancers have a reputation for being highly vindictive when they are scorned by their lovers or allies. Cancers can be very generous, but they can also be a bit possessive with regards to the people they let into their hearts. Cancers tend to be very cautious and tentative about who they trust and so any individual who turns around and betrays them will assuredly inflict upon Cancer a most deep and damaging wound. It is one of the most damaging things you can do to a Cancer and it is likely they will never trust you or look at you the same way again. This is especially the case with regards to infidelity because Cancers can be extremely jealous partners. They tend to be very territorial and protective of what’s theirs and the thought of someone else getting in between them and the sacred emotional bond they have with another person can invoke their rage.

2. Overbearing People.

Despite their generous and accommodating nature, Cancers tend to have a strongly independent element to their personality that makes them more of a leader than a follower. They are resistant to domineering people and can become defiant when they feel put upon. Cancers are sensitive to aggressive tones of speech and ridicule. In response to authoritative reprimands from bossy people, Cancer may often respond in passive aggressive and immature ways such as deliberately ignoring what they are told or slamming doors and objects in protest. Cancers generally don’t seek to control people and impose their will upon them. By the same measure, they do not have a lot of tolerance or patience for people who try to control them, especially if they know that it is not coming from a loving place.

3. Sabotaging Their Sense of Security.

A desire for security is one of the defining traits of the Cancer personality. To acquire this security, Cancers are willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones and make bold and ambitious moves in the world. Cancers are noted as being well suited for success in the business realm and as entrepreneurs. They are often highly motivated to build financial freedom and prosperity for themselves among other things. For this reason, Cancers don’t take it lightly when people jeopardize their success, or livelihood. Cancers probably hold a greater fear of poverty than other signs, and a homeless Cancer is something that you will rarely ever see.  Thus, they can be especially resentful of those who try to steal or sabotage what they work hard for. Furthermore, Cancers tend to avoid uncomfortable situations and so being forced into precarious situations that make them feel vulnerable and open to humiliation can anger them.

4. Insulting or Harming Their Family & Friends.

It’s one thing to attack the Cancer, but another to assail someone they care deeply about. Many Cancers can be exceedingly chivalrous and emboldened to rush to the aid of their loved ones in their time of need. Because of the emotional attachment and bond they tend to form with their tribe or ingroup, Cancers will often take insults and aspersions against loved ones very personally as though it were directed at them. The intensity of their indignation can be alarming, resembling the aggression of an angry mother hen reacting to ravenous scavengers preying on her eggs and hatchlings.

5. Being Mean To Them.

Cancers never forget a kind gesture, but a mean act or mean words done to them will likely get seared into their memory banks for all eternity. Cancers can be injustice collectors who, over time, accrue a lengthy body of negative memories that haunt them and stir up negative emotions every time they are recalled. Subsequently, over time, Cancers eventually convert a lot of the hurt and inner turmoil those memories cause and add them to the burning heap of wrongs done to them and use that to stoke the fires of their righteous indignation. In their youth Cancers tend to be naive, sweet and shy. Unless they have the lucky fortune of living a blissful life, unsullied by the presence of mean-spirited and negative people, most Cancers will eventually develop a thicker skin and sharper claws for protecting their self esteem and retaliating in force against mean and adversarial people.

6. Exploitation.

Lastly, while Cancers can be very generous and altruistic, woe to the person who tries to exploit, or take for granted the good deeds that Cancer performs for them. Cancers are very shrewd and cautious about their self preservation, so when they stick their neck out for someone else as a voluntary act of goodwill, you better appreciate it and more importantly, don’t get greedy. Its always a good thing when Cancer treats you like family, but don’t treat them like an ATM or your own personal favor machine. It’s a mistake to interpret Cancer’s kindness as weakness because Cancers can quickly lose patience with someone who doesn’t take responsibility for themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Cancer Temper: 6 Things That Make Cancer Angry

  1. Strikingly accurate. Describes me to a tee. We are scorned/get vengeful very easily by other people’s crap (past and present), their despicable behavior against us, their severe betrayal, and their personally huge disrespect leveled against us. So other zodiac signs better not freaking forget it before deciding to mess with us and our loyalty and feelings!

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