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Mars Conjunct Saturn

A Method To The Madness

With this aspect, we have Mars, the planet of passion, aggression and drive, linking up with Saturn, the planet of restriction and order. The resulting effect is one of temperance and focused energy. Passion is reigned in and dispensed in a more disciplined way. Goals and objectives are attained through persistent effort and tenacity. A realistic outlook and pragmatic sensibility prevent the individual from pursuing reckless and foolhardy endeavors. The impulsive energy of Mars is subdued and channeled into longer term efforts. Saturn lends it’s staying power and endurance strengthening Mars’ ability to follow through and stick with projects to completion.

There is more respect for boundaries and rules under this aspect. Mars’ bellicose nature normally treats rules as suggestions and often breaks them if they get in the way. With Saturn, there is an appreciation for the value that structure and order provides. Difficult lessons will be learned yielding personal growth. Valuable insight shall be extracted from losses and disappointments like precious metals from an ore that will be forged into stronger tools and weapons. Passion and perseverance will be rewarded with success and your trials with triumph.

Self control is exercised even when it appears otherwise. Organized chaos but organized nonetheless. Fears and insecurities may exist but Mars will compel confrontation of the fears head on and with Saturn, will do so in a constructive manner. Personal passions may lead to mastery and authority of some type may be achieved in this area. Leadership and management ability may be indicated by this aspect due to the implied responsibility and capacity for strategy and tactical logistics. The martial aggression of Mars combined with the authoritative rigor of Saturn ostensibly begets the persona of a military General. Individuals with this aspect probably benefit from strong instincts and sound judgement with an ability to make decisions quickly. The personality may also be rather strict and obstinate, with a propensity for angry outbursts when confronted or challenged.

An individual with this aspect is likely to be highly competent and may have a low tolerance for lazy and undisciplined people. There is a desire to take charge and this person will undoubtedly lead with passion and unbreakable spirit.


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