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Saturn in the 11th House – Friends in High Places

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Saturn in House Eleven

Saturn in the 11th house is a placement that indicates shrewdness and caution in the area of friendship and social life. Trust and loyalty is very important here and it is not given out freely. Instead, social activity is conducted with a certain level of detachment and glibness.

Saturn in the 11th House Overview:

True intimacy and vulnerability is never really shown except with the trusted few who earn that access. This placement engenders an understanding of social networking and community as mostly a tool that can be used to achieve a common goal or an agenda of one’s own. Because of this, Saturn in the 11th house can be perceived as scheming and manipulative and sometimes display a misuse of power and influence. 

More often, Saturn in the 11th house indicates a sense of candor and authenticity that is admired by one’s peers. In the 11th house, Saturn brings clarity and seeks to call others out for being dishonest or out of touch with reality. Additionally, people with this placement are bound to be quite trustworthy and honorable friends. Even if they manage to attract a lot of popularity, they are shrewd judges of character who understand that not everyone has their best interests at heart. They maintain a certain detachment and  demeanor that could be described as personable yet professional. Here’s a breakdown of Saturn in the 11th house and its significance in both the natal chart and as a Transit.

Saturn in the 11th House Key Traits:

  • Honest and to the point
  • Detached around superficial and fake people
  • values loyalty and true friendship
  • may have many acquaintances but few they would call friends
  • has no problem with telling people what to do
  • may have personal ambitions and aspirations that are often blocked or impeded by authority figures.

The 11th House:

The 11th house in astrology is the house of friendship, hope and aspirations. It is associated with community, activism and social change. Ruled by the sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus, This house represents our relation to others on a wider scale than that of the 7th house which pertains to more personal one-on-one relationships. The type of planets that happen to reside in this house and the angles they form will indicate the nature of your social life and how you relate with others. Do you enjoy a large circle of friends, a smaller tight knit group, or almost no friends at all? It can also indicate what type of groups and organizations you are drawn to and would find camaraderie in.

The Planet Saturn:

In astrology, Saturn is described as the great teacher. It is counted as one of the personal planets but mostly with regard to how it is aspected with other, faster moving personal planets like Mars and Venus. Saturn has a slow orbit and because it takes around 30 years to complete one trip through all 12 signs, it will take roughly 3 years to pass through a single sign or house. Therefore, its influence can represent a significant period of growth and maturity within whatever house it passes through. 

Saturn represents grounded reality and its constraints. This contrasts sharply with the unconstrained fantasy world that Neptune indulges. Furthermore, Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, law and order, rules, fears, authority and suspicion. Saturn represents restriction while Jupiter represents expansion. Saturn is also a malefic planet along with Mars which means these planets can sometimes attract bad luck and misfortune depending on where and how they are placed. 

Saturn in the 11th House Natal:

Those who have Saturn in the 11th house of their natal chart are not the types of people who seek after a large circle of friends. Although they may enjoy a certain influence and popularity, they are very selective and discriminating about who they consider a true friend. They instead value the utility of having strong social ties and networks as a means to an end. To serve a goal or purpose that is necessary or important. People with this placement are more likely to prefer a smaller but more trusted selection of friendships and acquaintances. The friendships they do have are likely to be taken very seriously. 

In the 11th house, Saturn can also engender a certain amount of schmoozing and desire to ingratiate oneself with authority figures and people who have some degree of power and influence. This stems from a practical understanding of the benefits of being in the good graces of powerful people. Establishing useful connections and relationships with such people can be advantageous in helping further their cause or come in handy further down the road. People with Saturn in the 11th house try to make friends with their teachers, mentors, bosses or even the police they encounter. They put more effort into forming alliances with people they perceive as more important and influential than they do with regular people considered as their peers. 

Individuals with this placement may take interest in social issues but do so in a rather tangential and dispassionate way. Instinctively, they worry about problems of scarcity and waste that affect humanity and the environment. They are likely to support causes related to conservation of energy and resources. When it comes to politics, they despise wasteful spending on programs that are ineffective and do not serve the interests of the communities and organizations they care about. Saturn in the 11th house fosters a long term perspective and a prudent mindset in what they decide to focus on and prioritize. They are interested in building long term success and prosperity for others and would like to be in a pivotal position to direct and guide the work involved in bringing it to fruition.

Additionally, individuals with this chart placement may harbor fears and worries relating to trust and acceptance by others. They may sometimes cut people out of their lives or alienate people who are no longer useful to them or seem like a liability. People come and go in and out of their lives because many of their ties and relations with others are very conditional. In order to become a mainstay in their world, you must show true loyalty and be an asset to them. Throughout the course of their personality development, people with this Saturn development have dealt with competing desires to be a part of something bigger than themselves while holding onto their sense of individuality. Nevertheless, they are driven in part by a sense of responsibility to others and to do what they think is best for the greater good of humanity.

Saturn in the 11th House Transit:

The Saturn in the 11th house transit is one that can be seen as a stage in one’s life where social connections and memberships may be strongly leveraged towards the advancement of your individual aims and aspirations. For the roughly 3 years it will take for Saturn to pass through this house, you may form ties with people who can help and benefit you professionally and other ways. Approval from authority figures may be a primary obstacle or impediment to your goals. During this transit, you may learn to negotiate and deal with people strategically to get what you want. Depending on the aspects that occur with this placement, you may experience pleasant or contentious relations with those who wield power and authority over you. You may have a different vision that is in conflict with that of your colleagues or those who outrank you. 

