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Virgo Temper – 6 Things That Anger Virgo

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Virgo’s are the incarnation of pure energy. Symbolized by the virginal maiden, Virgo’s are, in essence, pure, untouched, and perfect. Some Virgo’s do make bad decisions and have impure intentions; however, they are very few and far between. Possessing such a high level of perfection does cause a person to be slightly highly strung and quickly irritated, as they have a high standard to maintain. Here are six things that irritate and infuriate Virgo’s, so that you know exactly what not to do around them.

1. Rudeness and ill manners

If you are engaged in a conversation with a Virgo, do not cuss, do not be rude, and do not interrupt them. If you do, there is a high chance it might be the last conversation you will ever have with them. Remember all those rules about manners your grandma and momma taught you? The rules such as you do not talk out of turn; you must brush your teeth twice a day, when you make a mess, you clean it, etc. Remember all of them when you are near a Virgo. Virgo’s expect you always to be the best version of yourself you can be because they apply the same pressure to themselves.

They mirror the pressure they put onto themselves to be perfect onto everyone else, so try not to take it too personally. They are hyper-aware of personal space and how one’s actions and words affect others, and when they can see other people do not share the same consideration for others, it gets under their skin. Cleanliness is incredibly important to them, especially personal hygiene, and any scruffiness will not gel well with them. Virgo’s believe your body is your temple, and you should treat it as such. It must not be dirty, smelly, and unhealthy. Also, be sure that your children behave well around a Virgo! They are not the most maternal, child-loving people, and they get irritated very fast with ill-mannered children.

2. Wasting time and making or canceling plans last minute

Time is precious, time is not infinite, and time is money! Virgo’s are painstakingly aware of this fact, and they are always complaining about how little time they have, or how they are continually running out of time. They plan their weeks way in advance, and one small spanner thrown in the works sends their blood boiling! With an excessive amount of duties, responsibilities, and tasks, you can thank your lucky socks if a Virgo sets time aside for you.

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If you are going to be late, waste their time or cancel on them last minute, they will see this as disrespectful toward them and a slap on their face. You can then expect the Virgo never to make time for you again, and if they do, they will experience a significant amount of inner resistance and dissatisfaction. They put a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves not to waste time, and never to be late, and they cannot stand when other people do this.

3. Crowds

As natural hermits and introverts, a Virgo is not a people’s person. They love to socialize, but only with people who are like-minded to them and intelligent. Due to their hyper-awareness, crowds can be overstimulating to them. It is challenging for them to observe and take in every little thing when there are too many people around them, and this can make them feel uneasy. The analytical processes in their minds cause them to need time and space to assess everything.

They do not just go with the flow and accept things at face value. If they do not feel they have a level of control and understanding over a situation, it boils their milk. And the worst part? When people who dont know the Virgo, try to give them advice. Virgo’s do not take any advice from anybody, and any person who tries to tell a Virgo what to do or what is better for them will be kicked to the curb very quickly!

4. Lazy people

For things to work, people need to work. Virgo understands the value of hard work more than any other sign (except Capricorn). It rubs them up the wrong way if people do not contribute to society, or don’t bring their side to the table and expect everybody else to do everything. When a person lacks awareness of how important the exchange of energy is, it will send a Virgo into a frenzy. In their eyes, they see it as “Why do I have to work hard, and you don’t?”. Try to not be lazy around a Virgo, show them you can be useful, or you will hear their dissatisfaction!

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5. People with a lack of common sense

Virgo’s learn from their mistakes. Once they have done something wrong, it is unlikely they will repeat that mistake. A hyper-aware mind makes them conscious of the right and wrong actions in most situations. Virgo’s forget that not everybody possesses the superpower that they do of being able to discern between what is wrong or right, how things should be, and how things shouldn’t be. When others display a lack of logic, it grinds Virgo’s gears. They are not idealistic and usually see things for what they are. They do not go through life with rose-tinted glasses. Trusting people is incredibly important to them, and they cannot trust another person with anything if they do not have any common sense.

6. Lack of structure and order

Detail is Virgo’s middle name. They have a microscopic eye with a scientific brain, and just like Scorpio, they can penetrate any item, person, or situation, fully understand it, and reshape it into perfection. They project their intention of purity onto everything they encounter. Their purpose is not to be critical, but to be a conduit in improving everyone and everything into their highest and purest possible form. The way a Virgo purifies is by criticizing and creating awareness of the lack of synergy.

It may seem harsh to some, but all Virgo aims to do is to make everything easy and better for everybody. The reason the lack of structure and order infuriates them at times is due to them being in a constant mode of hyper-awareness. They are highly strung on having everything around them be a certain way, which can cause the control freak in them to surface and show its nasty side. Like their sister sign Libra, they strive for peace, balance, and unity, but Virgo still needs to learn how to achieve this and until they get there, it is going to be nagging and complaining from their side unless everything is balanced and perfect.

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