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Aquarius Temper: 6 Things That Anger Aquarius

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign characterized as being highly independent, curious and intellectual. Additionally, they are also associated inventiveness and eccentricity in both behavior and appearance. Aquarius people also take special interest in friendship and people. This inclination can often blossom into an interest in humanitarian causes and politics. Although often regarded as friendly and noble, Aquarians have a passionate nature and a sometimes frightening temper. Here are 6 things not to do if you don’t want to incite the wrath of Aquarius.

1. Don’t Try To Guilt Trip or Shame Them.

Aquarius people have a strong sense of their own value which is resistant to aspersions and attacks by other people. Aquarians can seem narcissistic to this end, but for them, it is crucial for protecting their vulnerable inner self. Despite being a people-oriented sign, Aquarius seeks to not allow others to dictate, control or overly influence the way they feel about themselves and their views in general. Furthermore, they dislike manipulative and self-righteous people and can be harsh against those who try to put them on the defensive. Aquarius guards their ego like a bank vault and any attempts at trying to attack it with finger wagging and sanctimonious preaching will likely backfire.

2. Do Not Betray Their Trust.

Aquarians take loyalty and friendship seriously and so betrayal of any kind is one way to ensure that the Aquarius person will never trust you again. It will be made clear to former friends and lovers who’ve wronged them that they are not needed. Aquarius may promptly demonstrate by pointing to the number of people they have on their side who care about and support them. Aquarius people can be harsh and even cruel to the extent that they may even rally their friends to join them in alienating and ostracizing a person they no longer like. The good news is that Aquarians are often willing to forgive and forget if you are willing to acknowledge your transgression and ask for forgiveness. Aquarians tend to put an expiration on their grudges because they recognize it as a drain on their energy and quality of life.

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3. Don’t Try To Control Them.

Aquarians are noted for having a rebellious nature. They are wired to challenge the powers that be and seek a more balanced and egalitarian distribution of power. That said, they are resistant to people and organizations who encroach on their sense of independence and freedom. It is important to Aquarius that they feel in control over their lives, choices and sense of identity. Even Aquarius women are disposed towards defying the traditional ways in which women are expected to rely on men. In their relationships, Aquarians can become restless whenever they feel hemmed in and restricted and will often seek to maintain an active life outside of their relationship. Aquarians prize their individuality and they respect the individualism of others. They exhibit a more open-minded “live and let live” mentality that is tolerant and respectful of individual differences rather than try to mold them into a more conformist shape.

4. Don’t Hurt Their Friends.

An attack on Aquarius’ friend, is an attack on them. Aquarius people stick up for their friends and loved ones out of principle. They have strong values and ideals and they take interest in being a force of goodwill in their community and beyond. When it comes to their friends and comrades, Aquarius can be very protective and defensive of them. Should they witness or catch wind of someone wronging their allies, Aquarius will often be spurred to do something about it. Sometimes it can be over petty matters and Aquarius may seem like a bit of a virtue signaler. On other occasions however, Aquarius can get genuinely indignant when it comes to defending their friends especially if they’ve been seriously hurt by someone’s actions.

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5. Don’t Try To Censor Them.

Aquarius is a sign most strongly associated with freedom of speech as a principle. Tyranny and authoritarianism is antithetical to the Aquarius archetype which is associated with revolt and rebellion against oppression of any sort. Aquarians have disdain for oppressive forces who try to silence or impose rules and values they do not accept as fair or just. Aquarians feel it is very important to be true to themselves and also speak the truth as they see it. Furthermore, they dislike the implication that others should have the power or right to suppress their honest expression of who they are.

6. Don’t Dismiss Them.

Aquarius people have a penchant for having some weird and unusual ideas and beliefs. Aquarians are often branded as conspiracy theorists and advocates of unconventional practices that others would discount as being ludicrous and unsound. Sometimes, Aquarians take their notions rather seriously even when it may appear like they are trolling. Aquarius tends to take it personally when people dismiss them as an idiot or wack job or call into question, their credibility in general. Aquarians may sometimes respond to their critics as being too obtuse and vapid to understand or appreciate the ideas they espouse. Aquarians often pride themselves on their intellectualism and so any attack on their intellect can gin up their confrontational and argumentative side.

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