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Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Personality

sun in capricorn moon in libra

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon

Competent and charismatic, the Capricorn sun Libra moon man or woman is the consummate professional. They bring an element of class to any environment they grace. Friendly and sociable, these individuals are typically well mannered and polite. They have a strong sense of fairness and moral rectitude that makes them natural peacemakers. They are diplomatic in their dealings with others and are often good at stepping in to arbitrate contentious situations.

They have a level head but too much drama can make them irritable and argumentative. They are often able to see multiple sides of an issue and can be good at playing devil’s advocate in debate. They are likely to be good problem solvers who can use their creativity to come up with interesting solutions wherever needed.

Capricorn sun Libra moon people have a more sanguine temperament than the typical Capricorn. They are calm and easy going most of the time and make an effort not to let negative experiences get to them or ruin their vibe. They are rational thinkers with a interest in social issues. They are likely to be well liked and trusted by most people thanks to their responsible and mature comportment.

People with their sun in Capricorn and moon in Libra like being plugged in to the social sphere and to feel connected to people in general. They are industrious and active with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is likely they possess a bounty of interesting ideas and have their hands busy with multiple projects and creative enterprises. People with this sun moon combo are poised to attain status and prestige through their driven efforts and strong judgment. They may function especially well in any space in which they can utilize the interpersonal skills they wield.

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In love and friendship, the Capricorn sun Libra moon person is a very sensible and enjoyable companion. They are drawn to people with success of their own and can engage with them on a mentally stimulating level. Passionate and warm, they express their love enthusiastically when in a committed relationship. They can have their moods but mostly display a positive affectation that is agreeable and conciliatory. Their relationships are an important refuge for them away from the stressors faced in their public life.

Sun in Capricorn
Moderation and maturity prevail over fieriness. Your nature is thoughtful, stable, reserved and cautious towards all novelties. You feel fragile on the affective plane. Therefore, you protect yourself in a closed shell and you project an image of solidity and seriousness. A cold manner conceals your affectivity. But a volcano is dormant in your ivory tower… Beneath your apparent phlegm and your will to exhibit an even temper in all circumstances, there is an unfailing determination. Capricorn is very structured. More than anyone, he remains his true self, loyal to his principles, his objectives and his projects.

Moon in Libra
On the day and at the time of your birth, the Moon was in the sign of Libra. You loathe violence. Your nature is sociable and you are keen to maintain harmony in your environment. You are sensitive to “the spirit of the times”, to prevailing trends and currents. Because you pick up the moods of the people who surround you, you can be diplomatic. As you adopt the characteristics of your environment, your may become vulnerable.

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Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Celebrities

Jude Law – Born: December 29, 1972
Mel Gibson – Born: January 3, 1956
Françoise Hardy – Born: January 17, 1944
Bradley Cooper – Born: January 5, 1975
Nicolas Cage – Born: January 7, 1964
Dalida – Born: January 17, 1933
Joan of Arc – Born: January 6, 1412 (Julian cal.)
Swami Vivekananda – Born: January 12, 1863
Humphrey Bogart – Born: December 25, 1899
Eliza Dushku – Born: December 30, 1980
Patrick Dempsey – Born: January 13, 1966
Olivier Martinez – Born: January 12, 1966
Ted Cruz – Born: December 22, 1970
Carole Rousseau – Born: December 25, 1967
Gilles Deleuze – Born: January 18, 1925
Jérôme Kerviel – Born: January 11, 1977
Jonathan Davis – Born: January 18, 1971
Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès – Born: January 9, 1961
Kid Rock – Born: January 17, 1971
Joseph Losey – Born: January 14, 1909
Josep Guardiola – Born: January 18, 1971
César Baldaccini – Born: January 1, 1921
Tia Carrere – Born: January 2, 1967
Sylvie Testud – Born: January 17, 1971
Chet Baker – Born: December 23, 1929
Tippi Hedren – Born: January 19, 1930

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