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11th House: The House of Hopes

11th house

11th House: The House of Hopes and Aspirations

Mode: Cadent (Fixed) Air
Planetary Dignity: Uranus/Aquarius

The 11th house in astrology is the House of hopes and aspirations. It is also associated with friendships, community, and various types of networks and organizations. The 11th house is a succedent house and corresponds to Aquarius and its planetary ruler, Uranus. This house encompasses platonic relations with others in our life. It is all about people and therefore focuses on the nature of our interactions and the strength of our personal ties and connections. People who have a prominent 11th house are likely to benefit from a very active social life and robust number of connections and networks. In addition to that, such a person may have a special interest in humanitarianism and show concern for societal problems in need of repair.

The 11th house can signify something about how idealistic we are and to what degree we are motivated and driven by our ideals. It represents how we as individuals contribute to our group, and also signifies the nature of the groups to which we affiliate ourselves. It deals with unity and togetherness in the material realm as opposed to the transcendent and symbolic spiritual unity of the 12th house. The 11th house is associated with activism and revolutionary movements around which people join together to effect change to catalyze much-needed reforms. The 11th house therefore, carries progressive energy and liberalism that is essential to the spirit of freedom and individual sovereignty championed by the enlightenment thinkers.

The 11th house also represents the future and can in many ways be interpreted as the long-term effects and outcomes that the 10th house works hard to put in place for posterity. It is the dream of a better future and a vision of the potential we as humans possess. The 11th house also represents the next stage in our personal growth that moves on from the more selfish ambition of our 10th house. The 11th house extends our focus to the people around us and how we can apply our energy and effort for the purpose of bettering our communities and providing value for the greater good. To commit ourselves to a higher purpose as opposed to focusing on goals that serve only our own personal interests. The 11th house can also in encompass environmentalism, technological innovation that improves the way of life for humans and all living species on our planet and also veganism.

An Afflicted 11th house can signify various things such as antisocial behavior, anxiety, close-mindedness and excessive isolation from others. Furthermore, with a poorly aspected and afflicted 11th house, such a person may experience difficulty forming friendships and creating new connections. Saturn in the 11th house for example, can foster a negative attitude about the future and a tendency to cling to convention and the past.

There may be a lack of openness to new ideas and new people that stunts them in their ability to form healthy relationships with others or get along well with others in a team situation. Saturn in the 11th house can also bring about a tendency to rely too heavily on oneself rather than seek help from others even when it is in their best interest to do so.

The 11th house relates to our sense of belonging or membership to any type of group such as a club or team or alliance. It speaks to the sense of identity we derive from the association’s we participate in. This is mostly about associations based on intellectual concordance rather than superficial or genetic commonality. It can encompass political affiliations and other ideological groupings. Such groups are united by a common interest like a fan club, cult or type of Niche group. The 11th house is all about what can be accomplished when we are part of a larger collective working together constructively. On a more practical level however, the 11th house also deals with friendships and casual acquaintances with whom we interact everyday.

It encompasses our bond and devotion to our friends or community. It can also represents the level of devotion we feel towards an ideal or goal that we hold dearly. It represents a certain amount of passion and sense of inner purpose and destiny that we seek to fulfill beyond just the professional and financial success achieved through the 10th house. Having Neptune in the 11th house for example, can indicate an individual who has strong vision and idealism that is characterized by a desire to bring healing in the world and relieve suffering. Neptune in the 11th house can bring about a sometimes overzealous and unrealistic faith or belief in the feasibility of their idealistic aspirations. Such a person may be sometimes blind to the reality and limitations in front of them and occasionally experience deep sadness and disappointment due to their unrealistic expectations. Suffering and sacrifice characterize the nature of their desire to help others.

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