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There is no getting carried away with quixotic ideals or whimsical machinations under this aspect. A pragmatic, objective perspective rooted in reality is the approach taken to most things. The ego is probably tempered by Saturn’s gravitas and grounding influence. Here, the persona is less susceptible to the delusions of egotism and the overestimation of one’s abilities due to that. You are probably responsible and reliable as well as hard working and consistent. Your sun is supported by Saturn’s authoritative and organizing influence which may result in an individual who can be a capable leader or parent.

You are comfortable with routines and appreciate structure and orderliness. You are adept at keeping score and managing both people and data and can engender the trust and support of others around your vision. You have patience and a persevering spirit that can see long projects through to completion. Decisions are generally made through logical pragmatism and not through emotional sentimentality. As a result, your judgments tend to be fair though sometimes harsh. Disciplinary action may be taken on your part to redress subordinates and to instill a respect for your authority. Personal restraint prevents you from going too far and your reasonable nature is often appreciated by others. You work hard for what you have and learn many hard lessons throughout life but they do not break you, they make you stronger.

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