You may find greater interest in solving real issues that affect people and perhaps seek to carve out a more defined and valued role to play in the context of whatever group or organization you may belong. Furthermore, your ability to organize people around a common goal is strengthened. You can make great strides in your capacity for coordinating and managing humans effectively. At this time, there will be a focus on bringing more clarity and structure to groups that you find disjointed, directionless and inefficient. On the other hand, you may be subjected to the agenda of authority figures who seek to do much of the same. 

There may be a newfound motivation to take on additional responsibility as well and to further your personal goals. There is a willingness to do what’s necessary that can verge on ruthlessness. You may feel the need to perhaps take more control in order to affect the changes you want to see. You may need to avoid the temptation to do too much on your own and remember to put trust in the people who are willing and able to You can accomplish a great deal due to sheer persistence and will power. 

During this period, your social life may downsize and there may be a significant reduction in the time you spend in unproductive interactions with people. You may desire to interact with only a few of your friends and some people will likely take this personally. The relationship with the father or father-figures of some sort may take on a more friendly tone. Someone in an authoritative, mentorly, or paternal role in your life may be trying to relate with you on your level or treat you like a peer rather than like a subordinate or underling. Although this may seem patronizing, the intent is more likely an attempt to guide and teach you in a non-overbearing or peremptory manner. Of course, this can all depend on what aspects accompany this placement as well as what other planets are presently in range.

Saturn in the 11th House in Each Sign:

Saturn in the 11th House in Aries – In the sign of Aries, this placement means you are an energetic and loyal friend who likes to play the leader in your tightly knit posse. You tend to think you know what’s best for everyone and are often eager to prove it with action. You are quick to volunteer and lend your abilities for the aid of others.

Saturn in the 11th House in Taurus – In the sign of Taurus, this placement brings about a trustworthy friend whose loyalty may be nearly unconditional. People with this placement can be dogmatic in their devotion to a cause or movement but also stubborn in their views. They are reliable, conscientious and can be counted on to play their part as needed.

Saturn in the 11th House in Gemini – In the sign of Gemini, this Saturn placement engenders a social engineer of sorts. They understand certain realities about how people operate and they use this knowledge to their advantage. Additionally, they are drawn to complex social issues that require intelligent and systematic analysis and discussion to solve.

Saturn in the 11th House in Cancer – In the sign of Cancer, this placement may manifest as a deep concern for social issues stemming from and affecting the family structure in society. Insuring the security of their family’s future is likely to be a very strong motivation for whatever group or organization they become part of.

Saturn in the 11th House in Leo – In the sign of Leo, this configuration can bring about an element of leadership that others are drawn to. These individuals can be very passionate and loving friends but they tend to express their affection in less overt ways. They are encouraging and supportive of others and appreciate the importance of rewarding people for their good deeds.

Saturn in the 11th House in Virgo – In the sign of Virgo, this configuration is likely to manifest as a high degree of orderliness and conscientiousness as well as stress and neuroticism. These individuals may be very friendly and shy but may seem a little uptight. They are very opinionated but super loyal and helpful to their friends and colleagues.

Saturn in the 11th House in Libra – In the sign of Libra, this placement is bound to bring about a person who takes special interest in preserving harmony and balance among the people they associate with. They can make for excellent counselors, and mediators. They have a natural sense of equity and justice that can be well applied in interpersonal disputes.

Saturn in the 11th House in Scorpio – In the sign of Scorpio, this Saturn placement can produce an element of strong conviction and belief that infuses the way they deal with people and how seriously they are taken. They can be magnetic and intimidating and exude an aura of power and sexual appeal that is commonly found among cult leaders.

Saturn in the 11th House in Sagittarius – In the sign of Sagittarius, this Saturn placement takes on a philosophical and intellectual bend with a focus on the structure of society and an interest in collaborating with other enlightened individuals. They may have a knack for political humor.

Saturn in the 11th House in Capricorn – In the sign of Capricorn, this configuration engenders a strong capacity for leadership and managing people. Both as a friend and leader, these individuals tend to engender trust because of their diligence and hard work. They take the roles they play seriously and aspire to make a meaningful impact through it.

Saturn in the 11th House in Aquarius – In the sign of Aquarius this placement is bound to engender a truly loyal friend. This person may present themselves as a friend to all people but they likely prefer quality over quantity. Depending on how Saturn is aspected, there may be an aversion to authority or an appreciation of authority as an ally in support of their hopes and aspirations.

Saturn in the 11th House in Pisces – In the sign of Pisces, this placement may bring about an individual who is very sensitive to the suffering and woes others face in the world. They place importance on using their imagination and creative energy in the service of humane goals. They enjoy fellowship with other socially conscious idealists.

Saturn in the 11th House Celebrities

  • Donald Trump – Saturn in the 11th house Cancer
  • George Clooney – Saturn in the 11th house Capricorn
  • Sharon Tate – Saturn in the 11th house Gemini
  • Freddie Mercury – Saturn in the 11th house Leo
  • Cameron Diaz – Saturn in the 11th house Gemini
  • Megan Fox – Saturn in the 11th house Sagittarius
  • Natalie Portman – Saturn in 11th house Libra
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Saturn in the 11th house Scorpio
  • Marion Cotillard – Saturn in the 11th house Leo

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