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The Passionate Intellectual

Under this aspect the mind is sharp and the intellect quick. An enthusiasm for ideas and communication is indicated, yielding a personality with a cogent and adept way with words. You may be an avid learner who consumes information voraciously like a T-Rex. You likely have a fast mind that can grasp concepts and pick up new skills quickly. You are eager to start new projects and to explore and invent. You have the capacity to lead others with your originality and vision. You do not have much patience for or interest in pessimistic thinking. You are a can-do kind of person who embraces the task of problem solving with energy and vigor. Your mental strength is great and you may possess a sizeable ego to go with it. You can be arrogant at times and may occasionally clash with others because of this. Temper flares and outbursts may be spectacular but quick to pass. You are not one to hold grudges for long because you are busy moving on to the next thing. You are straight forward with people and generally honest and candid in how you express yourself. You may offend people as well as engender their respect.

You may develop obsessions for anything that captures your interest. This fervor can lead to mastery in those areas and earn you ample prestige and esteem in your professional life. You have the courage and conviction to follow through on your ambitions and bring your dreams to fruition. You may have the next great idea that will change humanity for the better or you may uplift others with your inspiring energy. Your positivity and vitality is of great value benefiting both you and others.


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