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You’re a bright minded individual who thinks and communicates with vitality and confidence. You are confident in your ideas and opinions which are shared openly with anyone who cares to listen. You can be highly voluble and loquacious when discussing things you are most interested in and the vocabulary is probably above average. Learning is a joy and you likely indulge in books to satisfy your thirst for information and knowledge. You may make a spectacle of yourself engaging in pedantic theatrics dazzling others with your wit and charm. You sometimes may come off as pompous or as a shameless braggart. Your confidence can often be perceived as arrogance, but that’s mostly other people’s problem.

You take pride in your abilities and delight in putting it on display and others generally love you for it. You know yourself well and can express yourself easily with succinctness and concision. Indeed, you probably have a way with words that amuses as well as informs. Those foolish enough to get in a verbal altercation with you, soon discover how cutting and caustic you can be. Your adept language skills allow you to be an effective debater as well as a dispenser of insults. However, that is not your focus and you do not much care for conflict or violence. You are interested in ideas and the acquisition of knowledge and spare no expense to that end.

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