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Aries Temper: 6 Things That Make Aries Angry

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The Aries temper is a force to be reckoned with. The fire signs of the zodiac (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are all known for their passionate and tempestuous nature. Just like the transformative power of fire, their energy can be used to create and give warmth but also destroy! As a zodiac sign ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is particularly quick tempered, aggressive and courageous. Aries is the indisputable hot-head of the zodiac but their anger comes and goes quickly like a tornado in contrast to the more sustained, tropical storm-like fury of a Taurus. Here is a look at 6 things that will trigger the temper of an Aries.

1. Aries Can’t Stand Slow-Moving People & Processes.

Aries hates getting jammed up by people who move too leisurely at their expense, or having to jump through a thousand hoops to accomplish what ought to be a straightforward task. People who take too long to get ready or take forever to make up their minds are some of the things that annoy Aries. Aries tends to be very decisive as they usually know exactly what they want and they trust their instincts to guide them without much hesitation. Aries people don’t like to wait for anything and they prefer to take the most direct path possible toward their goal. For this reason, Aries can easily fall prey to get rich quick schemes and the promise of instant gratification. Aries can be very driven though and when they have their mind set on accomplishing a specific mission or objective, any obstruction, delay or hindrance to that goal can foment an Aries tantrum.

2. Disrespect and Being Belittled.

Aries are very prideful characters who think highly of themselves which is why they have little tolerance for any sign of disrespect from others. Aries is actually pretty sensitive, but their instinctive response to other people’s put downs is retaliation. Although hurtful words can wound their feelings, most of that pain and hurt will be converted into anger which can either motivate them to work harder and be better or fight fire with fire and destroy their adversary. The typical Aries is likely to suffer from too much self esteem rather than too little and they are not likely to allow anyone to talk down to them and get away with it. Even if they do have a lagging sense of self-worth, many Aries are good at faking confidence with a mask of bravado. Aries is bound to get infuriated by anyone who tries to humiliate them or treat them like a chump.

3. People Who Try to Hurt Them in Any Way.

Whether verbal or physical, Aries responds strongly to any threat against them. Their survival instinct and fighting spirit is formidable and many Aries don’t know how to back down. Aries can be very vindictive and ruthless against anyone who tries to harm them, their loved ones or their livelihood. Aries people are not meek and mild in the face of conflict and they are loathe to turn the other cheek. Their natural response when under attack is to get mad and combative but this is not often a smart move. Only wizened and mature Aries learn to exercise self restraint, use their brains and take the high road rather than butt heads with their aggressor.

4. Being Cheated or Deceived.

Aries is very keen on getting what they feel they deserve. They know their own worth and they pay attention to what other people are getting in comparison to them. If they feel that they are being short-changed in any way, it will not sit well with them at all. Furthermore, Aries dislikes sneaky, deceptive and exploitative people. They can respect people who are upfront about their ill-intentions but they despise backstabbing cowards. Aries is generally non-deceptive with others. What you see is what you get and they are unapologetic about who they are and what they’re about. That being the case, they expect others to be similarly honest and upfront with them.

5. People Trying To Control Them or Tell Them What To Do.

Aries is something of a maverick and a rebel and is inclined to challenge and push back against pushy bosses. Although Aries can be a valuable and enthusiastic team player, they don’t take kindly to people telling them what to do all the time. Aries is very independent and they prefer to operate with as little supervision as possible. They dislike micromanagers and people who try to shove their authority down Aries’ throat. Even while working for other people, Aries tends to think of itself as its own boss and in life they strive to acquire the freedom and power to do what they want without having to answer to anyone. Still, loyalty and respect are important features of the Aries ethos and they understand when they must suppress their ego and just play their part and follow orders. Aries can be irreverent towards authority because they aren’t impressed by a person’s rank or title. They give credit where credit is due and they only defer to people who earn their respect and prove they are worth their salt.

6. Being Compared To Other People.

Lastly, Aries prides itself on its originality and accomplishments. One of the most insulting things you could do to an Aries is suggest they are trying to be like someone else or that they should be more like a certain person. Aries wants to be their own person and distinguish themselves from all others, even the people they admire and look up to. They don’t want to be in anyone else’s shadow and they desire to pursue an exciting and fulfilling path in life that is theirs and theirs alone.

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