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Sagittarius Temper – 6 Things That Anger Sagittarius

sagittarius temper

Sagittarius can be considered to be the most jovial and humorous sign of the zodiac. However, despite the levity and mirth associated with this sign, they can also be tempestuous as well. Like with the other fire signs, Leo and Aries, Sagittarius possesses the fiery emotional energy that is both creative and destructive. With their feisty emotions, the Sagittarius’ sanguine nature can quickly flip when they are vexed. Here are 6 things that are likely to make Sagittarius lose their temper.

1. Insulting their Intelligence.

Sagittarius hates being spoken to condescendingly or being made to look like a fool. They can be rather sensitive about their intelligence especially if their educational background is not adorned with accolades and degrees. With or without a strong educational background, Sagittarians tend to be bright and they feel very strongly about the ideas and views they espouse. They, at the very least, pride themselves on their common sense and street smarts and seek to be taken seriously. As a self assured and self reliant sign, Sagittarius hates being treated as though they are incompetent and in need of assisstance and direction from others.

2. Giving Advice They Didn’t Ask For.

As a free-thinker and independent spirit, Sagittarius prefers to make their own decisions as much as possible. Although they are typically open minded, they don’t really appreciate people telling them what they ought to do or how they ought to do it. Sagittarius generally wants to feel they have authorship over their lives and the paths they choose, good or bad. Because of that, they may often do exactly the opposite of what people urge them to do. Consequently, this can earn them the reputation of being stubborn know-it-alls who can’t be told anything. Sagittarius typically wants to explore life for themselves and is less interested in following other people’s prescriptions.

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3. Trying To Control or Restrict Them.

Although, they can sometimes be bossy themselves, Sagittarius isn’t so keen on letting other people boss them around or even being spoken to in a bossy tone. They require a certain amount of autonomy and trust from others to allow them to do what is needed or expected of them without hovering over their every move. The Sagittarius man or woman prizes their freedom to express their truth and be who they authentically are. They dislike micromanagers and oppressive regulations that put strictures on their individuality. Furthermore, Sagittarius can get into heated discussions (or arguments) about what people can or cannot tell them to do and what boundaries need to be respected.

4. Injustice and Inhumanity.

Extending on the previous note, Sagittarius tends to have a strong sense of personal values and ethics that they will defend passionately when violated. Their sense of right and wrong, fair and unfair are very pronounced in them. They tend to know their worth and will speak out if they feel slighted or short changed. Additionally, the broad and progressive attitude they have often leads them to harbor concern for humanitarian causes and social injustices on both a local and global scale. Sagittarius people are often motivated to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves and be a champion for the ideals they promote. Egregious acts of inhumanity can stir up righteous indignation in the heart of the Sagittarius person. Although Sagittarius can be easygoing most of the time, they can become very energized and forceful when they are on a moral mission to hold transgressors responsible.

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5. Raining on Their Parade.

Sagittarians are typically positive, optimistic and broad in their perspective. People who are negative and actively try to throw shade on their good mood or spoil their happiness will likely trigger Sagittarius’ wrath sooner or later. Sagittarius is no saint either, as sometimes their jealousy can get the best of them and cause them to display petty behavior of their own. Nevertheless, Sagittarians are typically not inclined to try and spoil other people’s happiness unless they perceive them as being a braggart who needs to eat some humble pie and get taken down a couple pegs.

6. Being Belittled or Disrespected.

With Sagittarius, the impression they tend to put out into the world is that of a light hearted and fun loving spirit with a big heart. On the whole, Sagittarius tends to display thicker skin in response to most insults especially amongst friends. They can often dish it as well as they take it and are often good at deflecting insults with humor and light hearted and witty verbal jabs. But there is always a more serious side beneath jovial exterior and certain types of ridicule can trigger a more pugilistic response. Because of their pride and general fire sign confidence, the Sagittarius is not inclined to let many people get away with putting them down or trying to make them feel less about themselves. In certain situations, Sagittarius can be very petty and shameless in the lows they will stoop to get even.

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